What did Lester Turnquest Do Ingraham?

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2 February based on interview 1 February:

It is interesting how Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister, emerges into the public domain and then makes these interventions which are designed to cause mischief.  One such intervention was last week on 1 February, he dismissed the former FNMs who came on stage to support the PLP at the last convention.   Here is what he had to say in his own words.  Mr. Ingraham was particularly wicked when it came to Lester Turnquest.  So the question must be asked why does he have this hatred for Lester Turnquest which helped him form a government on two occasions? Let’s get this straight: Perry Christie did no favour for Lester Turnquest in order for him to support the PLP.  That comment is simply Ingraham mischief. Mr. Ingraham is the author of that destruction by his disgusting behaviour against those who like Mr. Turnquest supported him. It’s his own fault.  What a strange man Mr. Ingraham is, holds grudges and won’t let go:

“Algernon Allen, Tony Miller and Lester Turnquest have not been supporting the FNM for the last 15 or more years,” Mr Ingraham said.

“From 2002, 2001 they’ve been gone. They didn’t support the party in 2007, they supported the PLP. They supported the PLP in 2012. It’s nothing. Whatever currency they had they already spent it on the PLP before.

“Tony Miller is a number one aide to Philip ‘Brave’ Davis. He’s a consultant in the Ministry of Public Works. And Mr Algernon Allen is chairman of Urban Renewal and he’s not doing that for nothing. He’s getting paid for it. It’s either $50,000 or $60,000 a year.

“In the case of Lester Turnquest, Perry Christie did a favour for him when he was in office the last time that certainly I would not have done. He knows what that favour was and so does Perry Christie.”