08/27/17 8 AM

We Bahamian people in a fit of pique have elected the most cruel, hateful, vengeful, disgusting government in the history of our country. Not since the dreaded United Bahamian Party was elected to office on a crooked franchise in 1962 have we had such wicked people elected to office.  They are wicked in large ways and small.  They have no backbone and stand for nothing but money.

Who can forget the tales of the female Minister of the Government who got so offended because the people in the room did not stand when she entered.  She threw down her books on the table, stormed out, and told them that when she returned she wanted to see everyone standing.  Life is sweet when you are someone’s sweetheart.

Then there are the four former MPs who the FNM under Hubert Minnis and directed by the machinations of the man behind the shades have been arrested and slave shamed.  Marvin Dames is so dumb, he doesn’t even understand the term and so cannot accept that this is slave shaming. It is now easy to see why he did not become the Commissioner of Police under Hubert Ingraham.  Alas, he should learn that he cannot now be the Commissioner of Police through the back door.  He must let the Commissioner be the Commissioner and stop interfering in the ordinary work of the police force.

Last week, after the military junta in Thailand sat in waiting for a false verdict to be delivered against the civilian Prime Minister that they ousted from power, the former PM fled the country and headed to safe haven with her brother in Dubai.  We wish that the PLPs had a safe haven to which to flee as well.

There is no possible way that any of them can get a fair trial in this country.  It is impossible. The tragedy is that we are led by a group people whose only motives are hate and vengeance.  They have no idea how to govern this country.

This week, Moody’s said that the outlook for the country is negative.  The FNM instead crowed about the fact that the country was not downgraded.  Oh but it was. The outlook turned from stable to negative.

The PLP continues to believe in this country.  We must take back the reins of power as quickly as possible.  There are fifty-seven months to go before the return. Let us work before night comes.

As you know, the FNM, under Minnis will send his own ma to jail if she is a PLP.

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08/20/17 11 AM



At their 100-day mark in office after much electoral pomp, pageantry and fanfare, many Bahamians are finding it near impossible to identify one substantive policy or legislative success story by the Minnis administration that can be used to shape the vision and policy direction of The Bahamas; this is disgraceful after promising change, prosperity, good governance and repeatedly pronouncing the PLP government an abject failure.

The FNM did succeed in bringing four former PLP Parliamentarians before the courts on charges of bribery and extortion. The process remains clouded in secrecy as nobody knows who the virtual complainants were. Meanwhile, with all the evidence available to the government on more than $7 million that went missing from BPL, nobody has been brought before the courts and the low level rank and file accounting clerks who were fired claim to have no knowledge of the fraud scam. The government clearly is not serious about cleaning up corruption.

There are complaints of a political witch hunt, the politicization of the RBPF and the mass firings of public servants. After much talk of transparency, accountability, honesty and the people’s time, routine public administrative processes such as timely school repairs are proving excessively challenging for this government. They have disrespected Bahamians by awarding a huge contract to a foreign firm for tourism marketing and many of the contracts for school repairs were not competitive. Mal Jack shows up again with a handsome non-competitive $4 million contract. We all know Mal Jack very well. This FNM’s favourite contractor is notorious for cost overruns and not finishing projects. The government complex on Mangrove Cay, Garvin Tynes Primary and the Government High School are current monuments to this government’s repeated failures in contract administration and protecting the public purse and interests. He was banned from the government’s list of approved bidders by the Ministry of Works so why is he still around?

The DPM misled Parliament on the budget deficit – an impeachable offense. When this serious breach was brought to his attention by the shadow Minister for Finance, the PLP member for Exuma and Ragged Island, Mr. Turnquest in typical arrogant FNM fashion engaged in a public argument in a futile attempt to defend the indefensible; so much for accountability, honesty and transparency in government, the major campaign pledge made by Dr. Hubert Minnis.

In stark contrast, say what you will about the Christie led PLP government, but in their first 100 days in office, there were clear and finite policy measures taken and the direction of the country was clear. In the interest of fairness and perspective, let us examine some of those policies and their legislative agenda.

The Ministry of Grand Bahama was established, populated and given a $3.19 million operating budget. The Ministry of Financial Services and Investments was also immediately created and received an operating budget of $4.4 million

The $15 million mortgage relief program was in progress along with clear policy outlines for the promised gaming referendum, lowering the cost of electricity, immigration reform to better control our borders, key elements of Project Safe Bahamas, Operations Cease Fire and Urban Renewal 2.0 to buttress the country’s fight against crime.

Further, the doubling of the nation’s investment in education and training was articulated by Minister Fitzgerald to include the following: the expansion of preschool education; access to the best training and best practices for teachers; improved and expanded after school programs: early detection of special needs; a new high school equivalency diploma; upgrading school technology; career path academies; expanded technical and vocational training and new apprenticeship opportunities; transforming The College of the Bahamas into a university and worker retraining.

State Minister for Finance, the Hon. Michael Halkitis tabled legislation in the House of Assembly to amend the Bahamas Development Bank Act on the 8th of August 2012.

The Christie government also reduced the maximum level of stamp tax payable on real estate transactions from 12 percent to 10 percent. The PLP government also re-introduced a ceiling on the maximum level of real property taxes payable on a primary residential property and passed amendments to both the Stamp Tax and Real Property Tax Acts in the Lower and Upper Chambers of the House.


I could on and on about what the PLP administration accomplished in its first 100 days in office but objective readers get the general picture. The more I list the accomplishments of the PLP, the more embarrassingly amateurish Minnis and his FNM team looks.

Suffice it to say, the FNM game to office with a huge electoral mandate, high expectations but sadly no plans to govern this country and very little to show for their time in office. The objective and empirical evidence bear this out to the chagrin of many of their ardent supporters. FACTS ARE INDEED STUBBORN!




08/06/17 9 AM

The PLP has warned the FNM government of Hubert Minnis that he is now going down a very dangerous road.  He has ignored it.  He tried to belittle the words of the Leader of the Opposition when he warned him in a letter that the treatment meted out to the former PLP parliamentarians was inhumane.  When the Leader of the Opposition told him in a statement to the country that the PLP made mistakes, he asked the Leader of the Opposition to apologise.  In an earlier dismissive statement, he said he would not meet with the Leader of the Opposition.

This is all good.  This sets the precedent.  The problem with this man Mr. Minnis is that he obviously believes that this power he has will last forever.  It will not.  Like a ghost in the night it will gone.  Then what.  What he will leave behind is a precedent that the way to deal with your political opponents is to take the power of the state and use the police to get at them and then take them to court, even though you know that the charges are not worth the paper they are written on.

The police are now making themselves the enemies of every PLP in town.  They  not only are displaying gross bias and improper procedures in these cases, but in their personal conduct towards members of the PLP, they have become aggressive and rude. It is really quite sad that across the country, the professionalism of the police force has fallen to a new low.

It is clear that a double standard is at work. The list is endless of those in the FNM who have been engaged in one nefarious activity after the next.  They are as crooked as the day is long.  Yet Mr. Minnis has not looked into the conduct of one former FNM parliamentarian or officer to at least balance in the books in this naked partisan exercise in which he is engaged.

The opportunity will of course come for the PLP once again. The question will be what happens then.  The PLPs are very angry not only at this with Mr. Minnis but that former Prime Minister Perry Christie did not take the opportunity to go at the  former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham for the under sale by his government of the telephone company and for the many other charges made against his ministers for misconduct in public office. PLPs sit and sulk.

It was way back in June 1942 that we saw what happened when a government goes down a bloody minded road and will not listen to a minority in the country that say you are oppressing us.  It led to a crisis in the town for two days and the deaths of three people, and the damage to property was substantial.  Sir Randol Fawkes remembered the feelings of the day and said that in those days Burma Road declared war on the conchy joe.   Freddie Munnings later sang: Beware Abaco, Beware Bay Street coming down beware.  In 1968 Ronnie Butler sang: Going down Burma Road. Don’t lick nobody.

The word from the FNM partisans on the street is that this arrest of Shane Gibson was to force him to flip crown’s evidence to tell a story on the former Prime Minister Perry Christie.  That is who they want to frog march up the steps to the court.  If they mess with that, they are playing with fire. We believe the charges against Mr. Gibson are false. So any suggestion that the former Prime Minister is in their sights should be treated as idle propaganda.  But given how these things have gone in the last few days, the Minnis government will do anything.  Fair warning.

If these folks are not careful, they will lead us down Burma Road again. That would be very unfortunate. But we can’t say it would surprise us or that the government did not deserve what happens in that unfortunate event.

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07/30/17 2 AM

Picture of the Prime Minister Minnis and his Cabinet wasting time touring Atlantis which all of them had seen before (smt).  FNM cheerleader Ed Fields who works for Atlantis leads the way.

Hubert Minnis’ address on Thursday 27 July was a pathetic embarrassment for the country and for his party.  He had quite a build up for what was supposed to have been his first national address to the country following the victory at the polls on 10 May.  It fell flat.  It was filled with the same bromides about transparency and his commitment to anti-corruption.  The problem is that he was busy talking the economy of the country into the ground. What a shame.

The Bahamas is a rich country, not a poor country.  The only issues here are management issues.  Corruption is not a problem in The Bahamas save in the minds of these nasty people who inhabit the FNM and their political agenda to smelly up and nasty up the PLP.  It is a shame.

During the past week, the Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest went to Freeport and while speaking there he refused to rule out nationalization as a mechanism for solving the problem of the closed hotel plants in Freeport.  If that had been a PLP Minister of Finance making such a declaration you would hear screaming from the rafters about how the PLP was trying to take the property of the private sector.  But from the private sector of The Bahamas not a peep.   Everything this new wicked FNM government does is for them well done.

To quote and paraphrase the late Pearl Cox (grandmother of Sean McWeeney Q C), the FNM could steal the eye balls out of the people of the Bahamas and they would not say a thing.

The most concerning thing about this whole election is not the fact that the political class that we have now elected to office is simply dumb, inexperienced, adventurous and foolish, but the fact that the average citizen is hopelessly, woefully ill-informed and does not seem to care that they’re wholly, hopelessly ill informed.

Nowhere is that more demonstrated than the question of the further developed of the Bahamas Agricultural Marine Science Institute known by the acronym BAMSI.  This is part of the University of The Bahamas.  It is the agricultural and marine science school.  It is much, much more.  It is the feeder farm for the introduction of products and improving stock in the country.  It will be Perry Christie’s most lasting contribution to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  Yet Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister goes on television and trashes the investment in BAMSI claiming that the PLP spent 80 million dollars and saying in so many words that   the money was wasted by the PLP.  That is nonsense. It shows how dumb he is in fact.

The people of North Andros voted against their interest and now have a government that is not committed to BAMSI and they will suffer for it.  But of course, it is the people’s time so one supposes that will put bread on the table.

If these fools that got elected to office, were content to simply come in and govern that would be fine.  The problem with fools and ignoramuses is that they are full of themselves and are huffing nd puffing about how great they are all of the place and how white and clean as driven now they are.  But they are hopelessly lost. What a shame

Let us hope that these next 58 months go by in blinding speed.  Can’t end soon enough. Let’s hope that the PLP can contain the damage that they do.  Five years is 60 months.  Two months have gone.  All wasted time. Fifty eight to go.

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FNM Has Much To Answer For Baldwin Carey

07/23/17 2 PM

Former Prime Minister Perry Christie and his wife Bernadette are shown leaving the funeral service of well-known Doctor Baldwin Carey who died suddenly at home within days of being dismissed from his employ at the National Insurance Board.  He was even told that he could not come back on to the NIB premises to collect his belongings, we are advised.  Shame on the FNM for a man who gave such great service to our country.  You cannot even be decent in victory.  The service took place at the Christ Church Cathedral 21 July.


07/23/17 12 PM

Picture of how they treated slaves and how Ken Dorsett, former Minister, is now being treated as he was taken to court last week.

Many people around the country are predicting that Hubert Minnis and his FNM Government will not stop with their political witch hunt until and unless there is a riot in this town. They want push to come to shove. It is part of that old Bahamian adage: if you don’t hear you will feel. They have six ministers of the former PLP Government they want to arrest including the former Prime Minister.

Hubert Minis has always been a political coward. His answer to everything when threatened is to call the police. In this regard, he has plenty of folk willing to do his bidding at the governmental stage. He now has three cops in his Cabinet, any one of them practiced in the art of extracting confessions given their experience on the Force.

So it would not be a surprise then that a special unit has been established in the Force to extract confessions. They call it an anti-corruption unit but they know best how to pull your balls and force you to confess. It appears that the Commissioner of Police has been totally by-passed and this unit is answerable to politicians. The person who heads the unit has been well known to police officers to be a buddy of the now Minister of National Security.

It is easy to figure out the psychology of what is at stake here. It is called slave shaming. That is what happened to slaves when they don’t behave. The House Negros are paid by the slave masters to whip the field slaves into shape. The FNM are the Bahamian House Negros. Ken Dorsett was the first of what is expected to be many examples of slave shaming in this FNM administration.

What we need to do of course is to go back to visit Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It is the story of a slave who was so grateful even when he was being beaten to within an inch of is life to be with “Massa.”

That is what the FNM is. All that stuff which Hubert Minnis ran on last year about fighting the UBP was a game. He is now in bed with them, with Brent Symonette, the man who spent his whole life in segregated schools in The Bahamas, at his side. He who pays the piper plays the tune.

They hate the PLP. They hate the PLP because the PLP are the descendants the slaves. Slaves ought to know their places. If they don’t know their places then they are to be put in their places. That is why the PLP is hated.

We have not reached the end if history yet however and the slaves will revolt. That is what these folks are begging for, and it appears that having been warned they will to stop until something unfortunate happens.

This is sad but they never learn.

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Two Down 58 to Go For The FNM

07/23/17 11 AM

PLPs were urged to think about the Minnis Term of the FNM as follows.  There are five years in a normal term of office. That sixty months.  So far two have passed since the general election.  That means two months are gone and fifty-eight to go for Minnis.  Two down fifty-eight to go.


07/16/17 1 PM


With the tepid announcement last week that the police found no evidence of wrongdoing in what was widely described as a corrupt and an abuse of state power by the newly elected FNM government in the arrest and detention of over eight BAIC employees including its chairman, there are talks that the commissioner did not authorize the arrests – that the order of intimidation came from the political directorate.

This is odd because there was no Minister of National Security on the 11th May 2017 so who in the FNM was giving orders and who on the police force were accepting these orders? It is important and instructive to point out yet again that it is corrupt to use official agencies of the state to execute the political persecutorial activities of the political directorate of any government. Former National Security Minister the Hon. Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt preached the doctrine of neutrality on the police force. There are rumblings in the public domain that the current National Security Minister is interfering with the day to day operations of the police force. The public cannot afford to lose confidence in its principal law enforcement agency. Law Enforcement Officers are to resist any and all appearances of political interference and instructions contrary to the Police Act and force orders. The social stability of a nation is predicated to a great extent on a neutral law enforcement agency and a neutral judiciary.

Further, with much injury done to the reputation of those wrongly accused, arrested and detained, there is no apology forthcoming from the FNM government. The Prime Minister insisted he had nothing to do with the arrests and that he presides over an honest and transparent government. The National Security Minister was mute and the media was disinterested in investigating this unusual and irregular use of state power. The handling of the BAIC matter was political intimidation, pure and simple. That is not the manner in which reported theft by reason of employment is handled. There is no precedent for it.

And where is Dame Joan Sawyer, the clergy, the media, talk show hosts and political pundits who just literally days ago were all clamoring for Mr. Christie and the PLP to apologize to the nation for everything under the sun? Apparently, they all lost their collective voice so their call for the PLP to apologize was driven strictly by politics and not based on principle. Ah well. Do we have that many cats in The Bahamas?! Nobody standing up on a point of principle anymore?! Go figure.

Many of these same people are participating in some big-time conference on “GOOD GOVERNANCE” yet could not recognize good governance if it stared them in the face.

Is the FNM government arrogant? You bet they are very arrogant because in their minds, they are never wrong and when things go horribly wrong in the country under their watch, it is never their fault; just read the Finance Minister’s response to Moody’s downgrade notification.

The arrest and detention of the former Environment and Housing Minister Kenred Dorsett is a continuation of the FNM’s practice of political vilification and demonization. Senator Mitchell told a group of Liberal Caucus members last week that the FNM is exercising their brand of political power. The leader of the PLP characterized it as “victor’s justice.”

We have seen this story before with commissions of inquiry being held after the 1992 and 1997 general elections where great state resources were used to vilify the PLP and no evidence of wrongdoing was discovered.

The actions of the FNM government has absolutely nothing to do with justice or cleaning up corruption in government because the PM is a self-dealer; his Tourism Minister confessed to defrauding the Customs Department; Minnis claimed the LOI scandal was a game changer; his Culture Minister resigned from the senate after being caught in a murder for hire plot and the Florida State Supreme Court ruled that the FNM member for Golden Gates was guilty of impropriety in the handling of his client’s funds.

How does Prime Minister Minnis propose to reconcile his anti-corruption stand with the number of ethically challenged and compromised characters that comprise his cabinet and parliamentary caucus? I propose that he simply cannot so this exercise at great taxpayer expense is a farce designed only to achieve a decidedly narrow, selfish and partisan political objective.


Bahamas Scoop


07/16/17 1 AM

Now that Hubert Minnis and his Cabinet have their first PLP Political scalp, they must be all crowing at the rafters. They got one to parade in handcuffs. They did it in the middle of Dr Bernard Nottage’s funeral so all people were talking about was the fact that they PLP was corrupt and one of them was finally locked up in jail.

The mender of broken hearts Dr. Duane Sands went to the press and said stand by there is more to come. He was followed by Marvin Dames, the inept Minister of National Security, who said the police were only following the evidential tail. We wonder if that evidential trail does not lead to a place out east where their leaders used to pick up the cash in brown envelopes each week to run the campaign. Never mind, that’s the FNM and the same standard which applies to the PLP does not apply to the FNM.

The charges which the FNM has brought up against Ken Dorsett relate they say to $120,000 of payments which were allegedly received by from Jonathan Ash during the period 1 March to 10 May of this year. This was in the run-up to the general election. There are no laws in The Bahamas that govern campaign contributions. So that means that Mr Minnis if he wanted to could go to any contractor of the government and ask for a political donation to the FNM or more importantly be offered a political donation, and he can get it in a brown paper envelope in cash and then give it to the FNM or fund his own campaign.

Once the PLP gets back in power, they can then go to the contractor and threaten him with jail time and police harassment and he then starts saying well we gave it because if we didn’t we couldn’t get the contract. The PLP’s Attorney General now knows that charges can be brought against any FNM leader that does that.

What goes around, comes around say the Americans.

If that were to happen the FNM can no longer cry foul.

The question we ask in this small country is how these people in the FNM have become so morally bankrupt and ethically obtuse that in the face of what they say is an economic crisis, they are busy pulling up rocks looking for ants when what they need to do is to get this economy going again.

Instead, they have been firing people from the public service. They have been threatening the viability of Bahamar. They have refused to do anything to put some cash on the ground in Freeport. Now this witch hunt that is going on where the FNM is predicting that they will have six PLP former Ministers in handcuffs before the day is out.
Let’s give them fair warning. Know that whatever you do now, the PLP is not finished. All you will do is cause PLPs to get smarter and wiser and start the slave strategy which is to show you a good face but mess you up behind your back. It is reprehensible what the FNM is doing to this country at the moment.

One day the people who you are calling thieves will once again be the masters of this country. They or their children will be expected to show you no mercy. You have taught the PLP and their children how to go about destroying lives. These are lessons well learned.
Indeed Satan and his Cabinet are meeting and are busy plotting nd executing fouled deeds.

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Number of hits for the year 2017 up to Saturday 15 July 2017 up to midnight: 6,481,538.

Andrew Burrows to be Moved From His Post At ZNS By The FNM

07/02/17 8 AM

We have learned since the story on Diana Swann was uploaded that Director of the News Andrew Burrows will stripped of his post and made Director of Special Projects. Former News Director Beverly Curry will been given the job of Assistant General Manager for News. This follows a review of all contracts by the FNM and the dismissal of Diana Swann. 2 nd July


07/02/17 2 AM

The picture is that of three FNM Senators in the Senate. Here is what Ranard Henfield posted as being relevant to that picture on his Facebook page:
“That moment when you just heard the former Foreign Affairs Minister justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to eat quality food, live in quality accommodations and travel first class at the expense of a people that are unemployed, over-taxed, who are putting grocery back at the counter, whose electricity is off, who had to pull their kids from private school and the list goes on.

“I sit and wonder if they just don’t get it!

“We as a people are tired of politicians living like kings and queens at the public’s expense!”

We in the PLP wonder if these jackasses don’t get it. Our country has to engage in foreign affairs and trade. You don’t do that sitting your stupid assess here in Nassau. You have to travel in order to do so.

Mr. Henfield (the Senator) of course doesn’t get a lot of things. He thinks that people are fooled by the fact that he is appointed after consultation with the PLP’s leader that he is some neutral body. Everyone knows if he weren’t an FNM he wouldn’t be anywhere near the Senate. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. He came marching in black but all the time we knew he was red. So he sits in the Senate to help red propaganda.
We wonder if he gave the advice in his post to Darren Henfield, the Foreign Minister, as he jetted off to Washington D C in the first month of his coming to office. Did he give that advice when Darren Henfield jetted off to Cancun to mix with the Mexican babes there and oh yes to attend an OAS meeting with a staff of four? So will he tell that to the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis when he goes off to Grenada with his retinue of retainers including the Foreign Minister to the Heads of Government conference on 4th July.

We suppose Dr. Minnis will be staying in a bed and breakfast and Mr. Henfield will be sleeping on the beach in a tent and eating patties from the roadside. There is good place to get roast corn that can be recommended.

The standards under this FNM government have simply fallen to a level of stupidity which is unbelievable. The crudeness of their commentary and the lack of capacity to understand even the simplest point, has led to a general dumbing down of the country. Of course in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

This is what we face with these three and their leaders. They are in the Senate of The Bahamas. This is the drivel and anti-intellectualism they present as commentary and public policy.

Did Mr. Henfield say that to Dion Foulkes when Mr. Foulkes jetted off to Geneva with a full delegation from The Bahamas at the International Labour Organization’s conference?

Stupid is as stupid does. There is nothing kind that can be said for such as stupid and idle comment.
Give those three a dunce cap and tell them go sit in the corner.

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Number of hits for the month of June up to Friday 30 June 2017 up to midnight: 1,332,299;
Number of hits for the year 2017 up to Saturday 1 July 2017 up to midnight: 5,800,475.


06/25/17 11 AM

They left it to Carl Bethel, the Attorney General to do all the splaining. The Bahamar deal which they said they wanted unsealed was unsealed by the courts and it turns out that there was nothing there at all. In fact, the deal had already been announced to the public by the PLP way back in April of this year.

The Attorney General said in the Senate on Friday 23 June that well the FNM was only saying that the deal which the Government had struck with the Chinese Export Import Bank should have been in the public domain. No that’s not what they said but anyway let’s let that one go for now. Then he said that they wanted that deal unsealed and it has now been unsealed. And well yes they have to admit that there was nothing unusual in the deal at all. There were the usual terms which were in any Hotels Encouragement deal.

This was the kicker though the Attorney General said that there were some things which were left sealed, which were of a commercial nature which the Judge had ordered would remained sealed and the Government had no objection to that.

We understand. So that is precisely what the PLP had said. So you and the PLP now agree. The whole thing was a lie that you were campaigning upon. There were no secret deals in Bahamar.

We guess poor Sarkis Ismerlian now knows that he won’t be getting his hotel back despite the largesse which he lavished upon the FNM.

Ok so that’s that one.
Next we move on to how Irrington “Minky” Isaacs reacted to the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis calling his name in the House Of Assembly and giving people the impression that somehow Mr. Isaacs had done something wrong by getting a 1.2 million dollar contract from BEC, the power company, to help clean up the oil spills at Clifton and at Blue Hills.
Mr. Isaacs told the Nassau Guardian: “I was disgusted when I heard it. I wish he would come out side and say it in front of me, I would strike him right in his mouth”

The Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis disassociated the party from the threat and said he hoped Mr. Isaacs was not serious.

That’s is the right position to take but the actions of the Prime Minister in the face of the truth that there was proper bidding and he was awarded the contract and gave value for money is vexing. It is again the propensity of the FNM to spin lies and untruths and to think that they campaigned successfully on lies and untruths.
We stand with Mr Isaacs. The Prime Minister is to be condemned for making those irresponsible remarks.
Similarly, the Prime Minister ought to be condemned for putting at risk the man Jonathan Ash and his family for the allegation that he too got eight million dollars of contracts and did not give value for money.
Mr. Ash has a weekly payroll of 100 people with some 34,000 dollars to be paid every week. He will have to lay all of those people off at the end of June. He has committed to keeping them until then even though he has not been paid. The stop, review and cancel government has struck again.
Anyway, this is what the Bahamian people voted for. A government of “butus”. God help us.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 24 June 2017 up to midnight: 496,204;
Number of hits for the month of June up to Saturday 24 June 2017 up to midnight: 1,033,851;
Number of hits for the year 2017 up to Saturday 24 June 2017 up midnight: 5,470,733.


06/25/17 11 AM

Statement by Senator Fred Mitchell

Nassau, The Bahamas

Raising A Matter of Privilege

I have received a number of inquiries from my family and from the Leader of the Opposition about a campaign of full page ads that is being run in The Tribune by a nameless, faceless group calling itself Committee Against Mitchell or Bahamians Against Mitchell. These ads have been running continuously on the back pages of The Tribune as full pages for a number of weeks since the general election. They are defamatory.

I wish to say that our investigators have determined who the author of these ads is and they are satisfied that there is no such Committee but that this is another disguise which is used by a well-known attorney to attack his political opponents.

I will formally lay over a complaint of breach of privilege in due course pursuant to the rules of the Senate and in due time.

I am satisfied that the ads are designed to injure me in my office and in my character and ultimately to silence me in my office by the use of money which cannot be matched by my private or party resources and therefore disclose a prima facie breach of privilege. I will look to the Parliament of this country for its protection. The ads have certainly caused a great deal of consternation and distress to my family and to my political colleagues.

In due course also I plan to ask a series of Parliamentary questions about an organization called Save The Bays and whether it has complied with a request by the Registrar General issued on 19 April pursuant to the Companies (Non-Profit Organizations) Regulations 2014 to disclose pursuant to Regulation 12 documents including those that detail the organization’s purpose, objective, and activities. It also requests identification of persons who control or direct the activities of the organization and any financial records that show the source of the gross annual income of the organization, explain the transactions within and outside The Bahamas and that show that the funds of the organization have been used in a manner consistent with its objective and activities.

I raise that because the ads which have appeared from this faceless Bahamians Against Mitchell committee are designed and placed in a broadly similar manner to ads which have appeared in the same newspaper tied to a number of similar organizations that ran ads during the 2017 campaign, all tied to the lawyer who is connected to Save The Bays.

It is important in my view to determine where the money trail leads and who is behind this. Indeed if I am to receive recompense it is absolutely crucial to know where the sourcing of the money is and the identity of the individuals who are seeking to defame me and injure me in my public office.

As you are aware, it is already in the public domain an allegation that significant millions of dollars were sent through the account of Callenders and Co to Fund Save The Bays and the arguments that have ensued about whether their funding has been used in manner consistent with their stated objectives.

This side insists that this is a matter of continuing public interest.

I wish also to say that in the course of a statement made to the press on 14 June Fred Smith QC told The Tribune the following with regard to the withdrawal of some litigation brought by Save The Bays in our courts:

“Fitzgerald and Mitchell were pursuing a personal vendetta against save the Bays on behalf of Nygard

And they tried to use parliamentary privilege as members of the government to abuse Save The Bays.”

That statement is a falsehood. It is also defamatory and the appropriate action will be taken with regard to it.

Thank you



06/18/17 11 PM

On May 12, 2017, I wrote a letter, congratulating the incoming Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis and his colleagues on becoming the government. As is customary in a political appointment such as mine, I also used the occasion to tender my resignation, which takes effect July 31st. This, I believe gives sufficient time for a smooth and successful transition to occur.

I am forever grateful to the former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie for granting me this wonderful opportunity to serve in this capacity for the past four years. Then, I became the youngest politically appointed Consul General. His belief in me has been stronger than the doubts of others. This journey has not been an easy one for me, but certainly one of the most fulfilling experiences as I took the approach of country over politics. I was humbled by the privilege to serve my beloved Bahamaland in such a meaningful way.

During my tenure here in Atlanta, Georgia, much has been achieved for the betterment of my country as I did my best to create lasting relationships that would benefit the Bahamian people. I owe a great debt of gratitude to those who have worked in the Consulate Office alongside me. Through our efforts, I truly believe diplomatic relations have been strengthened as a result. My friend and mentor Mayor Kasim Reed said it best, “Relationships are the new currency.”

I take this opportunity to thank those who have worked along with my colleagues and I for their belief that it’s “Better in The Bahamas”. My hat goes off to Tim Wardell and the Popeyes brand, movie producers Will Packer, Steve Harvey and actor Kevin Hart for promoting the destination throughout Hollywood, Xyona Clayton and the Trumpet Awards for recognizing the contributions of outstanding Bahamians, Atlanta Technical and countless others.

To my students, whom I’ve had the privilege of being responsible for, I wish you the greatest success in life and it’s been a pleasure meeting all of you. I wish for you much love and success. I remember weathering the last hurricane with the Bahamian students attending Georgia Southern University and the Savannah College of Art and Design. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, it’s an experience that I will remember fondly. In addition to the students, I would also like to thank my fellow Bahamians throughout my jurisdiction for allowing me to serve on your behalf.

To my successor, remember the legacy the current Senate President Hon. Kay Forbes-Smith started here in Atlanta, followed by Julie Campbell. It is one that I did my best to build upon. Now, it is my hope that as you take up this position, you will continue to represent all Bahamians with pride and respect.

As I leave this post, it comes with mixed emotions, but mostly pride. I wish only the best for my country. Always remember if the leadership fails, we fail as a country. So I ask all Bahamians, whether at home or abroad to support your leaders as they push to ensure that The Bahamas remains the greatest little country on the earth.


06/18/17 8 AM

Clueless that’s how you would describe this new FNM Government.  From the time they came into power on 10 May, it’s been one clueless decision after another.  The zig zag of hubris and self-righteousness. They are led by a man Hubert Minnis who just as you see that picture abstracted from the Nassau Guardian does not have a clue what he is doing and where the country is going.  All he can do is scratch his head.

He can’t seem to get his Minister of Tourism to shut his mouth.  Always talking about one thing after the next and always getting it wrong.  We exposed Dionysio D’Aguilar and his sneering dislike for black people last week.  Here is man who cheated the customs people twice yet  true to form one of the FNM partisans last week posted in reply to the story that we must get on with life and stop running on with that,

Perhaps that writer ought to take a spoon of his own medicine. When these people start to govern and stop talking this economy down and spreading lies about what the PLP did or didn’t do in office then we will stop.  Until then a tax cheat is a tax cheat is a tax cheat—Minister of Tourism or not.

How about the hopeless, hapless Minister of National Security by the name Marvin Dames. Now he’s priceless. He claimed in The Tribune just two weeks ago that he would keep the National Intelligence Agency and build a legal framework in which it could operate.  That was probably before the fellows got to him.  Now he came back last week to say that he is going to scrap NIA after all, and the people who worked in it are being sent home because they did nothing.  That cannot be true.

The fact is they will have no choice but to bring and reconstitute the National Intelligence Agency no matter what they call it.  We are sure they will find another name for it but come back it will.  But just another example of the clueless nature of this FNM.

Then Carl Bethel, the Attorney General, allowed Fred Smith, the practitioner of quackery law, to announce for the government that it was abandoning the appeal of the parliamentary privilege ruling against Jerome Fitzgerald, the former Minister of Education.  They said it was going to cost too much money and that they found that it had no impact on Parliamentary Privilege.  Unfortunately, neither Mr. Bethel or his colleagues and certainly not the strange Fred Smith understood their case.  But they have abandoned the Parliament and now will have to pay the exorbitant costs to Fred Smith. But as the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis said, it’s pay back for having given all of Save The Bays money to the FNM in the general election.

Okay so who do we have left that seems to get it.  Edney Anderson owns Pineyard Steel in Grand Bahama.  He trains young men and women how to weld and they provide workers for industrial operations in Grand Bahama.  So at his company’s graduation ceremony last week, Peter Turnquest, the Deputy Prime Minister, was there.  He abandoned his prepared text and told his audience that they (the FNM) get it.  They need to start talking about getting some people to work in Grand Bahama.  Cash on the ground.

We hope he does in fact get it.

Stop talking this economy down. Stop complaining about the PLP and what they did and didn’t do. You are the government. How about governing now and stop the trash talking.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 17 June 2017 up to midnight: 279,671;
Number of hits for the month of June up to Saturday 17 June 2017 up midnight: 537,647;
Number of hits for the year 2017 up to Saturday 17 June 2017 up to midnight: 4,974,529.


05/28/17 12 AM

They have this Messianic zeal that they have come to office with.  They have won this historic victory (so they say).  They have vanquished the great PLP and relegated them to four seats.  O wow, what a great accomplishment. Yeah right.

With respect that is sugar honey ice tea.

The FNM’s campaign was built on lies and deceit.  The fundamental equation of deceit was this: all that is good in the world is FNM.  All that is bad in the world is PLP.  That cannot be.  It was a lie.

However, with a population that is fixated by rumours, juiced by the monies from Bacon, Smith and Ismerlian and their slaves. No wonder no one could know the truth.  One after the other, they were lining up to get money to vote from across the country.  The money bag was everywhere.  This election is perhaps the most corrupt in the history of the country.

The Government that we have today will be without doubt the most corrupt in its history. Just watch and see. We know the cast of characters.  They cannot help themselves.  It has started already.

What is pathetic is this pretend show they have where they will waste the public funds by having what they call a forensic audit.  Forensic audit for what. They probably have one of their hot shot accounting friends lined up now to go do a hatchet job on some poor sod who had nothing to do with anything.

This is the FNM’s way.  Stop! Review and Cancel

Here we go again.

When you listened to the Speech from the Throne, you could hardly believe this was the same FNM that was saying everything that the PLP did was wrong.  What no changes to VAT? What no scrapping National Health Insurance? What you are actually going to continue upgrading the Treasury and Customs.

What a joke it all was, except that it is serious.  We are in this purgatory because of the lies of the FNM and the duplicity of voters.

What a tragedy.

Number of hits for  the week ending Saturday 27 May 2017 up midnight: 207,689;
Number of hits for the month of May up to Saturday 27 May 2017 up midnight: 852,053;
Number of hits for the year 2017 up to Saturday 27 May 2017 up to midnight: 4,276,263.


02/19/17 8 AM

Jerome Fitzgerald’s soldiers on the ground.

FNM Rally in Long Island on 10 February

The House of Assembly on Wednesday 15 February met to debate the boundary changes that will take place for the election 2017. The election will be held sometime between the 1 May and the end of June.  It is time for the House to be adjourned and prorogued and people get on to the hustings and start campaigning in earnest for the general election.  The House of Assembly is now a complete waste of time.  No one is listening and all the PLP is doing is providing headlines for Andre Rollins to engage in his ego at the expense of the PLP.  What is the House still doing in session?  A major mistake was made by tabling the Communications Bill which is to authorise a new regime for the interception of phone calls and electronic data.  There is no need to deal with it now.  It has caused Fred Smith with his stupid self to rise up again and get a new life after his anti-Bahamian racist rant.  It has become a cause celebre for the like of stupid Eileen Carron and the saviour of the FNM Ellsworth Johnson and the also ran the mercurial Adrian Gibson.  It should be withdrawn.  It makes no sense.   But there the PLP is like lambs to the slaughter wasting time in the House of Assembly.  Enough of this.  Let’s get to the country, ignore these assholes and win the general election.  Those who don’t like the victory can suck salt.


02/05/17 11 AM


It’s a shame that after years of service with the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Marvin Dames is now trying to distance himself from some of the very anti-crime policies he designed and implemented. When the PLP entered government in 2012, we were faced with an underfunded police force, an underfunded education system, coupled with a court system burdened with a huge backlog of cases.

This was what Dames and his FNM party left us to clean up.

The PLP Government worked hard to make our communities safe and beat back the scourge of crime. We took an aggressive approach with massive investments in technology and a new fleet for RBDF, more boots on the ground, establishing an anti-gang unit, more courts in operation, the disposal of more cases, the doubling of the conviction rate and a massive reduction in the time to trial.

We need our young people to join us in changing the course of our beloved country for the better. That’s why we empowered young people to serve their communities through visionary programs such as Urban Renewal 2.0, the Citizens Security, and Justice Programs. Education is the most powerful tool we can give our youth and that’s why the Christie administration doubled the investment in scholarships and established the University of The Bahamas.

But big changes like these take time. The government remains painfully aware that more must be done to touch the lives of more of our people in socially challenged communities; one life lost is one life too many. In our fight against crime, we have always been on the side of the people. Mr. Dames got one thing right. Yes, we do think The Bahamas is “the greatest little country in the world.” We wish Mr. Dames, Dr. Minnis, and the rest of the FNM would start rooting for The Bahamas and not against it.
We are not done and have much more to do to fight crime. But with the foundation we’ve built, we will continue to empower our youth and make The Bahamas safer.

Many of the PLP’s progressive initiatives of detection and prevention from 2007 were crippled as Dame’s FNM dismantled every programme we had implemented to fight crime. Witness Protection – neglected; Urban Renewal – gutted; Swift Justice – scrapped; and the National Youth Restorative Program with YEAST and the Catholic Church – canceled. All of these were stopped, reviewed, and ultimately canceled out of pure political spite. We can’t afford to let the FNM do this again. We need to press forward on the fight against crime, together.


Controversy In Exuma And In Pinewood For The FNM

01/15/17 11 AM

The evidence is in.  The FNM Pinewood Association disagreed with the choice of Rev. Reuben Rahming as the candidate for Pinewood.  They resigned en masse.  Lincoln Bain, their choice, has now left the FNM and joined the DNA, causing another ruckus.  See that story below.  Then in Exuma, the Leader of the FNM, chose a neophyte politician Navarro Bowe to run against the PLP’s Chester Cooper.  That has caused a revolt in the Branch in Exuma and certainly the preferred candidate of the branch of former Minister Phenton Neymour is not too happy and is making the case on Facebook.  We publish the evidence without further comment.

FNM Propaganda

12/18/16 11 AM

Notwithstanding the fact that the FNM and the DNA and those are all in the midst of the greatest soap opera in this country since the BDP/ FNM split in 1977, their propaganda machines are busy.  Their trolls put a long piece on the web which started off with reliance on an inaccurate piece from US Embassy statements that there is endemic corruption in The Bahamas and the PLP.  The only corruption that has been proven in this country is an FNM Board Member who was paid 300,000 dollars and found guilty of accepting a bribe to accuse BEC to buy some bad machines for which we now suffer.  So don’t come with that.  Then they say something about Chinese coming secretly in the night on a plane to work at Bahamar.  Another lie.  Turns out the people were Bulgarian tourists of high net worth visiting The Bahamas and helping the economy.  The FNM and the DNA just won’t stop with their propaganda and lies.


12/04/16 1 PM

bradleyPress Statement
Bradley B Roberts

National Chair Progressive Liberal

3rd December 2016

PLP very disappointed in FNM spokesman on crime, Marvin Dames 

Clearly Marvin Dames has emerged as the opposition spokesperson on crime when one reviews the various statements he has made about crime. 


Mr. Dame’s leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis, is prancing up and down in the media complaining about how the government needs to produce a crime plan and lamenting about how the government is not serious about crime. On the eve of the 2017 general election, Dr. Minnis now has his “in house crime expert” to deliver the plan he keeps complaining about and the best Minnis’ ‘in house crime expert’ could muster is to repeat the anti-crime policies of the PLP government and the crime plan of his former colleague who beat him out for the top job at the Royal Bahamas Police Force. 


Instead of rolling up his sleeves and working with Commissioner Greenslade as the consummate goal oriented team player and public servant, Dames left the police force in a huff for more money in the private sector only to return to offer nothing to the national dialogue on crime. His appointment by Dr. Minnis is a best dubious and questionable.   

Perhaps former Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham did in fact make the correct choice in selecting Greenslade over Dames in light of the report received from Canada after their training. This decision was made notwithstanding political partisan pressure and support for Dames which could not overcome the veracity of the Canada assessment. 

We also remind all that this was one decision that Ingraham did not rush. 

My advice to Dames, Minnis and the FNM is to support the existing anti-crime initiatives in the public interest.  Urban Renewal 2.0, the Citizens Security and Justice Program, Sandy Bottom, Swift Justice Initiative, prison reform, the youth tracking system and saturation patrols are just some of the meaningful anti-crime strategies that Dames and the FNM can throw their full public support behind because these initiatives have proven beneficial in building a safer Bahamas. 

In closing I invite Mr. Dames to join me in a public show of bipartisanship and political maturity in calling for the re-establishment of the National Youth Restorative Program in partnership with Y.E.A.S.T. and the Roman Catholic Church. This too is yet another program that will prove to be beneficial in building a safer Bahamas.

Bowe Aint Got The FNM Exuma Nomination

11/20/16 10 AM

Bahamas New Ma Bey, the Facebook page which specializes in anti PLP propaganda ran a story from Navarro “Slugger” Bowe who is trying to get the FNM nomination for Exuma.  He hasn’t got it yet but they are putting lies from his press release on their site.  He claims no one showed up at the PLP rally to introduce Chester Cooper and tried to denigrate Mr. Cooper, the Prime Minister and the now MP Anthony Moss.  Don’t waste your time buddy.  First you need to get the nomination from the FNM.  From what we are told, you aint got the money or the smarts to get to first base.  That belongs to Eliot Lockhart.  So put that in your effen pipe and smoke it.

FNM And DNA Gets Votes By Buying

10/16/16 9 AM


The Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis issued a statement last week in which he praised the FNM candidates and MPs for their help in the hurricane relief effort.  This is the same Dr. Minnis who also attacked the Prime Minister for making political hay out of the hurricane.  The Prime Minister Perry Christie speaking in North Andros on a tour with the Prime Minister of Dominica said that he thought the statement by the Opposition Leader was idiotic, viagra generic particularly since the Leader of the Opposition had been involved in all the Government’s hurricane relief efforts.  But this is political season, cialis sale so no one is surprised.  Problem is one example of the relief that the FNM has been offering.  The FNM candidate in Fox Hill Shonel Ferguson was going around offering water to people and taking advantage of the fact that the power was off to bash the government for it.  Equally clueless and oblivious was the DNA Candidate Kendal Smith who came with a chain saw and started cutting down trees and then telling the people in Fox Hill that Fred Mitchell was not helping to cut down trees. That was a big fat lie.  To top off the cluelessness, he then held a big chill and grill at the Frank Edgecombe Street in Fox Hill.  So in the middle of human suffering, the DNA is having a party. And the FNM is seeking to buy votes for drinks of water.  Shame on them.


09/11/16 8 AM

Double, viagra sales double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble. 

  • Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Howard Johnson, viagra the FNM candidate for South Beach up until last week, who came to be known in politics in The Bahamas as Mr Bamboozle, after plagiarising the words of Malcom X in a speech in the last general election to say that the PLP had unfairly treated the people, is to step down from politics.   Ah my!  He joins Leonard Sands, the named candidate for Bain and Grants Town for the FNM,  Neko Grant, the  longest serving FNM MP, and Theo Neilly, the MP for North Eleuthera who have all  thrown in the towel.  Others expected to be asked to leave are Hubert Chipman MP for St Anne’s who will be asked to give his seat back to Brent Symonette, the rich son of the former Premier Sir Roland Symonette and Richard Lightbourn, who wants to tie the tubes of black women and said so from the FNM’s platform and now is to be dumped.  Andre Rollins, the wicked ingrate who left the PLP for the FNM, is now out as well having previously said that he will not seek an NM nomination under Hubert Minnis.

As soon as Mr. Bamboozle got his statement out. The Chairman of the FNM Sidney Collie gave his ritual statement about them respecting his decision and wishing him. Well.  Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Only it was minutes later that an FNM rumour mill started saying that the real story was quite something else.  A salacious set of accusations about involvement in some pretty sordid business that was about to come to light.  Mr. Bamboozle himself caused a stir by posting on his Facebook page what seemed to be an attack on the reporter for the Nassau Guardian who had reported that Mr. Johnson was leaving to take care of his son who was in high school in the US.  Mr. Bamboozle said in the post that this was an invasion of his privacy.  We see what his problem is, his life can’t stand the light of day.

Well as the former US President Harry Truman said: “can’t stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen”

Sir Lynden Pindling said: “Either you fish or cut bait.  If you can’t fish or cut bait, get the hell out the boat.”

So where are we with this FNM?  Dr. Hubert Minnis, hapless and hopeless, keeps slashing and burning away at the PLP regardless.  He steps in one pile of do do after the next.  He is accusing the PLP of misleading the public on Bahamar.  The reason he says that is because there was an ad which appeared in the press which seemed to say that the Committee to settle the claims is only going to deal with some of the contractors.  Except that he forgot to notice that the claims against CCA are to be settled by CCA with monies from the bank, and do not come before the Committee.

Our concern is that the voices of reason are being drowned out by this silly play that is ongoing in the FNM.  The FNM is really doing a disservice to this country because it is unable to give rational and reasonable arguments about what is happening and provide an alternative.  The FNM is giving the PLP a free ticket back into office.

We believe that the PLP deserves another term of office but it is critical that there be an analysis of what is happening with the government so that pressure can be put to make the government better.

The over centralization that has taken place for example in the Ministry of Finance that has led to a plethora of complaints about payment and delivery systems. Where is the FNM’s voice on that?  Instead they seem to be seeking to find scandal after scandal.  These scandals they find are invented.  The only real scandals are the one which seems to embroil the FNM.

The other set of low lifes are those in the press.  The Nassau Guardian has become so uncritically anti PLP that it is not worth the paper on which it is written.  You have to ask yourself why any PLP would want to talk to the Nassau Guardian.  It is simply ridiculous. The Tribune says where you put me in that respect.

So we are now right back to the Pindling era.  All pretence of even handedness and balance and an opposition that can give critical analysis is missing from our society.  There is just hatred of Perry Christie driving these people to distraction and to drink and in the consequence Mr. Christie and the PLP get a free pass.

Now we find that Marvin Dames, the former Assistant Commissioner of Police, is to run for office in Mt. Moriah. This is a path that former public servants Frank Watson (customs) and Errington Watkins (Police) have followed. Good luck to him but we suspect that something is waiting around the corner for him.  He will find that politics is not police work.

Then there is Dionysio D’Aguilar, who we reported last week will replace Richard Lighbourn of the tying of tubes fame as the FNM’s standard bearer in Montagu.  Mr. D’Aguilar is shown in the picture selling Tide detergent.  Maybe he needs to go wash his mouth out with Tide and water.   Mr. D’Aguilar is to be given a safe FNM seat so he can spew his Sarkis Ismerlian inspired form of bile in the House of Assembly to his heart’s content.

It’s gonna be fun.  But you know what to hell with them. PLP ALL THE WAY!

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 10 September 2016 up to midnight: 191,171;
Number of hits for the month of September up to Saturday 10 September 2016 up to midnight: 239,734;
Number of hits for the year 2016 up to Saturday 10 September 2016 up to midnight: 9,150,106.


08/28/16 12 AM

The United States is now an awful example of democracy. All the stuff they try to put on the world and yet it has come down to two people for their next President who it appears are disliked by large sectors of the population but they have no choice but to choose one. Clearly if one were to choose on an intellectual basis that would have to be Hilary Clinton. Quite frankly she is normal. The other fellow Donald Trump is not only a racist, buy viagra he is a fool. He is downright dangerous and should not get within a hair’s breadth of the presidency of the United States. Of course we have to suffer whatever happens over there but just like Bahamians were for Obama, best viagra they should be for Clinton. Trump courts disaster.
And so to the local scene, we court the same disaster when we have to choose between the veteran, his team and their experience against the cretin and the fiends arrayed on the other side. The choice is clear. The Progressive Liberal Party is still the best party to run this country. The only problem is at the moment, the opponents seem to be getting the better of the narrative and we don’t know why that is. The truth is always supposed to out but in this last week it certainly has not.

The government pays large sums of money for teams of opinion finders, and marketers. It has the Bahamas Information Services and the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas to get its message out and yet it appears that it isn’t making a difference. How in the name of God can the message that bereft and destitute former employees are going to get paid; people who lost the shop leases are going to get their leases back, and contractors are going to get paid; and the hotel is going to be completed; become a negative? Only The Bahamas and its nasty politics with a bunch of idiots just screaming bloody murder and anger and disputations and invective and plain lies.

Heading that effort is the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis. Not far behind him is Andre Rollins, the one man wrecking ball. Common sense is just not common. The Receivers went to the Supreme Court 22 August, asked for the agreed settlement as outlined to be accepted and that the documents to be sealed until the entire matter is finished. Then comes out of the Leader of the Opposition’s mouth an allegation that the government is involved in a secret deal.

It was a normal commercial order by a court in any similar circumstances.

Then the Leader of the Opposition in his press conference starts talking sugar honey ice tea (s.h.i.t.) about the government giving away citizenships to Chinese. Not legally possible. And even if the government were inclined to do so, it would have to come to Parliament. The assertion by Mr. Minnis is stupid on its face. It goes downhill from there.

Then laugh of all laughs for Dr. Minnis to talk about trust and people not trusting the Government. This is the fellow who got up and supported the referendum in Parliament, then did a volte face a few weeks later, encouraging people to vote their conscience. That is not the actions of someone you can trust.

In all our born days, we have never seen such stupidity and nonsense. So over in the US we have a man who is a racist and a jackass trying to get the first office in the land and here in The Bahamas we have someone who can’t get out of his own way from talking foolishness doing the same. What a stew.

Tell you what in The Bahamas, please vote PLP in the next election.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 27 August 2016 up to midnight: 204,938;
Number of hits for the month of August up to Saturday 27 August 2016 up to midnight: 801,920;
Number of hits for the year 2016 up to Saturday 27 August 2016 up to midnight: 8,694,455.

Government Responds To Misinformation Of The FNM On Bahamar

08/28/16 12 AM

Thursday 25 August


Three days ago, best viagra the Prime Minister made a Statement to The Nation, viagra usa regarding the successful outcome of the BahaMar negotiations.

In his Statement, the Prime Minister highlighted many of the details of that Agreement:

The FACT that construction at Baha Mar will be resumed as quickly as possible;

The FACT that the China EXIM Bank has committed to fund all remaining constructions costs to complete Baha Mar

The FACT that we are making every effort to ensure that the casino and casino hotel, the convention centre and its hotel, and the golf course, will open before the end of the 2016-2017 winter season;

The FACT that the thousands of former Bahamian employees of Baha Mar will receive the following outstanding amounts due to them: unpaid salaries, severance pay, accrued vacation pay, and notice payments due to termination;

The FACT that additionally, sums deducted from employees and former employees’ salaries and pension contributions will be repaid;

The FACT that funds will be made available to enable Bahamian creditors and contractors to receive a significant part, and possibly ALL of the value of their claims;

The FACT that Bahamians holding commercial leases and concessions, will be permitted to continue to hold them;

The FACT that many of the same people and companies who were previously contracted, will be re-engaged to complete the Project,

The FACT that the Government of The Bahamas and the Bahamian utility companies, such as BPL, will receive payment for some of their outstanding claims against the Baha Mar companies;

The FACT that the Government will extend appropriate concessions, to facilitate the construction and promote the successful future operation of the Baha Mar resort;

The FACT that the completed project will be sold to a qualified world-class casino and casino hotel and convention centre and hotel operator.

Baha Mar, the largest project ever of its kind in the Region, is a complex, commercial transaction that requires significant attention to detail. The Government, together with other stakeholders will continue to work to implement the obligations under the Agreement.

The government will not be distracted from its efforts and will continue to work for and on behalf of the Bahamian people.

There have been allegations that we have offered citizenships.
This is FALSE.

There have been allegations that we have given away or sold islands.
This is FALSE.

Nothing has been given by way of concessions that has not been offered before to previous investors.

As the Prime Minister said in his Statement, re-mobilisation of the project will begin immediately.

This has already started.

The Prime Minister also said, construction will begin next month.

Preparation is already underway.

It is important to note that the Baha Mar Group of Companies are the subject of liquidation proceedings, governed and supervised by The Supreme Court. The full details of the Agreement that enables re-mobilisation were revealed to The Court. The file in the matter has been sealed by Order of The Court. This is usual in matters of this kind so that sensitive negotiations may proceed and conclude in an orderly fashion, in the public interest.

Arrangements for the transfer and the pay out of creditor, including employee claims, are currently being finalised.

In the coming days, further announcements will be made as to how employees and creditors may submit their claims.


08/21/16 5 PM

Editor’s note: Imagine that Dr Hubert Minnis has the nerve to point to corruption by the PLP. There’s only one conviction in the last five years for corruption and that was an FNM deal through and through. The FNM Leader’s statement follows:

Remarks by FNM Party Leader
Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis, viagra sales MP
FNM August 19, generic viagra 1992 Memorial
Cousin McPhee Church
3:00 p.m., Sunday, August 21, 2016
Nassau, Bahamas

Mr. Peter Turnquest, Deputy Leader,
Parliamentary Colleagues,
Party Officers,
Meritorious Council Members,
Advisory Councillors,
FNMs all,

Good Afternoon.

Today we celebrate that historic day, 24 years ago, when the Free National Movement crushed the PLP on the field of battle and ushered in “Government in the Sunshine”. On that great day the chains of 25 years of unbroken tyranny, political victimization and One-Party rule in our Bahamas were shattered forever! The dream of freedom of our founder, Cecil Wallace-Whitfield, unrealized during his lifetime, came to full fruition as a result of the unyielding struggle of his ardent followers and political heirs.

To that great day this Party owes an eternal debt of gratitude to the historic mission, leadership and ability of Sir Cecil’s political successor, Hubert Alexander Ingraham: our “Delivery Boy”. His courage in adversity, zeal and love for our Country, and for his adopted political Party propelled his team of 42 candidates to an historic and pivotal election victory. It was a victory that we who were present witnessed as being consummated and blessed when, no sooner had the vanquished Leader and outgoing PLP Prime Minister Pindling said in a National Address that: “the voice of the people is the voice of God”, and then there was a loud crack of Thunder and the heavens opened, to wash and cleanse the earth of our Bahamaland!

Soon, very soon, our Bahamaland will be cleansed again.

Each year since that wonderful date we have taken time out to celebrate that great victory. We express gratitude to the Bahamian People for entrusting us in the highest political offices, and we thank our God for his wonderful Blessings. We thank God, not only for that day, but also for every day because of that day, that we have been able to serve the Bahamian People, and to improve the quality of their lives, as their governing Party.

FNMs I would be doing a disservice to you if I pretended that the past several years have been easy, and without some rancor and division. Much has been said and done internally and in the public arena which has caused harm to our Party and grief to many FNM supporters. This happened before, as we well know, in 1976.

But this time, this day, I can confidently say to you that “the Storm is Over!” We are All Together! Today as ONE UNITED PARTY we are all prepared now to put our collective shoulder to the wheel, and to strive as ONE for another great victory: MPs, Senators, Candidates, Party Officers, and all the rank and file of our base-support of more than 50,000 ardent FNMs!

We are READY to serve! READY to defeat the PLP! READY to bring economic growth and development to our Bahamas! READY to bring Tax relief, and fiscal prudence! READY to root out corruption brought on by the PLP. READY to light our Torch and keep it lit! We are READY to restore Trust and bring Deliverance, because fellow FNMs and fellow Bahamians, because you matter!

Today the PLP has run our country aground on that “wide and treacherous shoal” we sing about in the National Anthem. Our streets and communities are riddled with violent crime, mayhem, rape and murder! Our economy flounders in the third year of PLP-caused economic recession and stagnation! Our Sovereign credit rating faces yet another negative downgrade by the international ratings agencies; and many fear that the value of our Dollar will be negatively impacted! The PLP continues to tax the poor like a vicious task master, while borrowing and spending like a drunken sailor! And what have they got to show for it? Nothing that anyone can see, touch or feel! Bahamar cannot open, and Sandals is now closed! 600 Bahamians have been summarily cast out onto the streets of blighted hopes, to join the growing ranks of the unemployed. All due to the negligence and failure of the PLP to manage this economy, all its actors, and particularly the vital Tourism sector. Times are hard. Our People are suffering. There is no help, no hope in the PLP. Truly it is Time for a Change!

FNMs, your Party and its Leadership will bring the Change that our country so desperately needs! Your FNM has the experience, the ingenuity, the integrity and the ability to rescue our country, and its faltering economy. We can do it if we are truly ALL Together! We will do it because we are truly All Together! We must do it All Together!

I charge you FNMs to leave this place filled with the Faith of our Founding Fathers; fueled with love for our Party and our beloved Country; fired up with the zeal and determination shown by those great heroes of old, who took the blows, stayed the course, and who won that great victory on the 19th August, 1992! Let us leave this Sacred place and go back to our Constituencies with our Party united, our Torch ignited, our hearts delighted, the voters excited, and I assure you all that we will leave the PLP blighted!

FNMs, now is the time of challenge, and we must all do our part. Our country needs us. The poor need us. The unemployed need us. The day of struggle is upon us. Let us do our very best to save our country, by the Grace of the Almighty, and with the help and support of the Bahamian People. We can do it! We will win! Let us go forth and ‘make it happen’!

May God Bless you all, and God Bless the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


07/31/16 11 AM

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28 July

Sidney Collie, FNM Chair says this:

“Mr. Lightbourn’s comments tonight were personal and do not reflect the position of the FNM.  The FNM does not believe in restricting anyone’s rights including women’s reproductive rights.  The FNM has and will continue to fight for all Bahamians regardless of gender.”


07/31/16 9 AM


cialis sale times, serif;”>Juan McCartney is a journalist of sorts. He is really an FNM ideologue, undisguised, unrepentant soldier for the FNM, not one ounce of balance. So it was interesting to see his exposition following the sordid and chaotic FNM convention and the final speech to that convention by Dr. Hubert Minnis, the Leader of the FNM by acclamation. Mr. McCartney claimed that Dr. Minnis was a transformed man and had given the best speech of his political life and that he had turned the whole situation around.

Not likely. Dr. Minnis is wooden on his feet. His ham fisted attempt to dance like Perry Christie was a classic “me too”. His speeches were wooden and without substance. He was simply dead on his feet.

Here is where kudos must be given. He is now master of the FNM, whatever that FNM is. As the weeks and months unfold, we will see whether it really survives as a big tent alternative to the PLP. Right now it seems that the Members of Parliament, if Hubert Ingraham is to believed, will leave what is the FNM and start their own effort. Loretta Butler Turner MP crashed and burned with the hapless and chronic loser Dr. Duane Sands when at 2 am on last Friday morning, they both decided to throw in the towel and drop out of the race. She has been whining ever since.

The FNM simply seems a collection of racists, rabid anti Christie people and those with a grudge to bear for one reason or another. They seem an unhappy lot. They did not have a good convention. They did not get their theme across and they didn’t get to have the contest for Leader that they expected. It’s just poor dead Doc that they are stuck with.

They have the racist opinions of Richard Lightbourn who wants to tie the tubes of women. Oh boy!

Now onto or back to the PLP. The PLP watched with bemusement as the spectacle of charge and counter charge emerged from the FNM. This should put the PLP in a very positive light. Beneath all the glee and disquiet however, is the feeling that maybe the public doesn’t care about the FNM spectacle. Some argue that at the end of the day the public at large are tired of the PLP and will vote for these dumbos on the other side anyway. That is the danger.

That is always our warning.

Laugh if you must but work and work until the last ballot is counted for the PLP.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 30 July 2016 up to midnight: 204,579;
Number of hits for the month of July up to Saturday 30th July 2016 up to midnight: 937,589;
Number of hits for the year 2016 up to Saturday 30th July 2016 up to midnight: 7,767,978.

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