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Another joke this week. The Minister of Works Desmond Bannister, just before being forced into quarantine because he has Covid defended the decision of the government to build sidewalks where none are needed and on streets so narrow you could hardly get a needle through them. The amount allocated is 20 million dollars. He said this was to jump start employment in the country and get people working to feed their families.  These FNM politicians  care nothing about people feeding their families, having fired thousands from the public service. Now suddenly, they are shedding tears for families.  No one believes a  word of it.  This is just another cockamamie scheme to put money in the hands of the  FNM cronies. Not one contract has gone to a PLP contractor. All FNMs. Disgrace.  Meanwhile, the hungry in the country have no food while our government defends spending 20 million on concrete.