What’s Next For Vaughn Miller, Frederick McAlpine And Reece Chipman?

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Now that there are two former FNMs on the back bench and sitting as independents, people think that there is a potential problem brewing for the PLP. There are only four PLP MPs.  The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis made a joke of it when he spoke in the House on Wednesday 11 December 2019.  He said that he considered Mr. Miller to be the real Leader of the Opposition and that he could lend him three FNM MPs so that he could have the numbers to become the official opposition. Of course such a result has been speculated for a long time as long as dissident MP Frederick McAlpine has been speaking out.  The problem is such a result would not be real.  It would be just like the situation with Loretta Butler Turner before the 2017 general election. When she pulled the coup and made herself the Leader of the Opposition, she had the numbers of MPs but no support out in the country. There are still two forces in the country: one is PLP, the other is the UBP or FNM. You are either one or the other. So it seems to us that only time matters here that Mr. Miller and Mr. McAlpine will end up with the PLP formally.  Mr. Chipman we do not think can bring himself philosophically to be the supporter of the Black cause. He and his family do not see themselves as that so it will be difficult for him to join.  So of course all eyes are on the tree of them to see what will happen.  We deliberately left out Travis Robinson, the boy wonder of election 2017.  He has already crawled back to his masters and is silent as a lamb.  No hope for him.