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There has been a steady deterioration of the telephone and data service in The Bahamas under the FNM.  The first mistake was the corrupt deal to sell BTC to the then Government owned corporation to Cable and Wireless at an under value.  The deal was corrupt. The PLP failed to reverse it.  The result was Cable and Wireless simply used the three-year monopoly period to extract profits while putting nothing into the infrastructure and forward planning.  Then the original owners of Cable and Wireless sold the company to another group and they continued to milk what was left.  They fired all the Bahamians and now you cannot even get a directory assistance phone to answer when you need it in Nassau.  It’s answered in Jamaica. So along came Aliv which was a creation of the PLP to end the monopoly of BTC. The Government also has shares in that as well. They have started a price war and again no upgrade of the infrastructure. We need now to a move toward 5 G in data.  Land lines service have deteriorated badly. There is crowding on the system for data and for phone calls by cell and lots of dropped calls.  URCA, the regulatory body, has proven to be a toothless tiger. Useless.   None of the political parties are addressing telecommunications policy.  Five G is where the U S is headed and other developed countries. This will allow for example operations to take place remotely.  The present 4G has too much lag time. In order to get to Five G you will need more towers and more investment.  But who is talking about it?