Bahamian Musician Giveton Gelin Wins Top Prize

Bahamian jazz musician Giveton Gelin has won the 2020 LetterOne RISING STARS Jazz Award. And that means the up-and-coming Nassau-born trumpeter is about to see his career move up internationally. His win gives him the opportunity to   showcase his talent during a ten-city tour, performing in prestigious festivals across the United States and Canada—including slots […]

Open Letter To FNM Leaders From Pastor Keith Russell Of Freeport

Dear FNM Leaders, Here is your moment of truth. This FNM crew in parliament, the most visible face of your organization, has done and is doing irreparable damage to who you are or purport to be. Let me offer at the outset that your party is necessary. Your presence strengthens our fledgling democracy. Of course, […]

Derek Handfield Memorialized By Kelly Burrows

From Kelly Burrows a friend as was this columnist of a fine man who died too soon. He was ambitious and determined to make it from the bowels of Hawksbill to success as a Freeport businessman and then in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  God bless him as he goes on his way. Mr. Burrows […]

Shenique Miller Given The Boot From ZNS

Four days after hosting PLP National Vice Chair Obie Roberts on her television talk show programme on the publicly owned Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas TV station,  Shenique Miller, an FNM supporter, was given the boot from ZNS with four days’ notice. She posted the decision on her Facebook page.  When will we ever learn? […]

The Elizabeth Branch PLP Meets | 29 January 2020 | Doris Johnson Senior High School

Senator Fred Mitchell joins Senator JoBeth Coleby Davis and Latrae Rahming at the Elizabeth Branch meeting 29 January 2020 at Doris Johnson Senior School.

T Connection Musician Dies

This came from the T Connection Band on Facebook: It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our former guitarist, vocalist,songwriter and founding member of T Connection, Montgomery Vincent Kemp. His stage name was Monty Brown. Monty died November 2, 2019 however, we just became aware of his passing on Saturday January […]