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The black community in the United States and people of goodwill joined together and it seems barely ousted the incumbent President of the United States Donald Trump from having a second term in office.  Just barely and the smoke has not cleared yet. He continues to insist with his  lies and deceits about votes being stolen and creating confusion with his followers and trying it appears to foment division and violence.

This is the action of a spoilt brat. He came to office with no qualifications and with the mind of a child that it was his way or the highway. He happened to tap into a vein of racism, resentment, misogyny and revolt against the order which had been established by his own country, the moral order since the second world war. He tried to deconstruct all of that and may very well have done irrecoverable damage.  We shall see.

So now, if it holds, the United States has a new king. His name is Joe Biden. As a side story, he came to Nassau in 1963 on spring break from University and met his first wife in Nassau on the British Colonial Beach.  Sadly she died within a year of his being first elected to the Senate.  But today, he is the Crown Prince.

He has a job in front of him. The racists, the misogynists, the antigovernment  trolls are still with us. The hatred for black and brown people still exists. There is a lot of fear.  There is a health emergency that threatens to disrupt the economy and kill many hundreds of thousands more lives, if there is no immediate action taken to  put things in the United States in order.

We hope that the Free National Movement takes notice. They have presided over the meanest period in our own history. They have bumbled from one insensitivity to the next. They continue to be clueless, led by  a Prime Minister who appears to have no moral or ethical anchor.

Let us hope that the new king in America is able to restore decency to the national life in his own country and in our country send a signal to the population here, that it is time for the FNM to go so that decency will be restored in The Bahamas again as well.