Why Would Minnis Call For Hanging When He Knows Better?

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discount viagra healing times;”>Politicians can say some things that make  no sense.  Like the Leader of the Opposition who the Tribune of 13th August reported as saying that  we should enforce the hanging laws.  It makes good headlines but it is nonsense and he knows it.  Hanging can only be carried out by the executive if there is a sentence of death to carry out.  So far there is no such sentence to carry out.  The Privy Council has a ruling in place on when the death penalty can be given and  that requires first  that the case must be the worst of the worst. So far no case coming from The Bahamas has met that test.  Secondly, ampoule there must be a psychological report and the report must show that there is no other way to punish the offender than the death penalty.  Now you go figure  Mr. Minnis as the Leader of the Opposition ought to know that and should not spin nonsense when he knows better.