The State Of The Woodlawn Cemetery | 16 January 2021

The owners of the Woodlawn Cemetery in Nassau have to be called into account for the state of the graveyard compared to  the price that people are being paid and the level of service which families get in the graveyard.  On Saturday 16 January 2021, the state of the graveyard seemed like much is desired. […]

Fred Mitchell Speaks About FNM Lies And Deceits Like Trump’s

Senator Fred Mitchell says that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis came to office campaigning on deceits and lies like his ideological twin in the United States.  He says the government of The Bahamas should condemn the violence in the United States.  Says because of the lies told by the FNM and because it’s about our future, […]

George Mc Kinney Dies: Leader Of The Opposition’s Condolences | 8 January 2020 | 101 Years Old

The following statement was issued by Philip Davis, Leader of the Opposition on the death of Stalwart Councilor George McKinney: 8 January 2021 For Immediate Release 8 January 2021 Another great Bahamian and close family friend in the name of George McKinney has gone home to receive his just and eternal reward. Born in 1919, […]

The Government Will Stop Feeding The Poor: The Banks Can Get Their Profits

The Bahamas Government has said that the subsidy for food for the poor will end on 31st March 2021. So they must know something we must not know.  Like what we know is the Atlantis Hotel is announcing that it is closing down again after opening at Christmas. What do these people expect to happen […]

In Abaco The VAT Tax Exemption Is Done: Govt Says Pay Me My Money

So the people of Abaco are some 15 months out from Hurricane Dorian and the most devastating hurricane of all time for The Bahamas. The Government provide certain tax exemptions.  One of them was VAT tax.  They have decided they need to money so they have started to collect the tax again as of 1 […]

The Face Of Police Brutality In Eight Mile Rock | 27 December 2020

Since Ashton Greenslade became the Head Police Officer in Grand Bahama, Freeport has become a police state, with street corners with men with guns checking identifications and masks and interfering with people on their way to church in the night. The latest is the young man’s picture that you see Shervin Tillach date of birth […]

Clemency: We Must Know Who Are Those Freed

The Minister of National Security Marvin Dames announced last week that 147 people in Her Majesty’s Prison had been granted clemency. The Minister says we should not be worried about any of them  being a  danger to society.  Under Article 90  of the  Constitution, the Minister of National Security has the say over who goes […]

Butler Turner’s 30th Wedding Anniversary Shot |28th December 2020

They say this shot is the beginning of her slow climb back into public life.  We think that ship has sailed but it certainly is an engaging, well crafted photo to mark her wedding anniversary with her husband Edward and their children Elizabeth and Edward III and the dogs.

Trump Is The Ultimate Embarrassment To The United States

Donald Trump lost the general election in the United States on 2 November 2020.  Yet, to this very day he and his allies, that craven bunch who sit in the halls of the U S legislature under the label Republicans, persist with nonsense about his winning the election. The swearing in of the newly elected […]

Candidates Committee To Interview Grand Bahama Candidates

PLP Headquarters in Grand Bahama on East Sunrise Highway will be abuzz with activity when the Chairman of the Candidates Committee of the PLP and his colleagues journey to Freeport, Grand Bahama to interview the aspirants who are interested in office in running for office for the PLP in Grand Bahama. The dates Monday 4 […]

Tribute To Vice Chair Terence Bethel From PLP Chairman

Statement From the Chairman of the Progress Liberal PartyOn The Death of Terence BethelFor Immediate Release 30 December 2020 I regret to confirm the death and passing of our friend and brother PLP National Vice Chairman Terence Bethel. This is stunning, shattering and sad. He was a pillar of strength to the PLP. One day […]

Terence Bethel Dies: Lauded By PLP Leader

This was the Christmas greeting from National Vice Chair of the PLP Terence Bethel by Tuesday 30 December 2020, he was dead. The following statement was issued by the Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party Philip Brave Davis: Statement of condolences by the Hon. Philip Brave Davis, Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party On the […]