What Now For Sarkis?

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viagra sale health times;”>image033Sarkis Izmirlian, buy viagra ask the head of the bankrupt development called Bahamar on West Bay Street, healing had another trick in his bag of tricks for the Bahamian government and people last week. He had his lawyers move  in the Delaware Courts for the claims of the  debtors and contractors of Bahamar who are Bahamian to be struck off.  What is that about?  That is about revenge maybe because the Bahamas  government has said that he has to pay his foreign staff and the government is only paying the Bahamians.  Seems a bit odd. But who knows what is going in this man’s head.  The latest on that court front is that the  hearing for the 17th August in Delaware was postponed.  The hearing for 19th August in Nassau for the provisional liquidator is going ahead.  There has been no resolution to the problem of Sarkis Izmirlian providing a personal guarantee in order for him to get control of his project again.  What a strange fellow?  Meanwhile the press was going all wonky about the nature of the complaints being investigated by the Department of Immigration.  The Minister  has said: “mums the word”. The Opposition FNM is running interference for Mr. Izmirlian.  We hope they get a large donation at election time for all their hard work.