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So the police promotions were supposed to have been announced and gazetted a week or two ago.  These are the gazette level promotions from Inspector and up.  However, a strange thing happened. Some policemen  received calls saying they had been promoted and congratulations and all that.  But then they received a second call saying put all of that on hold, do not wear your new stripes and wait until you hear from me.  This caused considerable embarrassment to the officers. So that is the back story since the Government of transparency and accountability did nothing to account for it. Word is that the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames was upset that some of his men were not on the list and so prevailed on the Prime Minister to stop it.  Others say the more likely story is that the Prime Minister was getting push back from MPs of the FNM who had received calls from their people and told the PM that their people were not on the list.  Bottom line, some political level person instructed that the process be stopped until a later date. Wonder how that made the police feel when they went to the polls on Thursday 9 September.