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The back and forth between the Loretta Butler faction, read UBP faction of the FNM, and the Hubert Minnis, read Cecil Wallace Whitfield faction goes on in the press.  Dr. Hubert Minnis, the Leader of the FNM and latterly of the Opposition, demanded that the seven MPs who sought his removal from the post of Leader of the Opposition, resign from the FNM or face disciplinary action.  Mrs Butler and the Minnis described “rebels “of the FNM have decided that they will not resign.  So if Dr. Minnis is to be believed, he will take dsicplianry action against them.  The problem is that the way forward is really looking through a glass darkly.  Tennyson Wells, who has never been a fan of Mrs. Butler Turner; he once accused her of trying to run him off the road in Long island; says that  Mrs. Butler Turner is finished that she was selfish and that she in effect has no future.  Mrs. Butler Turner issued a statement on Friday 9th December in which she promised that their plans for the future will unfold.  She also seemed to be spoiling for a fight.  The question all the observers now see is whether the Disciplinary Panel will be convened.  Who will it comprise?  Will the rebels cooperate?  Then there is Michael Scott, the lawyer who also does think that Dr. Minnis can’t cut it, who says he is willing to represent the rebel MPs, to stop them from being thrown out of the party.  Oh boy!  This looks like it’s really going to be nasty.  All of the Senators have resigned as a result of the changing of the guard: Carl Bethel, Duane Sands, Kwasi Thompson and Monique Gomez.   Mrs. Butler Turner says that she is considering who will be her Senate appointments.   In Dr. Minnis’ corner are party stalwarts and founders Maurice Moore and C A Smith.  Arrayed against him is Brent Symonette, whose sage advice after Dr. Minnis was stabbed in the back, was that Dr. Minnis should have waited before taking any disciplinary action.   Remind us never to take any advice from Brent Symonette.  That advice seems foolish on the face of it.