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You can hardly open a newspaper these days without seeing some statement or other from the Leader of the Opposition.  He has an opinion on this or that.  You know what they say about opinions, like a butt hole everyone has one. Michael Pintard is clearly fighting for his life and fighting to be relevant to the times. He has accused the government of all kinds of nefarious things, using the rubric of illegality or unlawful behaviour to couch his attacks.

The Government’s trip to Bermuda was unlawful he said.  He said that the Government’s award of contracts was unlawful.  He said that the Public Accounts Committee is going to examine all sorts of things including the trip to Bermuda and the award of unlawful contracts.

Our opinion though and yes we have one, is that Michael Pintard will not be Leader of the Opposition much longer. He has bigger fish to fry if he wishes to save his soul.  He has Dr. Hubert Minnis, the former Prime Minister, busy nipping at his heels, just waiting for one more FNM MP to cross over and he has got the majority to get the leadership of the Opposition in Parliament.

Of course, that would be a  fool’s errand on his part but he is a fool so what more do you expect?

Our job though is to make sure that the current Leader of the Opposition, whoever that is,  gets no farther than he is today.

So we agree with the Chairman of the PLP: no trip taken by the PLP government anywhere was unlawful or illegal. No contract issued by the PLP while in office has been illegal or unlawful.

There is a maxim: he who asserts must prove,  Michael Pintard cannot beyond his bald assertion prove anything. He has no proof just a big mouth.

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