Young PLPs Despairing—Don’t

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The recent video tapes going around about the comments of Peter Nygard about the leaders of the PLP has the young of our country and party in a tailspin.  The question is what do they say?  For years they have been preaching the gospel that there is a need to get the party’s PR in order. Each time some tentative step is made to do that, then something comes and knocks us back on our legs and we have to start again.  This matter with Nygard is a sore wound.  Mr. Nygard claims that he was promised the lease of land for an accretion that built up naturally next to his property in Lyford Cay.  It has been blocked by the courts and the transaction is unable to be completed.  In the meantime, his fight with his neighbour Louis Bacon has brought all of the dramatis personae in party’s leadership in the fight.  It appears that Mr. Bacon has decided that he will take the PLP out.  It appears that Save The Bays is simply a front organization for that effort.  Mr. Nygard supposedly an ally of the PLP leaders has not helped matters by loose talk in front of hidden cameras and by appearing to cavort with some pretty shady characters.  By association, it sullies the leaders of the party and the country .  The PLP needs to strike back and strike back hard  but how?   Part of the reason this become so difficult is because of the way elections are fought in this country.  It is impossible to dislodge a sitting government with the Treasury and its willing hands from office without the supports of rich people from the private sector.  The rich people  in The Bahamas who give to elections are the usual suspects: the white Bahamians who give only to the FNM and selected PLPs, the rich crowd at Lyford Cay, Old Fort and Albany, the Grand Bahama Port Authority, the few rich black men like Franklyn Wilson and Garret Finlayson and now the numbers boys.  So when some rich white man comes along with lots of money in exchange for something which in opposition seems fairly harmless, opposition parties are fair game for their blandishments and their cash.  Efforts to fight for reform of the way elections are funded have floundered and run aground. It won’t happen.  Mr. Nygard feels a sense of entitlement.  Just like the PLP should not have embraced Harachji’s support, the Iranian gun merchant who lived here, they should not have embraced Mr. Nygard.  But that is water under the bridge.  Now is the time to reconnect with the base and explain how when you look at all of this.  First this is Mr. Nygard’s version of the facts and we are not sure even of that because Fred Smith Q C is the one who manufactured the opportunity for this to come into the public domain.  He is hired by Save The Bays, an organization funded by those close to Louis Bacon and is a front organization to attack Peter Nygard. There also the untested affidavits of some shady characters.  Interestingly enough, it now emerges that Michael Pintard, Chairman of the FNM and convicted bullet carrier John Bostwick can tell their own story of what this is about.  As Ricky Ricardo would have said: “They got a lot of splaining to do”.  That makes this rank politics.  Young PLPs should be careful how they accept lock stock and barrel anything connected with Fred Smith. Look how the country went into a tizzy over a stupid video filled with lies by an American over treatment at the Princess Margaret Hospital, only to find out hours later it was all untrue.  We are too subject to nonsense by Fred Smith and his contrivances. Like the whole Government is scared of Fred Smith, a copy of the village idiot. While the swirl is overwhelmingly negative on these matters, no doubt the PLP’s version differs substantially from that narrative. Now will the PLP have the courage to tell its side of the story in time to win the election?