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Supt. Deborah Thompson botched the Shane Gibson case

After the Gibson case, there ought to be a review of all cases involving Superintendent of Police Deborah Thompson. Ms. Thomposn testified in the case that she tampered with  the principle witnesses statement by altering it after the fact and by coordinating the testimony of two witnesses in the room together. She added that it happens on the time.  Cases in which she was involved have to be reviewed and if there were convictions, they must be set aside as unsafe. Then there is the Attorney General’s office and in particular the Director of Public Prosecutions.  This case shows that there was no independent Director of Punic Prosecutions.  It seems that this case was entirely politically directed. For example, the Defence Counsel in the case K D Knight pointed out that had the case been taking place in the UK when the tampering of the evidence was revealed, the case would have been stopped and the jury directed to acquit. The DPP did not do that.  He went on with the matter, to get a conviction at any cost. The Judges Indra Charles who heard the civil matter and the Judge Carolita Bethel  in the trial itself both failed in their duty to the public by not stopping what was an obvious wrong and  allowing the injustice against Mr. Gibson to continue.  Formal complaints against the two Judges should be filed to lead to their removal from office.