Why Would Michael Pintard Attack Tennyson Wells?

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Michael Pintard, the Chairman of the Free National Movement was in the press on Friday 12th August attacking Tennyson Wells, the former FNM MP.  The reason was that Mr. Wells had said that now FNM MP Richard Lightbourn was a racist.   Mr. Lightbourn himself put the matter in the public domain earlier in the week, when he told the press that he had been accused of that label during an FNM Council meeting.  The question is: what is the utility of Mr. Pintard getting in that fight?  Certain things don’t concern you, so why get in it.  Mr. Wells was after all trying to save Dr. Hubert Minnis, the FNM Leader, whom he now supports.  So does Mr. Pintard.  Some say that the reason Mr. Pintard had to say something is that the White Knight donors to the FNM have made it clear that  they will not support Dr. Minnis with their money unless he comes to a reasonable settlement with the UBO group in the FNM.  So here we go again, the fault line of the FNM is exposed.  Mr. Wells has a lot of experience, having been through a split with the late Cecil Wallace Whitfield over who would control the FNM.  Mr. Pintard’s best bet in those circumstances was simply to note and move on.  Now he is being identified with the “ Uncle Tom “ faction of the FNM.  What a pity!