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The Leader of the Opposition Dr, Hubert Minnis, hapless and clumsy as he is, has been in the press over the past week making a fuss about those who have been reengaged as public servants to  do the work of the new Government.  That is hypocritical on his part, since he was the master at it when he was Prime Minister. Silly rabbit. However, it finds attraction in some quarters because of the argument  in favour of ageism, that somehow old people are no longer useful because they are old.  What is relevant is whether the person has the acumen to perform and does still perform.  They know the system and so come with a storehouse of knowledge. That is the  point.  The Prime Minister has the authority of the Bahamian people to hire whom he in his best and deliberate judgement thinks can run the affairs of the state.  Before the horse is even out of the gate, you have the former Prime Minister attacking the choices. We say the Prime Minister must be allowed to  make his choices.  He has got five years to govern. Barely a month has gone by.