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The Leader of the Opposition Philip Brave Davis told the press on Friday 25th October 2019 that the Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie MP is not fit to be Speaker of the House. There is no question that he is not a fit and proper person for that post.  He is thin skinned, does not have the temperament for the job and is just plain dumb. As a presiding officer, it appears that he does not know how to take advice.  The result is he falls into error. You probably all remember the attack on Glenys Hanna Martin and his excluding her from the House. He constantly picks on her for no reason. He is always running interference for the Government. A government with a huge majority and so needs no protection.   But for some reason, he always gets it wrong.  You remember his attack on the Chairman of the PLP calling him a term which will not be repeated here.  Last week though, he went further and this time tried to confiscate the camera of a reporter who took pictures of Deputy Leader of the PLP Chester Cooper while he was speaking in the House of Wednesday 23rd October 2019.  He asked that she surrender her camera so he could delete the pictures.  He does not have the power to do it  but more importantly why would he want to do it. What the hell was he thinking?  In a free society why would you want to go down in history as a censoring tyrant, taking away a phone and deleting pictures of things that are in the public domain. Fortunately, the PLP’s Picewell Forbes stepped up and argued against it.  The Speaker resiled. However, the Speaker ended up again with egg on his face with universal condemnation from and including the Press Club which is normally so flaccid that you hardly hear a peep from them.