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Brent Symonette MP file photo
Dr. Duane Sands MP file photo

Dr. Duane Sands and Brent Symonette are two former Ministers of the FNM Cabinet, headed by Dr. Hubert Minnis. Dr. Minnis has been the subject of their criticism over the past two occasions that the House met.  They were aligned against him  before the 2017 general election when he was fighting for the leadership of the party. So now that they are former ministers and speaking out so to speak and there are three other dissidents so to speak of the FNM who are free agents, the question is  what are they up to?  The talk is that Dr Sands will form a group with  Reece Chipman, Vaughn Miller , Brent Symonette and Dr. Sands and outnumber the forces of Philip Davis of the PLP in the House and become the Leader of the Opposition. That could happen but Dr  Sands wants to be Prime Minister, not Leader of the Opposition.  Further Mr. Symonette has no wish to be in opposition, These comments now are just those of a free spirit.  Here is a man with all the money he needs, no nomination to worry about because he has retired from politics.  The one bit of friction and that isn’t much is that  Renward Wells, MP for Bamboo Town, wants Mr. Symonette’s safe FNM seat instead of going back to Bamboo Town.  Mr. Symonette has other ideas.