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The first days after the kind of devastating loss by the FNM are really bad days. From experience, the PLP can tell the FNM that you are shell shocked.  The brutality of our governmental system  says that you are in one day and out the next.  So one day Hubert Minnis was up and down with policemen at his beck and call and sirens screaming as he ran about the kingdom.  The next day he was just another lonely soldier like the rest of us.  The question in the headline is not rhetorical for Hubert Minnis.  It is real.  He has enormous pressure on him to step down from the role as leader.  He was trying to fudge it in such a way that he could postpone until the time ran the term and   then say that it was too late to change leaders.  The FNM was not having that.  On Thursday 7 October 2021 , the leadership council of their party met and decided they will have a one day convention on 27 November 2021 to choose a new leader.  Mr. Minnis was trying to be clever with the press by telling Eyewitness News’ Theo Sealy that he was offering to resign as Leader in accordance with the Westminster system but the party will have to decide.  Correction Dr Minnis.  The system says you resign, not offer to resign.  Poor fellow. The FNM needs to choose a new leader and thereby get a fresh start.