You Say And I Say Over Alfred Gray Case

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cialis generic ampoule times;”>It would useful we think if on this matter the PLP has as little to say about this issue. The FNM has an interest in keeping it alive.  What interest does the PLP have?   Discussing feeds into the FNM’s narrative and their strategy of death by a thousand cuts.  Let’s be done with it.  Carl Bethel claims that the PLP is suppressing the truth about the Alfred Gray matter, saying that  conflicting evidence should be put to a jury and not decided by the Attorney General.  Minister of State Damien Gomez said that the Administrator Zephaniah Newbold, who alleged that Mr. Gray threatened him couldn’t remember what Mr. Gray had said and had the office proceeded Mr. Gray would have succeeded on a  no case submission.  That didn’t stop Michael Pintard FNM Chair form coming back and saying he didn’t give a hoot, Mr. Gray ought to go.  Point then is why we should keep talking about it. The PLPs line is this: the Attorney General has a complete discretion to decide these matters. She did and that is the end to the matter.