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generic times;”>RBDF at work guarding the beach where the rapes took place ( Tribune photo) 

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American Charge Lisa Johnson

Tribune photo

Bahamians got their noses out of joint a bit, a tad because of a statement made by the US Charge Lisa Johnson in a press roundtable on 14th January.  Her aim was to enlighten the Bahamian public on the cooperation on crime and security between the US and The Bahamas. Instead, the Bahamian public thanks to their press concentrated on the fact that she had been making pleas to our authorities to fix the  jet ski problem which caused the US to publicly ban their employees at the embassy and warn other Americans not to use the jet ski operators in Nassau.  She went further to say that it was a poorly regulated sector. She indicated that she would be speaking with the Commissioner of Police.  That really pissed some Bahamians off.  Who was she to go directly to the Commissioner of Police?  Cry foul: interference in the internal affairs of The Bahamas  The Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell said in an oral statement to the radio stations that people should hold their horses.  The US practices diplomacy in that way even though The Bahamas often warns them that the method was counterproductive.  The other point though is if you read what she actually said the piece is quite positive but that’s a free press for you. What can you do?  You can click here for her full statement: