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So the airport is  a wreck in Grand Bahama.  Climate change is real for that airport.  For the second time in a decade, a hurricane has swamped the airport.  This time with Hurricane Dorian in September, it was wrecked beyond repair.  It looks like despite the promises of the Prime Minister, the airport is still not open and no one can say when it will again be open to international flights.  This is key to starting the tourism plant again and the Grand Bahama economy.  Carey Leonard, an attorney and former Chair of the Chamber of Commerce, said the Government should buy the airport and also force the sale of the Freeport Harbour. The Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar said the Government was considering it. The Grand Bahama Port Authority President Ian Rolle, half owner of the airport, said that talks on a  sale were at a high level. The Deputy Leader of the PLP urged the Government to buy it.  Hang on a second here. The PLP should not encourage buying that airport.  The Hutchinson Group and the Port Authority should be forced to do their job and rebuild the airport. What looks like is about to happen, is that the Hutchinson group will push the airport off on the Government, collect the insurance and take the money and run. The same thing they did with the hotel that they sold at overvalue to the Government and the government is now stuck with a bill for keeping it going. The airport was offered to the PLP and refused. It is in a flood plain, so in the wrong place.  It needs to be rebuilt out east in Grand Bahama where the old U S military base was. Or the decision needs to be made to  make West End Airport the official airport for Grand Bahama.