MP Brave Davis Launches His Campaign in Grand Bahama

09/17/17 11 AM

Senator Michael Darville at the podium while at the table are Chester Cooper MP, Senator Fred Mitchell, Leader of the PLP Philip Davis, Senator Clay Sweeting, former MP Arnold Forbes and Senator Jobeth Davis

Virginia Thurston, third from left, Chair of the Women’s Branch of the PLP.

Former MP Arnold Forbes

Leader of the PLP Philip Davis with Chester Cooper

There was a huge turnout of supporters and stalwart councillors at the Bahamas Union Of Teachers Hall in Grand Bahma on Friday 15 September to listen to Philip Brave Davis launch his campaign for Leader of the PLP. The pictures tell the story.  Mr. Davis pledged reform. There to support him Senator Fred Mitchell, Senator Jobeth Davis, Senator Michael Darville, former Minister Arnold Forbes, former candidates Norris Bain and Preston Laing.  There were also 300 people in the room.

Barry Griffin Is The New Leader of The Progressive Young Liberals

08/20/17 1 AM

Congratulations to the new leaders of the Progressive Young Liberals (PYL) of the PLP.  At elections on 18 August, a new team was elected, headed by Attorney Barry Griffin.  Mr Griffin is at 7th from the left.

The new executive board is as follows:

Chairman – Barry Griffin
1st Vice Chair – Neressa Seymour
2nd Vice Chair – Telia Saunders
Treasurer – Whitney Hanna
Assistant Treasurer – Delilah Strapp
Secretary – Uriza Hutchenson
Assistant Secretary – Lakelle Ferguson
NGC Representative – Tevin Ferguson
Public Relations Officer – Glenisha Albury
Chaplin – James Connolly
Sergeant at Arms – Andreas Kelly 


07/16/17 1 AM

Message from The Hon. Philip Brave Davis MP
Leader of the PLP
To Party Supporters On The Reported Arrest Of Former MP Kenred Dorsett
13 July 2017
By Voice Note
Good morning
I wish to speak directly to members of the Progressive Liberal Party today on the reported arrest of our friend and colleague and former minister Kenred Dorsett.

You will wake up to screaming headlines and allegations, charges and counter charges. You will be exposed during the coming days to angry exchanges and slurs. Please do not be provoked. Please stand strong.

We pray for our friend and brother Ken, and his family this morning. We urge the authorities to ensure that justice is done in this case and that this is not some witch hunt, working a specific playbook, formed during an election campaign.
I wish you to bear in mind what I have just said.
You see when you look back at what the Free National Movement has done in all its previous terms in government, rather than concentrate on improving the economy and providing jobs for the country, they engage in victor’s justice and vengeance politics. They stop, review and cancel programmes left in place by the previous PLP government without any logical justification. They dismiss people at the bottom of the ladder from their employment with the government who are helpless and are unable to defend themselves. They utilise the power of the state to bring people before the courts and into police stations, with little to show and often engendering hatred that lasts for a life time.
I would have thought that they learned from their previous lessons. Alas the early signs are not good.

Over the past week, the PLP has sought to caution the new government to get to the work of governance.

Now we have this arrest. The Attorney General should only bring charges if there is cogent, probative evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, such evidence lawfully obtained without pressure, promise of advantage or threats. We await the disposition of our justice system in that regard.

What we know is that the Attorney General made a statement in the Senate proclaiming himself as a Minister of Justice; that nothing that he saw amounted to criminal matters. A few days later he resiled from that position following attacks from his own FNM partisans about his stand. This action must also be seen against the background of the Prime Minister himself announcing corruption allegations from the floor of the House and proclaiming quite extraordinarily his country as a cauldron of corruption at a recent international forum. Now we have the arrest of a former government minister. So are we dealing with a self-fulfilling prophecy?
This does not bode well.

I remind everyone that the conventions of our constitution are that each minister bears responsibility for their personal conduct in office. Mr. Dorsett understands that more than most, having been trained as a lawyer. He denies these allegations and promises to defend them vigorously. We are pledged to support him with the best counsel available. In our system, the crown must prove guilt. Mr. Dorsett has nothing to prove.
Further given all that has happened, is it possible to obtain a fair trial within this jurisdiction?

The problem here is win lose or draw, the state has now effectively working with our local press ruined a man’s reputation.
Let us pray for him and is family.

From time to time I will use this and other fora to keep you abreast.
Thank you all. Please spread this message to other PLPs. We must remain strong. We are not a corrupt organization. We do not support corruption in any form. The events now before us are designed to sap the will of PLPS and to destroy the party. I urge you to stand strong and with God’s help we will prevail.
God bless you all.
Bless the Progressive Liberal Party
God Bless the Commonwealth of The Bahamas


Greetings By Leader of The Opposition At Government House

05/21/17 12 PM

On the day that the instruments of appointment for Leader of the Opposition were given 19 May:

Philip Davis, Leader of the Opposition, greets Archbishop Drexel Gomez, Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling greets Dr. Perry Gomez and former Fox Hill MP is at the door.

The former Prime Minister Perry Christie with Mrs. Anne Davis, Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis and Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling.

The PLP’s Leader & Some Members Of The Team

05/21/17 12 PM

Following the appointment of instruments by the Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling on Friday 19 May at Government House, the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis posed with some of his Parliamentary colleagues Chester Cooper MP and Picewell Forbes MP.


12/11/16 4 PM

img-20161211-wa0008 img-20161211-wa0002

Where are the other MPs?

Where are the other MPs?


BREAKING: Statement from Free National Movement Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis:

Today, the Bahamian people will witness the abuse of our democratic process by the blind, greedy and selfish ambition of a few Members of Parliament.

As the duly elected leader of the Free National Movement, I wish to assure our faithful, dedicated, hardworking and committed members that I am not moved by these tactics. I remain steadfast in my duty to you, our supporters and the Bahamian people, to return good governance to this country and to rid the Bahamas of this inept, arrogant PLP administration. That is and will always be our primary focus.

What has occurred over the last few days in the FNM is the result of individuals who have failed to respect the democratic process of their own party. They have put their self-centered ambitions for leadership, and personal feelings toward me, ahead of the will of the people and the best interest of the country.

The Free National Movement is not distracted. Our party remains the best opportunity for real, systemic change in this country.

To our supporters in these seven constituencies, many of whom have contacted the party over the last few days expressing a sense of deep betrayal and disappointment in these representatives; please be assured that your party has not abandoned you. Indeed, we are energized and committed more than ever to ensure that you and our beloved Bahamians, receive what you truly deserve: the highest quality representation, with impeccable integrity.

To FNMs throughout The Bahamas, rest assured that your Free National Movement Party is ready, energized, and committed more than ever to fight, for and on your behalf.

As Oscar Wilde once wrote, sometimes, “what seems to us as bitter trials, are often blessings in disguise.”

May God continue to bless our beloved Bahamas.


08/14/16 9 AM

tadalafil times, viagra sales serif;”>Description:

The photo was taken on 6th August at the PLP Fair.  The next day Mr. Sears announced he is going to run for Leader of the PLP at the next Convention:

 “I pledge to bring visionary, transformative, ethical, accountable and transparent governance as well as community, business and public service experience anchored in servant leadership to office”.

Nassau, Bahamas – Monday, August 8, 2016 – Alfred M. Sears, Queens Counsel, PLP Candidate for Fort Charlotte, Former MP for Fort Charlotte, former Attorney General & Minister of Education, Science & Technology, former Chairman of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) and former Chairman of the Council of the College of The Bahamas, announced his intention to run for leader of the Progressive Liberal Party today.

“I am both pleased and honored to announce my intention to stand as a candidate for the position of leader of the Progressive Liberal Party in the upcoming PLP Convention scheduled for November 2016. I have notified the leadership of the Party, the PLP Fort Charlotte Branch and the PLP Parliamentary Caucus of this intention to stand as a candidate in service to my Party and by extension the Bahamian people.

I hold fast to the fundamental philosophy, ideology and principles upon which the Progressive Liberal Party was founded, based on the Core Values of the PLP, published on October 26, 1953: ‘The Government is the servant of the people and not the people the servant of the government. Government must be administered economically and effectively and must constantly strive to raise the standard of living of the people.’ Let us make servant leadership matter.

I encourage PLPs and Bahamians from all walks of life to join us, as we recommit ourselves to the principles upon which our great party was founded. I encourage us to be both progressive and liberal in our political and social work, which helped usher in Majority Rule, expanded the middle class through education, expanded Bahamian ownership, increased professional and entrepreneurial opportunities and established a secure social security system and protection of our citizens within and outside our borders. Today, we have new challenges, which require that we diversify our economy beyond tourism and financial services. We must draw on the creative imagination of Bahamians and provide more opportunities for Bahamian ownership and entrepreneurship in order to improve our global competitive position. We must inspire and provide a larger platform for young Bahamians to build a robust cultural industry and expand the productive base of our economy”

Sears’ involvement in public service which began as a youth leader of the Interdenominational Christian Youth Association, Youth With TheTruth and the Baptist Youth Association at Bethel Baptist Church, is complemented by his experience in government at the executive level in Cabinet and 10 years in Parliament. He credits his two consecutive elections to Parliament to the extraordinary work and talent of the team in Fort Charlotte, the overwhelming support of constituents of all persuasions and his family. “During my tenure as a Member of Parliament, Attorney General and Minister of Education, Science & Technology, I learned the complexities of governance in our society, the challenges in addressing the concerns of working class Bahamians. Further, I gained a deep appreciation of the urgent need to reform our governance process, better incentivize Bahamian entrepreneurship and extend private public partnerships. Moreover, it became very apparent to me that true servant leadership and a paradigm shift are needed to ensure greater transparency and efficiency in government in order to achieve an improved quality of life for Bahamians and residents within our Commonwealth.”

Sears’ public and international service include serving as Chairman of the Caribbean Action Task Force in 2003, his deployment as a member of the Technical Experts Group for the African Union’s Diaspora Initiative between 2010 and 2012 and as a Commonwealth Observer to monitor the Parliamentary Elections in Trinidad & Tobago of September 2015, with other Commonwealth representatives.

In his capacity as Attorney General, Sears led the effort that resulted in The Bahamas being removed from the Monitoring List of the Financial Action Task Force in October 2005. As Education Minister, Sears increased the stock of classrooms by 385, doubled the number of pre-schools, commenced the construction of two state of the art schools, established the Bahamas Learning Channel, the National Arts and Craft After-School Enrichment Program, National After-School Program for Primary Schools and the National Commission on Special Education, initiated the move to university status for the College of The Bahamas and established the Education Loan Committee and the Education Loan Authority, amongst many other progressive initiatives.

Regarding the current state of the nation, Sears indicated, “The issues before us continue to be restoring our economy with specific focus on job creation, expanding entrepreneurial opportunities for Bahamians and ensuring economic diversification, instituting fiscal responsibility and prudence in governance, combatting crime within our borders and establishing a system of transparent and accountable governance among many other progressive reforms”.

This campaign will present a transformative vision for the Progressive Liberal Party and The Bahamas. The campaign will not make any personal and negative attacks on anyone. Within the coming weeks, Sears will release his platform entitled “A Vision for Our Revolution” to the Party, the general public and the media manifesting the conviction to recommit and adhere to the founding progressive and liberal principles of the Progressive Liberal Party. Sears stated, “I am confident that “A Vision for Our Revolution for The Bahamas” will shift the paradigm and position our country and people toward a sustainable development path”.

Sears is married to Marion. He is the father of three children, one son and two daughters, Adelaja, Ife and Nia.

For more information on Alfred M. Sears and on how to join Our Revolution, please visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter andInstagram @AlfredSears.

The Leader Of The Opposition’s Campaign

08/16/15 1 PM

sildenafil buy cialis times;”>The dogs of war have been unleashed and the Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis may be feeling the dogs nipping at his heels.  He is pressing ahead nonetheless to keep his job from an insurgent effort led by the forces of former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.  He held a meeting for the constituencies of Marathon and Nassau Village on 13th August.  The attendance was sparse.  The crowd did not look too happy including former Senator Heather Hunt who although she was the candidate from Marathon was reportedly not called upon to speak.


Hubert Minnis Leader Of The FNM Continues His Campaign

08/02/15 1 PM

buy viagra store times;”>Lincoln Bain, the putative FNM candidate for Pinewood posted this on his Facebook page on Friday 31st July: Dr Minnis gave an inspiring speech last night that was met with roaring applause and a unanimous standing ovation! The entire leadership team declared their support for Minnis. LBT declared her support for Dr Minnis and said that she is not going to challenge him for the leadership.

Even as the Hubert Ingraham forces in the FNM was predicting that Dr. Minnis would be gone y November, Fr. Minnis appeared at church with a crowd around him as the photos shows.  Seems like: “say what you like, do what you like, still gat them going his way.”  The photo was taken outside St, Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church on 26th July. 


The Opposition Leader Missteps On Bahamar

07/05/15 1 PM

generic cialis ambulance times;”>Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis has a real problem, cialis generic a terrible flaw in his political leadership.  He cannot make a decision unless he checks with a Committee of 20 people.  This is the laughable comment one has to make in response to the report in the press that after having accused the Prime Minister of lying and misleading the country on the question of what he knew about Bahamar; and being invited to see the files; the Leader of the Opposition could not agree to a meeting until he had checked with his Parliamentarians.  This is quite sad.  So you know that the answer here is don’t go to war with him , because he will have to check with the fellows first to find out if he can strike back while the Barbarians are at the gate.  Hopeless!


Branville McCartney: The DNA Leader And His Boys

05/17/15 2 PM

viagra buy cialis sale times;”>DNA Leader enjoying the Carnival.  That’s the man we remember, generic viagra drugstore fun loving, pharmacy having a good time and hanging out with the fellows.  Good sense of humour.  This was taken at the Carnival on the evening of Thursday 7th May and posted the next day.  He was obviously having a good time.  ZNS even interviewed him and he told them he was having a good time.  Next day though he was in the press saying that while he thought it was good party, the PLP had to do more than throw a good party .  Hmmm!  You just can’t win with some people.


Florida Memorial Calls On The Leader Of The Opposition

04/26/15 1 PM

generic cialis store times;”>Opposition Leader the Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis and members of his Parliamentary Team, Deputy Leader, Peter Turnquest, and Senator Carl Bethel, Shadow Minister of Education, welcomed Dr. Roslyn Clark-Artis, President of Florida Memorial University (FMU), executive administrators and a group of Bahamian student leaders enrolled at FMU during a courtesy call at his No. 20 Parliament Street Office on Thursday, April 23, 2015. In their discussions, Dr. Clark-Artis noted the longstanding relationship between FMU and The Bahamas and praised Bahamian students for their high academic performance and leadership skills. Dr. Clark-Artis explained that the visit will present the opportunity to promote FMU as a viable option for Bahamians to peruse higher education. Organized by The Bahamas Alumni Chapter of FMU, the visit includes a recruitment exercise to be held on April 24. Bahamians currently represent 6 percent of FMU’s international enrollment.



02/15/15 1 PM

cialis canada pharm times;”>nmartin

The Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis made an offer to the Head of the Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union Nicole Martin to join his team as a Senator.  She thought about it then turned him down and  made a point of it in the letter which was released below on 11th February.  She says that Dr. Minnis wanted a commitment to run in the next general election and she is not for that.  Interesting.  People always said that she was an FNM and now we have the evidence that this is what she is.  Secondly,  people don’t say that far out from a general election what they are not going to do unless they have doubts about what the outcome is going to be, i.e. if the FNM were a sure bet to win, Ms. Martin would not have declined the appointment.  Dr. Minnis then went looking for someone else and found Lonisha Rolle, a former policewoman, who has a hat business next to Pindling’s old man’s place in East Street and is now a lawyer.  She has a hard mouth too.  It almost got her in trouble when as the Freeport News described it on Saturday 14th February, first out the gate, she reacted to the push back from her appointment by Dr. Minnis from the old guard in the FNM by saying of the FNM Women’s Association that women are “emotional”.  That must have caused many a sexist man to smile and say “ I told you so” and women to cringe. Stupid thing for her to say but there she said it.  That’s the company that Dr. Minnis keeps. The letter turning down Dr. Minnis appears below:



Subject: Re: President Nicole Martin – FNM Senate Seat



I wish to thank my Brothers and Sisters for the support and concerns expressed in relation to the Senate Proposition.

This however is not the right set of circumstances for me at this time. I am not interested in offering myself in general elections in 2017 and I think that is what they are ultimately looking for.

I think the time is right for us to come together and create a labour mandate and cause there to be a more focused approach to the movement and workers throughout the country.


In Solitary
Nicole M. Martin


Bahamas Hotel Catering & Allied Workers Union

Nassau, Bahamas



11/23/14 1 PM

generic cialis viagra times;”>November 18, tadalafil viagra 2014

medicine times;”>For Immediate release




Senator Carl Bethel; Darron Cash, FNM National Chairman; Dr. Hubert A. Minnis; Hubert Chipman, MP, St. Anne’s and Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs, and , Richard Lightbourn, MP, Montagu, and Shadow Minister for the Attorney General.

The Free National Movement has taken note of the concerns expressed by Prime Minister Perry Christie concerning the backlash received or likely to be received from international agencies as a result of the government’s current immigration initiatives. The FNM thinks it is important to publicly state that on this initiative, it is standing shoulder to shoulder with Prime Minister Christie and his government.

Despite our policy and other political differences, we are one when it comes to protecting our sovereignty. The FNM believes that in the main, the actions being taken by the Administration are right and will redound to the benefit of The Bahamas in the long-term.


As we have publicly stated, the FNM is at all times deeply conscious of the need to execute public policy in the most appropriate way. We consider the preservation of human rights to be a paramount concern and in that regard, are committed to protecting and preserving the dignity of the individual at all times.

At this time the FNM also wants to recognize the men and women of the Immigration Department who are on the front lines of this initiative. They do their work under the most difficult, stressful and at times dangerous of circumstances. We thank them for the work that they do on our behalf every day. To date, while we have been apprised of some concerns, our inquiries have confirmed that our men and women have conducted themselves with the highest levels of professionalism and sensitivity. We encourage them to maintain their high standards.

Finally, I wish to advise the public that earlier today I spoke directly with Prime Minister Christie to reiterate the points addressed in this release. I advised the Prime Minister that I have directed the Shadow Minister of Immigration, Hubert Chipman, MP, to work closely with Minister of Immigration and Foreign Affairs, Fred Mitchell on this issue. I have asked the Prime Minister to likewise direct his Immigration Minister to work closely with the Opposition.



11/16/14 1 PM



(PM shown after speaking at the Leadership Conference in Grand Bahama on Monday 10th November following Rev. Myles Munroe’s death.


















The Prime Minister: 


discount cialis try Minister of Foreign Affairs” href=””>CONDOLENCES: Fred Mitchell MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs



CONDOLENCES: Leader of The Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis MP

CONDOLENCES: Leader of The Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis MP

11/16/14 1 PM


Myles Munroe with the Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis MP and Mrs. Minnis.

best viagra generic times;”>PRESS RELEASE from Opposition Leader, viagra usa capsule Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis.
Sunday November 9th, 2014

On behalf of my wife Patricia and the Free National Movement family, I wish to express my deepest sympathy to the Bahamas Faith Ministries family on the tragic loss of my friend Pastor Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth, Dr. Richard Pinder, his long time colleague, Co-founder of BFM and Assistant Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor Lavard Parks, Captain Stanley Thurston and other colleagues accompanying him. 

Tonight my heart is heavy and like millions around the world we are deeply saddened by this tragic loss of one of the worlds most noted spiritual leaders and teachers. This tragedy is both difficult to comprehend and accept but we know that Pastor Myles and his colleagues and family all enjoyed a deep and personal relationship with God and as such are resting in his arms.

Dr Myles Munroe is probably best known for his ground-breaking work on leadership and purposeful living. He was a world recognized teacher who traveled around the world Ministering to Christians and unbelievers. He gained a reputation as a leadership guru and was in high demand by governments and corporations internationally. He was an outstanding Ambassador on behalf of the Bahamas. Notwithstanding his international acclaim he was accessible to Bahamians and spoke at many local churches and events throughout the Bahamas. He periodically appeared on radio and television talk shows sharing his views on national issues from a Christian perspective.

In recent years he increasingly weighed in rather candidly on National issues seeking to exhort the nation and national leaders to speak and act in a way that was consistent with good governance and concern for the type of culture we were cultivating through our pronouncements, policies and laws. He was thoughtful and respectful in all his national debates and most importantly he was motivated by a deep sense of responsibility and love for Bahamians and nation building.
Pastor Myles Munroe rose from humble beginnings in Bain Town and rose to international acclaim and respect. Along the way he distinguished himself in every area he ventured into. He was a dedicated and effective Civil Servant before entering into full time Ministry. He was the visionary behind Al and the Visionaires a local gospel group that rose to national stardom. Their most notable hit was “Brand New World.” He and Pastor Richard Pinder founded BFM and immediately attracted a cross-section of Bahamians. This Ministry has produced national leaders in business, politics, civics and other areas of our national life.

The Bahamas has been blessed because of the tireless and selfless work of one of our greatest sons. He was an author of many books, a number of which are international best sellers. He often remarked that we should die empty having produced all that God has birthed in us. No doubt the world will mourn with us here in the Bahamas. We deeply love Pastor Myles and will miss him but shall continue his work to empower others and share the Kingdom principles that undergirded everything he said and did. In the upcoming weeks the Free National Movement will find a more permanent way to remember Dr Myles Munroe. Until then we wish to remind the public of one of his most powerful and timely quotes, “ The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.”


09/07/14 2 PM

3rd September


United States Embassy Nassau, viagra sales cialis sale The Bahamas .

U.S. Charge d’Affaires a.i. Lisa Johnson accompanied by the Embassy’s Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Neda Brown recently paid a courtesy call on Leader of the Opposition Free National Movement Dr. Hubert Minnis and other senior FNM officials to discuss issues of mutual interest. From left Ms. Johnson, generic cialis the Leader of the Opposition, Ms. Brown and Montagu MP Richard Lightbourn. (Photos courtesy of the Free National Movement).



08/31/14 1 PM

By Arthia Nixon, sildenafil site
The Ambassador Agencyfor Bahamas Consul General’s Office, Atlanta


Xernona Clayton with George Weech, <a href=

online former Member of Parliament for Bimini and the Berry Islands (left) and Consul General to Atlanta, Randy E. Rolle (right) during her birthday celebrations in The Bahamas” width=”501″ height=”305″ data-wp-pid=”8589″ /> Xernona Clayton with George Weech, former Member of Parliament for Bimini and the Berry Islands (left) and Consul General to Atlanta, Randy E. Rolle (right) during her birthday celebrations in The Bahamas

(Bimini, Bahamas) Xernona Clayton, founder of the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame celebrated her 84th birthday on the Bahamas island where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. penned a portion of his “I Have A Dream” speech. One of the more notable Atlanta-based female civil rights leader, Xernona Clayton Brady and her twin sister were born August 30, 1930 in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

The broadcasting executive who founded the Trumpet Awards was joined by over 70 friends and family members on the island of Bimini, which lies just sixty miles off the coast of Florida.

Among the guests was former Member of Parliament for Bimini and the Berry Islands, Hon. George Weech. Bishop Neil C. Ellis, who was the third Bahamian inducted onto the International Civil Rights Hall of Fame in Atlanta and his wife, Patrice also joined in the festivities, with the clergyman bringing remarks as a friend of the birthday lady. Bahamas Consul General to Atlanta, Randy E. Rolle, a native of Bimini was also on hand to bring remarks and gave visitors a true island experience, before inviting them to return for their special events.

“Xernona Clayton is truly a friend to The Commonwealth of The Bahamas,” Rolle said. “It is an absolute honor to be here to pay tribute to a woman who has been such a big part of our Consulate in Atlanta.  There are many from Atlanta who have chosen The Bahamas as the place to make their memories. This year we’ve been proud to have provided assistance to Think Like a Man producer Will Packer with his birthday bash and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and his wife with their engagement. So we are excited when The Bahamas is the setting for such momentous occasions.”