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Eleuthera News file photo

The question which the Progressive Liberal Party asks itself is the one in the headline.  When the PLP was in power, the press had a daily drum beat of negative news and attacks. Now the FNM is in power, the Prime Minister talks to them any kind of how or not at all.  Nothing, not a peep from them. Case in point, the press conference of the Prime Minister on 4 June 2020 after not holding a press conference for several weeks and ducking the press, the best the press could come up with is a question from Jasper Ward at The Guardian who asked if he could explain the difference between his accepting the resignation of Dr. Duane Sands and not that of the other ministers involved in the scandal.  The ducker and dodger that he is, the Prime Minister said that he had moved on and that he wished Dr. Sands well in his private life.  One other reporter Ava Turnquest tried to piggyback on the theme but it was really quite limp wristed.  The FNM gets a bye.  The PLP is held to a double and unfair standard.