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Hubert Minnis washing clothes in South Andros

So The Tribune says that Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister and Leader of the FNM has advised the current leadership of the FNM not to contest the bye-election created by the vacancy resulting from the death of Obie Wilchombe.  The Council of the FNM reportedly met last week and determined that Ricardo Grant, the preacher who reared his head earlier this year as an FNM, be the nominee for West Grand Bahama and Bimini. So his advice is almost certainly not going to be followed. That advice seems really curious.  It seems to us that a national party should join every context and not let one go by.  The PLP was advised similarly with the contest for the Elizabeth seat when Malcolm Adderley resigned unexpectedly and created a vacancy.  The FNM was in power and seemed impregnable.  But the PLP won because this voice amongst others said there was no way we were going to give that seat away to the FNM without a fight. West Grand Bahama and Bimini is almost certainly a PLP seat when the bye-election is called.  But the FNM must contest. Otherwise, you know the Coalition of Idiots will have their man Lincoln Bain with his odious venom capturing the opposition’s support.  Meanwhile, Hubert Minnis, the former Prime Minister was in South Andros last week stirring the FNM pot.  He was busy washing clothes on a scrub board, trying to show he is

a common man,  Watch out Pintard.