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Randolph John, the father of Blair John, the 28 year old PH D student from The Bahamas who died in Turin, Italy, with his friend Foreign Service Officer Alrae Ramsey in June last year was back in the press last week.  He told the press that he was dissatisfied with the pace of the work on finding answers for the death of his son. He said he has not seen the toxicology report.  He says that no one has been in  touch with his family about what has happened since the Government hired a lawyer in Italy to seek answers.  He nor the public believe the story of the Italian authorities in a city where racist killings have taken place that these two young men drowned because they were drunk.  The Italians claim that they were drinking and one went to relieve himself on the side of the  road and fell in to the river, the other tried to rescue him and they both drowned.  The Bahamas government accepted the results but promised that they would hire an independent lawyer to further pursue answers.  Nothing has happened since then.  There is no secret that we believe that Foreign Affairs has fallen down on the job on this and so many other matters. We believe that the present Foreign Minister is simply inept, full of himself and incompetent, blinded by the Americans. So you cannot expect anything other than nothing to come out of it.  But the blood of these young men cries out for justice and their parents and friend should not be silent until justice is done.