Michael Missick In Turks And Caicos Is. Post Hurricane Irma

09/10/17 9 AM

The following was posted by the former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands on his Facebook page 8 September:

It is unacceptable that that the Premier and the government has not visited The Hardest hit Areas of the country 12 hours after the Storm has passed. There is no word from Grand Turk, South Caicos, North and Middle Caicos and Salt Cay. We don’t not know the fate of our Brothers and Sisters in those islands. The Government should have Charter a plane or a helicopter to do an areal survey of the islands. Btw. Where is he Police Plane?? Immediately after the passing of Hurricane Ike myself, Floyd Hall and other Minister was on the ground in Grand Turk and all the islands to access the damage and set up food and water distribution centre in the islands that was most effected. We began the clean-up and the recovery immediately. In Providenciales it is unacceptable and unsafe that 12 hours after the storm has pass there has been no attempt to remove not a single pole from the roads including dangerous poles still lying on leeward Highway. What are we waiting on to begin pumping the water of the road and removing the poles? A British warship that will only come here for a photo shoot. I call on the government let’s begin the clean-up and recovery tomorrow so we can save our beautiful country. Let us know tomorrow what is the situation in the other islands. We are a resilient people we will recover and bounce back. We have lost a day already. Let’s us not waste anymore time. #nowisthetime

Senator Michael Darville Sets The Record Straight On NHI

06/25/17 11 AM

Senator Michael Darville speaking in the Senate on Friday 23 June told the country that NHI was good thing and that the Government ought to implement the programme.  He spoke to a variety of subjects including the Ministry of Grand Bahama, health care and infrastructural development and urban renewal. On NHI he said: “Madam President, I must admit that I was disappointed that only forty million dollars ($40,000,000.00) was allocated in this year budget for National Health Insurance as compared to the one hundred and twenty plus million dollars ($120,000,000.00) proposed by our administration.

Madam President, with a mere fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000.00) allocated for primary healthcare, as well as catastrophic care, and ten million dollars   ($10,000,000.00) for the full implementation of NHIA, it is obvious that the program has been watered down. This is unfortunate, Madam President, and goes against the government’s election promises to adequately fund NHI, and implement a full catastrophic care program. It is evident, by these figures that their priorities have obviously shifted! ” You may click here for the full statement.


06/18/17 11 PM

18TH JUNE, 2017


During his budget debate, Health Minister Hon. Dr. Duane Sands indicated that the former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) administration awarded ninety million dollars ($90,000,000.00) worth of healthcare contracts, weeks before the general election; and made specific reference to the awarding of a five hundred thousand dollar monthly maintenance contract for the mini hospital in Abaco while the facility was closed, and a four hundred and twenty four thousand dollar ($424,000.00) monthly maintenance contract for the mini hospital in Exuma, by way of the Department of Public Health. These statements are absolutely untrue.

Firstly, I remind Dr. Sands that the general election is over, that the Honourable House of Assembly is not a rally stage, and all statements made therein, must be substantiated with facts. I also wish to bring to his attention that tender documents are neither signed contracts, nor proof of payment. Dr. Sands should immediately move, therefore, to lay on the table of the Honourable House, a copy of the said signed contracts to prove his claims, which is the ‘transparent’ and ‘accountable’ course of action; or he should apologize for misleading Parliament, and the Bahamian people. This is not a political game we are playing; and people’s reputations and livelihoods are at stake.

Additionally, over two hundred thousand (200,000) Bahamians are without health insurance, and too many Bahamians suffer significantly because of health challenges brought on by chronic non-communicable diseases. Yet, instead of building on a firm foundation of progress, the FNM, in its short sightedness, has watered down the National Health Insurance (NHI) program through significant funding cuts, while giving breaks to wealthy merchants through their tax policy.

The PLP rejects Dr. Sands’ comment that the government did not receive value for money; as empirical data from our global healthcare consultants and a land mark study verified that NHI would prove to have a positive impact on the country’s GDP in both the short and long term. Subsequently, we challenge Dr. Sands to provide his empirical data to support his opposing claim.

Furthermore, it is a matter of public record that many clinics, as well as the three (3) public hospitals have been in need of repairs for many years. Therefore, putting the right infrastructure in place was part of the government’s plan to stimulate the economy of the family islands, bring islanders back home, and attract direct foreign investments to the southern Bahamas. For those reasons, it was very imprudent of the Health Minister to place a dollar value on the health of residents in these islands, when he stated that fourteen million dollars ($14,000,000.00) was too much to spend on the upgrades and construction of the much-needed healthcare facilities in Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador.

In our term of office, the PLP made a commitment to, and we offer no apology for launching NHI, and carrying out this much-needed public healthcare initiative, which encompassed the upgrading of medical facilities throughout our country. Nonetheless, to effectively implement our transformative healthcare agenda, infrastructural improvements where necessary on every island, and contracts had to be issued in order to get the job done. To date, just over twenty two thousand (22,000) residents throughout the country have registered for NHI. The process was transparent, and we are proud of this achievement on behalf of the Bahamian people.

It is abundantly clear that the FNM came to office with a huge mandate, but no plan, which is regrettable, and a disservice to the Bahamian people. The FNM promised the Bahamian people catastrophic health care, but put a fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000.00) less than what the PLP was proposing for our selective catastrophic program, which was scheduled to be launched after the general election.

Finally, I advise Dr. Sands and the FNM to cease the political posturing, and get on with the business of governance. Get to work to put in place the much-needed catastrophic healthcare coverage that you promised the Bahamian people, to implement the NHIA, to complete the NHI IT platform, and to ensure that there is equity in the system, so that all Bahamians can benefit from an enhanced health care system. After all, it is “the people’s time!”

The Tribune’s Lies On Michael Halkitas

08/21/16 12 AM


Michael B. Halkitis, viagra sale MP

Minister of State for Finance

August 19, viagra sale 2016


I read the article in the 19 August 2016 under the headline:

Government knew of Wells LOI before signing.

In the article; selected portions of correspondence from various sources and addressed to different entities over a wide ranging time period are quoted and intermingled to create the impression of something untoward on my part.

The facts are as follows:

The Bahamas Ministry of Finance is the ministry responsible for relations with the Inter-American Development Bank.

The IDB engages in financing to the government and to private sector entities.

Routinely the Ministry of Finance is approached by private sector entities that are seeking funding through the IDB private sector window to facilitate meetings. As the Bahamas Governor to the IDB; my responsibilities include facilitating meetings of private sector entities seeking to present their business proposals to the IDB.

My letter to the representative of the IDB dated May 26, 2014 was simply to request a meeting between Stellar Energy and representatives of the IDB for that purpose. When read in its entirety and in isolation it is evident that this is the case.

Michael Halkitas At Work

08/07/16 11 AM

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Minister of State Michael Halkitas is shown with Bahamas Striping’s Atario Mitchell as they recondition one of the parks in Mr. Halkitas’ Golden Isles constituency on 4 August.

Service For Rev. Michael Symonette

08/07/16 10 AM

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Photo by Peter Ramsay

Rev. Michael Symonette, the General Superintendent Emeritus of the St John’s Particular Baptists in The Bahamas Michael Symonette was honoured in a special service of thanksgiving on Sunday 31st July at St John’s Baptist Church in meeting street. Peter Ramsay too this phot of Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson at the service.

The Story Of Michael Halkitas And The Chicken Coop

07/10/16 11 AM

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Last week we published a story about a chicken coop which MP and Minister of State for Finance Michael Halkitas, a Cat Island man, had built in his back yard.  It was back to the islandish kind of thing we said.  The story attracted some 400 views.  Lots of people came up to him on the streets to express their curiosity and how they could get one.  He is looking around for another chicken and gets 2 eggs a day from his hen. Someone said it probably cost him more than if he bought them from the supermarket. But think of it this way.  There is  a yearning in some Bahamians to reconnect with the soil and the heritage which they and their grandparents  and parents left only a generation ago.  The psychic value of it is what it’s all about plus you get real food to eat.  So we think it’s great and he is open to helping others get a  chicken coop.

Bradley’s Message To Michael Pintard FNM Chair

02/21/16 12 AM

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here times;”>14 February 2016 

Senator Pintard recently asked if the Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) was being misused to support BAMSI? In asking that question was Pintard being truthful in his intent to draw attention to the incumbent Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama whose company (Precision Tune Auto Care) was a recipient of a loan from the BDB while he served as a Cabinet Minister. 

Mr. Pintard’s close colleague and predecessor Darron Cash served as Chairman of the BDB when the loan was re-written.  We are obliged to ask Senator Pintard if his intent was to disclose that it was bad management and rank cronyism when the loan was granted to Grant (pardon the pun). Was it his intention to highlight the direct political interference in Grant loan? 

I strongly believe Mr. Pintard’s real intent is for the government to explain the basis on which the loan was granted to MP Neko Grant’s Company while Grant served as an executive in the FNM cabinet. 

Serial loser Senator Pintard has set his sights on seeking the nomination as the FNM’s candidate for Central Grand Bahama but the incumbent member, Mr. Grant. like South Abaco MP Edison Key, has publicly indicated his intention to seek re-election in Central Grand Bahama in the 2017 general elections.   



01/17/16 4 PM


viagra canada drugstore times;”>Statement issued by Bradley Roberts, viagra sale National Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party

Sunday January 17th 2016

Mr. Michael Pintard, the chairman of the FNM has again shown his predilection of resorting to gutter politics and personal attacks when his organization is challenged in public debate and political discourse.

Recently I referred to eight ratified FNM candidates as “hapless, perennial and visionless personalities.” My comments, which are as a result of an engaging national commentary on those eight persons was done in the strictest political vein and at no time did my comments stray outside of the boundaries the politics of Candidacy and of their being the first born FNM Candidates of Dr. Hubert Minnis, the FNM Leader; and what I thought was dramatically missing in his decision making process and leadership choices, given the myriad of complex challenges facing The Bahamas.

Remember it was Dr. Minnis who keeps pontificating about a new vision for a new Bahamas so I along with the rest of The Bahamas waited with bated breath his version of “the best and the brightest” to build this new Bahamas. Needless to say, The Bahamas was let down and sorely disappointed.

Then along comes Mr. Pintard, a self-appointed comedian extraordinaire and Serial Political Skit Writer who decides to use peculiar metaphors to attack me, one of which was – according to him – to refer to me as “a toothless dinosaur.” Well for Mr. Pintard’s information, I still have most of my teeth and therefore I have the ability to bite and to bite hard – in fact so hard that he, his hapless leader Minnis and many in the FNM leadership embarrassingly screamed in pain. Dr. Minnis was in the newspapers recently seeking validation from the honourable Prime Minister.

No leader worth his salt seeks validation for his decisions unless he is saddled with self doubt.

Under those circumstances that self doubting leader must stay as far away from the tiller of the ship of state as possible.

Mr. Pintard would have done well for himself had he just choose to remain quiet than to open his mouth and remind the Bahamas that he too is a hapless, perennial visionless political loser.

Here is an individual who has offered himself two times in the last fifteen years for elected office – once in Centreville where he was vanquished by Perry G. Christie and secondly in Cat Island Rum Cay and San Salvador where he was obliterated by Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis.

I should also remind the Bahamian people that on his second political foray, Mr. Pintard was given a blank cheque by the then FNM Government to use at his discretion to win a seat. Despite all of the advantages heaped at his feet, Pintard again came in second, or as they say – dead last.

The country is prepared to laugh at Pintard’s jokes and support his annual skit and comedy club business agenda but no one takes his seriously as a political thinker, organizer or a forward thinker.

I am reliably informed that Mr. Pintard is seeking the FNM nomination in the constituency of Central Grand Bahama, a seat the incumbent fully expects to contest in 2017. This unfortunate turn of events for Mr. Pintard will render him as the Boll Weevil of Bahamian Politics. He has gone from Nassau to Cat Island and is now about to “crash and burn” in Freeport under the banner of the torch (pardon the pun). Can you imagine that this man has had three boarding passes and cannot secure a seat?

Can you imagine the temerity of Mr. Pintard in comparing the economic mess and fiscal disaster the FNM left the country in when they were booted out of office in 2012 to the hard work and courage of the PLP Administration in reversing the fortunes of this country in forty-three short months? Sometimes I forget that Mr. Pintard is a comedian and a Skit Writer. He must know that the Bahamian people know truth from fiction.

As long as Mr. Pintard peddles this same old boring routine, the Bahamian people cannot help but whisper amongst themselves, as to when will the FNM cease and desist from trespassing in Hubert Ingraham’s political junk yard.


12/13/15 8 AM

best cialis patient times;”>Description: https://scontent-mia1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/12347919_1526895557629677_3243110814262720328_n.jpg?oh=c28aa3cdf357db07a93c8a834f85090c&oe=56DE94BB

The following statement was issued by Damien Gomez MP in response to a call from Chair of the FNM Michael Pintard for Mr. Gomez to join the FNM.  Mr. Pintard’s remarks came after a report in The Guardian on Monday 7th December that Mr. Gomez was unhappy about the implementation of National Health Insurance.


I note the headline story in the Nassau Guardian on the 8th December 2015 and my response is simple and clear: just as my cabinet and parliamentary colleague the Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald is no political prostitute, I am no political parasite or opportunist.

My political philosophy is aligned with the philosophy, tenets and values of the Progressive Liberal Party. The PLP government has worked long and hard to implement many of the transformational policies that collectively form the modern Bahamas.

In stark contrast to the FNM, the PLP government has never held the policy position of “NO, NOT NOW” OR “DELAY UNTIL…,” but has worked tirelessly to transform and modernize this country through the implementation of Independence, the National Insurance Board, the College of The Bahamas and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, while the FNM stood in the tall grasses, jeered, threw stones and obstructed. Unfortunately, that ill-advised and ignoble legacy continues today and drives the contemporary FNM political brand.

I support National Health Insurance as the right policy to protect and improve the overall health and quality of life for our people and so does the government. NHI with the individual mandate and public option will also reduce the cost of health care and health insurance across the board. On those scores, there is no disagreement on the policy whatsoever.

I also support more direct engagement and communication with the Bahamian people on what the government is doing on their behalf in this area and has voiced the same. This is easily corrected.

So for me it is not an issue of politics as it appears to be with the FNM. NHI is an issue of national development, undergirded by the principles of social justice and equality. The PLP is the only government with the conviction and political will to deliver universal healthcare to the Bahamian people.


Woman’s Accommodation; Michael Pintard Interferes

10/11/15 12 PM

cialis generic purchase times;”>mpintardFNM Chair Michael Pintard seemed to be set for hero status when there was a lady who claimed that she was put in a place by the government after being evacuated from the storm damage that she claimed was roach infested.  Michael Pintard, viagra sale remedy the FNM Chair, search came to the rescue and put the lady up in the Melia Hotel. Shortly afterward the time ran out and folk said they needed more money to put her up.  Interesting turn of events.   As the week ended, talk was Mr. Pintard was busy soliciting people who could  help pay for the extended stay.  Some also said that this is what happens when you try to play hero.

Mitchell Answers Michael Pintard On Loretta Butler Turner

08/23/15 1 PM



20 August 2015

image028 cialis cialis times;”>Michael Pintard, view the Chairman of the FNM, medical is sadly mistaken if he thinks he can take the last refuge of a scoundrel by trying to play the gender card to defend the work of the FNM’s Long Island MP. He claimed in the press today that my comments about the MP for Long Island’s performance show disrespect for women.   It is always interesting when as soon as the MP for Long Island gets into a problem with her poor attitude and indelicate language she runs and hides behind the fact that she is a woman. What a load of poppycock. 


Mr. Pintard should not insult the intelligence of the Bahamian people by this scandalous attack on my character.  What is going on with the MP for Long Island has nothing to do with gender.  It has everything to do with performance.  She has not performed for the people of Long island; not because she is a woman but because she lacks the skills of a good Member of Parliament


 It is strange that Mr. Pintard would go there but remained silent when that same MP for Long Island slapped a Member of Parliament, while at the same time claiming to be an advocate to stop gender based violence.


Michael Darville, the Minister of Grand Bahama’s Wife As A Religious

06/07/15 1 PM

viagra pilule times;”>She, nurse Susie Darville, is standing second from the left with her husband after becoming a minister of the outreach Universal Household of Faith, headed by Bishop Ricardo Grant on 5th June.  Here is what her husband the Government Minister wrote about it: Today my heart is filled as I proudly stand by the love of my life and the mother of my children, to do what she has done for me, for so many years and unselfishly; to support her in her spiritual endeavors, as she is commissioned to do the Lord’s work. I am so very proud of you my love, my rock, my life. 


Michael Misick Accuses The British Of Rigged Justice

05/17/15 1 PM

cialis look times;”>michael-misick-arrest-warrant-interpolFormer Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick challenged his trial by the British all the way up to the Privy Council.  His appeal as dismissed.  Here is what he had to say in response to it.

sales times;”>Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands  – ( Press Statement from Former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Michael Misick and other named defendants in the May 11th, 2015 Privy Council Appeal.)  We note that the British Privy Council has dismissed our appeal which was brought to ensure that there is judicial independence in the Turks and Caicos Islands as there is in mainland Britain. They have also dismissed our appeal to ensure that we are able to have a fair trial as is the case in Britain; that is, a jury trial. 
What these two decisions revealed is that the British judicial system is rigged against us from top down. The same system that is responsible for the appointment of judges in Turks and Caicos Islands is also responsible for the appointment of judges at the Privy Council. Clearly, today ranks were closed to protect the establishment. We are disappointed by the decision and we think that it continues to be a miscarriage of justice for a powerful state like the UK to continue to politically persecute a few local island politicians because they seek political independence from Britain. We seek the same autonomy over our country as the Conservatives seek for Britain from the European Union.

It remains our position that these corruption cases are nothing more than a political witch-hunt that was carefully designed and orchestrated by the British establishment to destroy and discredit local politicians and their families and associates, while allowing wealthy white developers and other individuals who were implicated in the Commission of Inquiry and/or were previously charged, to pay their way in order to avoid justice.

Even an independent fact-finding mission appointed by CARICOM was critical of the manner in which these investigations and trials have been conducted.

There is absolutely no way that any of the defendants can receive a fair trial when the system in Britain is working strongly against us. Many of the defendants in this case do not have Queen’s Counsel, simply because respected defence lawyers from the UK have withdrawn their services because they were not paid adequately or in a timely manner, and also because Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick and her Special Investigation and Prosecution Team significantly increased the number of pages of evidence given to the defence lawyers, but the system has refused to increase the payment for the said defence lawyers to match this increased work-load. It is now over 102,000 pages of evidence and over 500,000 pages of unused material which they have still yet to disclose when we are supposed to be only 6 months from trial.

While the SIPT lawyers and prosecutors such as Andrew Mitchell, QC, are paid millions of dollars in British pounds, the defence lawyers from the UK are paid in US dollars and then they are highly taxed in accordance with English law.

All of this strikes at the heart of equality of arms, which is supposed to be the bedrock of justice systems all around the world. How can we get a fair trial in these circumstances, when respected Queen’s Counsel is refusing to take on our cases?

But we will continue our fight for justice and our freedom and that of our country and reveal the blatant injustices for the world to see.

While we are disappointed with today’s decision, we are resolved to press on. To this end, we have filed a challenge to the new appointment of Judge Paul Harrison on the grounds that it is unlawful for him to be appointed retrospectively and for him to be appointed as a special tribunal.

We have also since Monday filed an appeal to our earlier challenge to Justice Harrison on the basis that he has reached the retirement age of 70 and as prescribed by the Turks and Caicos Islands Constitution it is therefore unconstitutional for him to be appointed at age 78 as a judge of the Turks and Caicos Supreme Court.

In addition to these two challenges, we have some months ago appealed the decision of Justice Harrison not to recuse himself as the trial judge in this matter because he is conflicted as the Chairman of the Jamaican Integrity Commission and he has publicly expressed views that mirror the facts in our case. Based on his public statements, it will be exceedingly difficult for Justice Harrison to judge us fairly and dispassionately, therefore, he should have done the honorable thing and removed himself from this case when we applied for him to do so.

We would like to thank our family, friends and well-wishers for their continued support and encouragement as we endure some of the toughest days of our lives in fighting for justice from one of the world’s strongest Empires, with diabolical dealings throughout centuries of its history.