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The dirty deed has been done by Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister.  He passed a whole act to create a superfluous hurricane relief agency, just to create a sinecure for Kay Forbes Smith, to whom he owes the slogan: It’s the people’s time. For the second time in her political career, she has demitted office from the Senate and is now been given the job of Managing Director of the Disaster Relief Authority. Why one was needed no one knows but Kay Forbes Smith has been amply rewarded: some say with a 150k per year job with car , phone and housing. What is more important though as they snunk her out the back door in shame from the Senate, so she couldn’t face the wrath of  the PLP for double dipping and conflict of interest, her job is to be used to reward the faithful and entice those who are leaning on the fence in Grand Bahama. As a political figure she is reviled and divisive in Grand Bahama but from the FNM’s point of view, she is a sure shot.  She is adept at wielding the political knife. She is to be the FNM equivalent of Michelle Wreckly, take no prisoners for her side. The PLP has to manage an effective response to this shameless effort at electioneering using public funds.