A Report On Fred Mitchell At Sandilands Graduation | 7 June 2018

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Karen Hamilton, a parent of a student at Sandidlands wrote this and circulated it on the web: Hello everyone ! I attended my son’s graduation this morning, He is the Deputy Head Boy at Sandilands Primary school. I felt it for Miss Ferguson ,she hanged her head down when the Teachers , students and parents started screaming for Mr. Mitchell as he walked toward the podium , it was unbelievable , Mrs . Cartwright looked on as the students screamed. Mr. Mitchell recognized the Member of Parliament for Fox Hill and the crowd went crazy , as to say: “You are the Member of Parliament Mr  Mitchell . Who are you talking about?” You had to be there ! Mr. Mitchell was led out of the church by teachers while the Fox Hill Member of Parliament came behind like a dog who had just lost her tail , I am telling you , you had to be there !