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For reasons unknown Senator Ranard Henfield wanted to take this picture with the Government Leader Senator Carl Bethel and the Opposition Leader Senator Fred Mitchell after the session the morning 16 July 2020. The prelude to the photograph was his statement on the floor of the Senate congratulating the two men, he said, for working together to accomplish the passage of the Central Bank Act and the associated legislation. As the kids would say WTF. Anyway, it was a pleasant moment,  Mr. Henfield is attacking his own side now, angered according to him that Bahamians are treated by a double standard in our country.  Remember this is the man who led a march against the PLP based on a lot of lies propagated by the FNM. Here is what he wrote on his Facebook page: “ It must be such a privilege to be a non-Bahamian in The Bahamas. I am envious!

1. They get to enjoy the casinos while we stroll by

2. They get to jump fences and go on the beach in our country when we can not

3. They get to build shanty towns without permits while we have to demolish additions to our homes and businesses

4. They get to walk around without masks while we get fined

Toss your Bahamian passports!

#Envy #SlapInTheFace