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cialis sale click times;”>bamsi_fncommentThe photograph we show with this column of the visit of the Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis to the BAMSI site is an apt metaphor for the problem with the FNM.  Their backs are turned to the camera and their walk shows them going to the building on the BAMSI site that has burned down

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. This is the group that is meant to displace Perry Christie and the PLP.  Not to put too fine a point on it, Mr. Christie and his colleagues are not shaking in their boots over that prospect or probability

The Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis caused quite a fuss last week when he showed up at the Bahamas Agricultural Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) in Andros without invitation.  The FNM believes that it is on to something because they tripped upon the fact that there was no insurance in the building that was burned down by arson a month ago.  The Minister for Works said that the insurance had lapsed.  The contractor said that he thought he had paid it but it turns out it wasn’t in force.  He promised to make it good.   Later the Leader of the Opposition said that the insurance company did not exist. 

So in the middle of that kerfuffle, Mr. Minnis and his colleagues descended on BAMSI.  They by accounts took a two hour tour of the facility and then were discovered by the absent or missing security guards and then tossed out as having come without authority.  Why the leader of the Opposition needs to have authority to visit a government facility, we don’t know but that apparently is the rule and the case made by the Minister responsible for BAMSI as to why he was turfed out.

The descending on BAMSI is vintage Dr. Minnis.  He is trying to give the impression of man who is not bothered or distracted by the vagaries of the political swirl around him of plotters in the FNM.  Our sources told us last week that the White Knights are moved to say that Hubert Ingraham, the former PM should come back and save the FNM.  They are using front man Frank Watson the former DPM as their stalking horse. 

Dr. Minnis has been showing up with his crew from the House of Assembly with the press in tow and making his statements and posting on social media. This is a busy man.  The clear signal to the coup plotters is that he is not Tommy Turnquest, the former FNM leader who replaced Mr. Ingraham and then was unceremoniously dumped by him when Mr. Ingraham decided to come back.  Dr. Minnis’  forces say Hubert Ingraham will have the fight of his life on his hands if he thinks that he can just walk in and displace Dr. Minnis without so much as a by your leave.

Here is what we are told:

The FNM is now split in four: Branville’s crew (yes that Branville McCartney of the DNA), even though many FNMs feel he is being stubborn and believes wrongly that he can displace the PLP and the FNM.

Then there is Loretta Butler’s crew.  She is still smarting from her defeat by Dr. Minnis in the race for Leader.

Then there is the crew who want the former Prime Minister to come back.  He is busy skulking in the background.

Then there is the Minnis’ crew, supported they say by the former Deputy Prime Minister the Multi-Millionaire Brent Symonette.

As Pat Rahming would say: “Big fight in Bain Town.”

In response to the article which appeared here last week, the FNM says the following

They are not afraid of Sir Geoffrey Johnstone and his white knights.  They are old and out of touch and their minds are drifting.

They say they  have an October surprise for Frank Watson because in things personal he has thrown all caution to the wind.

They warn the Hubert faction that Minnis not Tommy Turnquest

Meanwhile the PLP knows all of this and is pretty relaxed about it all.  Problem is there is a swirl of uncertainty about the PLP and who will lead it into the next general election and it also faces a “suck my teeth” factor from some young people that the party has not been able to lick.  That is a matter which should be settled sooner rather than later.  We know that at a certain point the electorate give not a wit about the preparedness of the side that is out.  If they are so fed up with the side that is in, they vote you out.   Bottom line: this is no time to relax.

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