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The Bahamas is a stable country. Like clock-work, generic viagra every five years, our people wake up and go to a polling station between the hours of 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., and vote in large numbers. It is estimated that about ninety percent (90%) of the people registered to vote cast their ballots on the day of general elections for the party or person of their choice. This has always been our strong tradition.

At the voting station, there is order. There is never misbehaviour at these sights, just a sense of solemnity. That is who we are as a people and what makes us special, and an attractive jurisdiction for foreign investment. We as Bahamians are justly proud of this tradition.

A misguided, foreign, high net worth individual living amongst us can easily form the impression that the average Bahamian is polite, weak, simple, and a pushover. They may also form the view that a well-educated and unprincipled Bahamian motivated by lust for easy money can easily be persuaded to become a Judas and betray our county, and our basic values. These individuals will say or do anything for money. These mendicants are the worse form of the human family. So it is conceivable that a Judas goat armed with the monies of rich people, and the help of like-minded individuals, can easily destabilize a country like the Bahamas. By using money in a strategic area, one can disrupt through social media and spread misinformation, and in the end, overthrow a duly elected government of the country.

Loyalty to country becomes nothing more than an intellectual flight of fancy. This is what can happen when money becomes the God an individual. This is not beyond the realm of possibility in today’s Bahamas.

In the coming days, the Parliamentary select committee headed by The Honourable Arnold Forbes
will meet. Bahamians of all political stripes who love this country should pay special attention to these proceedings. This will be a test of the strength of our democracy. This exercise should demonstrate to the public the unfettered right of a member of Parliament to speak without fear of any legal sanctions. This is not an exercise in personalities. To see the work in light of personalities is to miss the boat completely. These proceedings will more than likely deal with the business activities surrounding the environmental group called “Save the Bays.” The revelations should prove interesting and informative for the public. From a historical perspective, members of Parliament have always enjoyed the unfettered right to speak freely and unearth information brought to their attention. This will no doubt become a teachable moment for the country.

As a proud Bahamian, we should at all times insist that any stranger within our gates behave in a manner consistent with their immigration status; and, if they offend, and should they offend, they should be ejected forthwith without equivocation. It is the duty of a Bahamian citizen to build up and not break down this country. The love of money should not cloud our better judgment.

Brian Seymour