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Punch editor supping with the Prime Minister fourth from left

The Punch is a down market, nasty, sleazy paper which specializes in prurient nonsense which is largely made up by its Editor Ivan Johnson.  He is known to be a favourite meal partner of the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.  The paper has no moral compass or anchor to the point where the paper trashed his own sisters in a dispute to do with the will of his father.  So, you are dealing with someone who knows no moral or ethical boundaries.  He has issues with the fact that he  is a mulatto and has been the butt of homophobic slurs.  None of that has moved the needle. The paper makes its money off causing human suffering.  The past month or so  he has been interested in what he calls a war within the PLP between a gay faction and a non- gay faction. No such war exists. It is a figment of the the imagination of its editor.  One of its writers is Niki Kelly. She spent most of her career at The Tribune and then moved on to be an opinion writer at The Punch. She is part of the defamatory nonsense at all and sundry.  At one point, the newspaper actually printed the confidential business of a minor which was beyond the pale. She sticks with the paper all the same. We keep asking her though, if she is such a moral being, and has so much to say on everything else. why is she and her daughter still writing for The Punch.  It doesn’t add up