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11/23/14 1:26 PM

commentweek_11_23_14(Dr. Hubert Minnis with defeated candidate for Leader of the FNM following the declaration of victory on his part on Friday 21st November)

Last week, people were betting that Hubert Minnis, the medical doctor, would emerge hands down the new leader of the Free National Movement, simply consolidating the fact of his leadership which has been in existence since 2012 and the FNM’s defeat.  He has been hapless and bungling in many ways but the delegates now have chosen him as the safe and best choice in the circumstances.  When the election was held on Friday 21st November, they chose him as Leader 298 to 106 over Loretta Butler Turner, the insurgent and his former Deputy Leader.   The team is completed by Peter Turnquest, the East Grand Bahama MP as Deputy and Senator Michael Pintard as Chairman.

Bradley Roberts, the Chairman of the PLP, said about the losers and in particularly Dr. Duane Sands who went down in flames in the fight for Deputy Leader, that he is now a serial loser and should hereafter be described as such.  Darren Cash who ought to have stayed on as Chairman is now out in the cold again with no formal position, having also been defeated for Deputy Leader of the party.

Dr. Minnis is now in complete control of the Free National Movement.  He has no opposition.

Hubert Ingraham, who has been the shadow over the whole party since the last election, stayed out of the race.  He told the reporters on the scene of the election that he was not coming back to lead the FNM. He said to the reporter: “No! No! No!”.  The week before though on 15th November, he had told the fellows that he was going to stay out of the election and go fishing on the day.  We guess the excitement was too much because he was right there present and accounted for.

One thing he did say though that should make some sense and that is the thought that Branville McCartney, the former Minister and now head of the third party Democratic National Alliance, has to be brought back into the FNM if they are to have any hope of winning.  The PLP won as a result of a plurality last time, clocking in with 47 per cent of the vote to the 45 for the FNM and 8 for the DNA.  If the DNA is still in the race the next time, it will again be a sure bet for the PLP.  That’s just the simple math.

Mr. McCartney is holding out for leadership of the FNM or nothing, all on his terms or nothing.  In the meantime, he continues his marketing presence .  Last week, he led a noisy, small demonstration outside the offices of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation calling for lower electricity prices.   This is a wedge issue that small parties are good at and at demonstrating but that will never be enough to put him over the top.  He has to start thinking about where he can position himself, the nearer we get to 2017.

Of course all of that is none of our business because we support the PLP.  However, it is always good to try and posit what the enemy is going to do.  For our own part, we have a major problem and that is the inability to get the public administration to deliver what it is supposed to deliver.  The most crucial is the ability to get the funding delivered to projects which the government has decided to do.  There is an awful lot of postulating in public and a lot of great pictures but on the ground there is too much grumbling over this.  We cannot go into a general election in this state, no matter how hapless Dr. Minnis and his cohorts are.

The PLP also has to fix the problem of its future leadership, which hangs as a great but silent cloud in the firmament.

And so  the winner is: Minnis by a mile.  We congratulate him but look forward of defeating him in the next general election.

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11/23/14 11:04 PM
Charisma Robinson and a ZNS news team along with a Nassau Guardian reporter went to report a story in Minnie Street at a Haitian Church earlier today.  Reports say that Haitian agent provocatuer Jetta Baptiste posted on her website that the Haitian American legislator Daphne Campbell was to be at a meeting there.  While they were waiting the crowd became hostile and started saying that ZNS was responsible for all the trouble they are facing in The Bahamas by putting the comment of the young Haitian on TV where he threatened the Bahamian people.  ZNS and the Guardian reporters withdrew.  This  is not acceptable in this country that  reporters are not able to do their jobs at a public function because of threats of harm by people who are guests in our country.  The police are investigating.


11/23/14 3:06 PM




21 November 2014


Yesterday it was reported in the press of Jamaica that during a visit to Jamaica, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Jose Miguel Inzulza made comments about the immigration policies of The Bahamas government. The report in indirect speech said that the Secretary General had referred to “round ups” in The Bahamas of Haitians.

Last evening, I instructed the Ambassador to the OAS Dr. Elliston Rahming to make an immediate call to the Secretary General for an urgent clarification of this report. I am to meet the Secretary General (SG) in Washington shortly.

I did not propose prior to now to make any public comment about the content of that proposed meeting because the concerns raised earlier by the SG had been raised in camera with our officials. I am advised that the Assistant Secretary General was briefed fully on the policies and by extension the organization. Therefore any suggestion of the round up of people should not have been expressed from that office.

The record will also show that I have repeatedly said: we do not round up people, you round up cattle.

On 1st November The Bahamas government put in place a simple administrative measure to stop fraudulent practices in applying for work permits and to ensure that all people who have the right to live and work in The Bahamas are fully documented.

Immigration checks have been ongoing since we took office in 2012. Nothing new in that direction has occurred. We have repatriated over 3000 people since the start of the year to their home countries. Another two repatriation flights will follow next week.  The Detention Centre is now at capacity.

This report is yet another example of the unfortunate and ill informed commentary about these simple measures.

I spoke to Fred Smith the attorney and human rights activist personally yesterday in public view and said to him that his comments where the policies were described as “ethnic cleansing” were entirely unhelpful and extreme - particularly since there is nothing on which to base any such an assertion. The words are inflammatory and can lead to incitement. He needs to withdraw those comments and the defamatory statements made about immigration officers that they are Gestapo like and involved in institutional terrorism.

The internationally inaccurate commentary often arises because of people in this country making wild and unfounded claims. There has not been a single report of abuse of any kind by any immigration officer reported to us since 1st November. Both the Free National Movement and the Democratic National Alliance have indicated that they have not heard of any either.

I will be speaking to all countries in our immediate neighborhood in a few days to ensure that these false assertions do not make their way uncritically into some human rights report and then becomes a way of describing what goes on in The Bahamas.

This is a completely open and transparent exercise. There has to be oversight by NGO’s and there is oversight by them and by the Department of Social Services. The Department has a formal role. The NGO’s have access to information and review upon request. Nothing is hidden. No particular group is the target of this exercise and people should stop spreading that falsehood. They should also stop using the term “round up” because no such exercises have taken place.

Some people have also spoken about the constitutional basis of the exercise of the authority of Immigration officers.

The power of arrest is contained in the. The constitution says that in the exercise of that discretion such an officer can do so only when there is a reasonable suspicion of an offence having been committed, in the process of being committed or about to be committed. The Immigration Department is aware of the constitutional standard and does not violate that standard.

I wish to thank the Department again for their work.



11/23/14 1:37 PM


Party leader and Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie told those gathered at the prayer breakfast not to forget from whence The Bahamas had come in twenty-eight short months. He said his government did not shy away from the challenges confronting the country but “boldly and confidently” addressed them while others ducked, double-talked, back tracked and jeered the government in the face of the difficult, tough but necessary decisions the PLP government made during its first twenty-eight months in office.


The Prime Minister listed fiscal reform, social reform, recreational reform, constitutional reform and financial services reform as some examples of the tough decisions his government has made and in support of his claim that the last legislative session was arguably “the most reform driven legislative session in an independent Bahamas.”


He assured those gathered of his commitment to implementing Natinal Health Insurance.


Commenting on the emotive topic of immigration, the Prime Minister stated that it was is not the policy of the government of The Bahamas to detain children, but reiterated that the immigration laws of The Bahamas must and will be enforced and all wards of the state will be treated humanely. He blasted those who were responsible for spreading misinformation about the policy’s implementation and about the government and people of The Bahamas, describing calls for a boycott of The Bahamas “foolishness.”


Read More.




11/23/14 1:26 PM

Nassau, Bahamas November 17, 2014: In keeping with the newly regulated gaming environment, Playtech Systems Limited trading as “Island Luck” is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Board of Directors.

Island Luck continues to lead the way in the evolution of the gaming industry in The Bahamas. On Thursday November 13th, 2014, Island Luck announced the appointment of its Board of Directors comprised of some of the country’s brightest minds in banking, law, business, marketing, human resources and accounting. The board consists of: Barry Malcolm (Chairman), Sebastian Bastian (President and CEO), Wesley Bastian (Secretary), and Directors Paul Major, Dirk Simmons, Theresa Moxey-Ingraham, Julian Francis, James Moxey, and Ed Rahming.

The many years of experience possessed by this cadre of Directors augers well for the future of Island Luck as it seeks to be a shining example of what a good corporate citizen should be by fully complying with gaming laws and regulations and delivering a superior array of products to its tens of thousands of loyal customers.

Established in May 2009, Island Luck has always been a great contributor to the Bahamian community. “We are very grateful to be a part of the journey that took the industry from the “back trunk” to the boardroom. We want to give many Bahamians that same opportunity and continue to assist with creating more opportunities for them” said CEO Bastian. Island Luck wants to be the springboard for the average Bahamian to gain a stake in the Bahamian economy, by offering shares and investments in new projects and initiatives in and outside of gaming.

Island Luck’s corporate vision is to continue to think outside of the box and develop new products and services while enhancing its customers’ experience. Island Luck is a part of a new era. It is revolutionizing an industry that for too long was seen in a negative light. “It is our mission to ensure that we bring about a change for the better in our country and continue to touch the lives of many Bahamians through charitable and community initiatives. We would like to see a positive change in the Bahamian economy and intend for Island Luck to be in the forefront of that change! ” CEO Bastian added.

Newly appointed Chairman Malcolm said that he is proud to lead such a stellar team and foresees major economic strides as a result of the huge turnover in the industry and that key among the Board’s objectives will be to fully comply with the new legislation that regulates the industry.



11/23/14 1:26 PM

Amnesty International is badly mistaken

18th November 2014

Bahamas Information Services

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken note of the comments attributed to Amnesty International in relation to the enforcement of the new Bahamas immigration policy.

Amnesty International is badly mistaken.

The immigration policy is humane in nature and generic in its application as no particular national grouping is being targeted. Further, it is not the policy of the Bahamas Government to violate the civil or human rights of any citizen or resident and there have not been any reported cases of abuse in connection with these routine checks and interdiction exercises.

Amnesty International is dead wrong on their account of events and risks its international reputation and credibility by pursuing this line of argument.




11/23/14 1:26 PM

17th November 2014


Nassau, Bahamas – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes note of a statement purportedly issued by Freeport Attorney Fred Smith about the Immigration policies of the Bahamas Government.


The statements by Mr. Smith are in grave error and are materially incorrect.


The Ministry is again concerned by certain actors in the population that appear to be intent on chasing headlines, seeking to create public hysteria and resorting to misinformation in order to do so. Their language is intemperate, inflammatory and the claims regarding the immigration policy are inaccurate.


There has been no breach of the law and no violation of anyone’s constitutional rights, sanctioned by the Bahamas Government in the enforcement of the country’s immigration laws.

That is not the policy of the government.



11/23/14 1:26 PM


FIRST MAJORITY RULE CABINET: With the death of Warren Levarity, the lone remaining member of the first Majority Rule Cabinet is Arthur “Midge” Hanna. Following the Progressive Liberal Party’s historic victory in the January 10, 1967 general election, the then Governor Sir Ralph Grey is pictured in forefront with Premier Lynden Pindling and other members of that first cabinet. From left to right: Cecil Wallace Whitfield, Milo Butler, Arthur Hanna, Clarence Bain, Jeffrey Thompson, Carlton Francis, Randol Fawkes, Warren Levarity, Curtis McMillan and Clement Maynard.


You may click here for the Prime Minister’s statement on the death of Warren Levarity delivered at his funeral on 20th November at Christ Church Cathedral.


The photo shows Fred Mitchell MP viewing the remains of the fallen former Minister.  The photo is by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services.



11/23/14 1:26 PM

November 18, 2014

For Immediate release




Senator Carl Bethel; Darron Cash, FNM National Chairman; Dr. Hubert A. Minnis; Hubert Chipman, MP, St. Anne’s and Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs, and , Richard Lightbourn, MP, Montagu, and Shadow Minister for the Attorney General.

The Free National Movement has taken note of the concerns expressed by Prime Minister Perry Christie concerning the backlash received or likely to be received from international agencies as a result of the government’s current immigration initiatives. The FNM thinks it is important to publicly state that on this initiative, it is standing shoulder to shoulder with Prime Minister Christie and his government.

Despite our policy and other political differences, we are one when it comes to protecting our sovereignty. The FNM believes that in the main, the actions being taken by the Administration are right and will redound to the benefit of The Bahamas in the long-term.


As we have publicly stated, the FNM is at all times deeply conscious of the need to execute public policy in the most appropriate way. We consider the preservation of human rights to be a paramount concern and in that regard, are committed to protecting and preserving the dignity of the individual at all times.

At this time the FNM also wants to recognize the men and women of the Immigration Department who are on the front lines of this initiative. They do their work under the most difficult, stressful and at times dangerous of circumstances. We thank them for the work that they do on our behalf every day. To date, while we have been apprised of some concerns, our inquiries have confirmed that our men and women have conducted themselves with the highest levels of professionalism and sensitivity. We encourage them to maintain their high standards.

Finally, I wish to advise the public that earlier today I spoke directly with Prime Minister Christie to reiterate the points addressed in this release. I advised the Prime Minister that I have directed the Shadow Minister of Immigration, Hubert Chipman, MP, to work closely with Minister of Immigration and Foreign Affairs, Fred Mitchell on this issue. I have asked the Prime Minister to likewise direct his Immigration Minister to work closely with the Opposition.




11/23/14 1:26 PM


The funerals for the victims of the plane crash that took the lives of Myles Munroe and his followers have been announced.  The demands, perhaps requests, is a better word are interesting.  The argument is made by his followers that he was such a significant presence and contributor to The Bahamas and its reputation that the state ought to give him a state funeral and that the national stadium ought to be provided for him to be memorialized. 


In the meantime, the national preoccupation with this accident goes on.  It appears that the accident did not happen at 5:10 p.m.  It appears that the plane hit the crane at 4:52 p.m. and there is said to be video of the accident that shows exactly what happened.  We are still awaiting the results of the flight recorders.  What puzzles people is why was an experienced pilot  at that place at 116 feet in the air, when it was clear that he was way off and far too low? He was two miles away from the airport and he was too close to the ground. 


People keep going over it, over and over.  Why? Why? Why? The collective knowledge that was lost in that plane in this accident reverberates around the country and probably will for years to come. It teaches us that no matter how high and mighty we get, that there are consequences in the lives of other people that we cannot foresee, and we must be particularly careful in life when others depend on us for their survival and well-being.  So much went up in smoke in that accident.


A word of caution to Myles Munroe’s followers. It is important that they get a grip on the realities of life.  This is not about the canonization or deification of Myles Munroe.  He was human being.  This should not be an excuse to blow hundreds of thousands of dollars, dollars that can be usefully used to continue his ministry and enrich the lives of his followers as opposed to building some concrete monument to get wet in the rain.  We should not be so self-absorbed that we cannot see the forest for the trees.


You can take a page from the books written by Christ’s followers.  You can imagine how they felt after the man they thought was going to rescue them from the Romans was crucified.  Their doubts didn’t last long.  They made sure that the story of the resurrection got told.  In other words, the best thing to do for Myles Munroe is to ensure that the work he stood for survives, rather than spending it on tombs and monuments.



You may click here for the funeral announcements:



11/23/14 1:26 PM

About to begin the 51st Meeting of the Presiding Officers of the Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean – Santiago, Chile, 17 to 19, 2014 – Sitting at The Bahamas Desk and standing with colleague ministers from Curacao and Guyana.





11/23/14 1:26 PM


Bahamas High Commission, London

High Commissioner Bethel signed the book of condolence for Mr. Warren James Levarity, C.M.G, former Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament, at Bahamas House on Wednesday 19 November 2014.

The book of condolence will remain open to the public on Thursday 20 November from 10am to 4pm.
























 Seated from left at a meeting held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, November 17, are Eselyn Jones, Vice President for Student Affairs at the College of The Bahamas; Chet Neymour, Deputy Chief of Missions and Alternate OAS Representative, The Bahamas Embassy in Washington DC; Juliete E. Mallet Phillip, Partnership Program Coordinator in the DHDEE of the OAS; and Nicole Duncan, Education Specialist in the DHDEE of the OAS. Standing from left are Monique Hinsey, Consultant in the Ministry of Education; Maurene French, Managing Director of the Lyford Cay Foundation; Timyka Davis, Director of Student Leadership and International Relations at the College of The Bahamas; Mikhail Bullard, Third Secretary at the Permanent Mission to the OAS in Washington DC; Nikki Bethell, Communications Director in the Ministry of Education; and Sharmine McKenzie of the Technical Assistance Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


NASSAU, Bahamas (BIS Nov. 18, 2014) — Representatives from the Human Development, Education and Employment Department (DHDEE) of the Organization of American States (OAS) met with Bahamian stakeholders to apprise them of increased education and training opportunities for Bahamians through the expanded scholarship programs offered by the OAS. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, November 17.

 Led by DHDEE coordinator for the partnership program, Juliete Mallet Phillip, the group also discussed ways to improve on the relatively low level of Bahamian participation in the myriad of scholarship opportunities provided by the OAS.  In attendance were representatives from the College of The Bahamas, the Ministry of Education, Bahamas Information Services, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Lyford Cay Foundation.   Of particular interest was the partnership program for higher education and training. Created in 2000, the OAS Consortium of Universities currently comprises over one-hundred higher education institutions and has significantly increased the number of scholarships recipients over the years. Over 3,000 scholarships were granted since 2010 and 1,800 alone in 2013, but notwithstanding this, the level of Bahamian participation remains relatively low. Mrs. Philip bemoaned the fact that even though the partnership with the University of Brussels made available some sixty scholarships in 2013, no Bahamians applied.  It was agreed that more public education was needed to raise the level of awareness among the student population and the public at large of these scholarship opportunities. Distinct advantages of the partnership program over traditional OAS scholarships are that these scholarships include language training; they cover about 90% of education expenses and the academic disciplines of medicine and law are included.   Under this partnership program and on an annual basis, China offers more than 100 scholarships; Belgium makes available 60; Macedonia awards 15; several hundred can be secured through Mexico and Brazil has approved some 500 scholarships for 2015, up from the 450 scholarships the cluster of 46 universities awarded in 2014. Applications are to be filed online at the OAS portal.  According to the OAS, the Department of Human Development, Education and Employment (DHDEE) through its OAS Scholarship and Training Programs continues to provide diverse scholarship opportunities for academic and professional development studies to citizens or permanent residents of OAS member countries to study in recognized educational institutions of the OAS member and observer states, with the goal of strengthening human and institutional capacity and thus, foster integral development throughout the Hemisphere.  All interested persons can access additional information at<> or contact the Student Affairs Department at the College of The Bahamas; the Communications Division at the Ministry of Education; the Technical Support Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Bahamas Information Services Department or the Lyford Cay Foundation. Bahamian students living and studying abroad can also contact the nearest Bahamas embassy or General Consular for additional information and assistance.  




ATLANTA REMEMBERS: Stefan Moss, Janice Parks, Lincoln Parks (brother of Lavard ‘Manifest’ Parks), Bahamas Consul General, Randy E. Rolle, Deputy Consul General, Monique Vanderpool and Arthia Nixon, publicist. (Photo: Melissa Bevans) .

By The Ambassador Agency
for Bahamas Consul General of Atlanta
photos: Melissa Bevans, Arthia Nixon and Lisa Hawk-Hall

(Atlanta, Georgia)… With a Bahamian flag flying at half-mast outside the Bahamas Consul General’s Atlanta residence, those who lost loved ones in the November 9, 2014 plane crashed gathered to pay their respects and pledge to carry on their legacy.
Bahamas Consul General to Atlanta Randy E. Rolle, shared his encounter with Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth Ann who called upon his office for assistance, as well as his memories of the Parks family. The internationally revered author, evangelist and leader had stopped in because they needed more spaces in their passports before they journeyed on to Africa.
“I had offered to have them come to the residence if they missed their flight,” said Rolle. “It was a brief moment but a poignant moment for me, to sit with Dr. Myles Munroe, and in that space of time, he encouraged me, especially in my position as the representative of The Bahamas in this area. I was honored because he was an influential leader and I looked forward to working with him. Since the tragedy, our office has received many calls, cards and flowers from so many here in Atlanta who felt a personal connection to him just by simply being exposed to his principles via television or books. It’s not just us Bahamians mourning but Atlanta, and the rest of the world is mourning with us.”
Rolle also shared memories of his moments with Radel Parks, who was to be collaborating with his office on multiple film and entertainment projects in the near future.
“Radel was highly recommended to me as a knowledgeable source in the entertainment industry,” said Rolle. “She was a student but I was so impressed with her portfolio, I invited her along with my team and Marion Bethel of ‘Womanish Ways’ to meet producer Roger Bobb who was known as Tyler Perry’s right hand man for years. We toured the studios and she kept expressing how much she wished her twin sister would have been able to experience it with her. She also gave some of her work to Roger and he invited her to let him know when she was ready to come to the studio. She made such an impression that Roger said he plans to honor her in some way when he shoots in The Bahamas.”
“At first Lavard was just trying to figure out why I was so interested in helping his wife by having her join me to various entertainment industry events including the Bronze Lens Awards,” recalled Rolle. “That said so much about the love they had for each other, but we spoke man to man and became so cordial afterwards that I told him if ever Radel returned to Atlanta to continue her studies, the three of them – their son included – were welcome to come and stay here at the residence so that would be a burdened lifted off them.”
Monique Vanderpool, Deputy Consul General to Atlanta spoke about how she and Mrs. Parks had an instant connection and how she was so humbled when she first met Dr. Munroe in Washington, D.C. during a function.
“I was amazed at how so many people loved, respected and looked up to him, a son of our Bahamian soil,” she recalled saying how in awe she was of Dr. Munroe. “As for Radel, I can say that she left an indelible mark on my life and those who had the opportunity to know her. Her name Radel means “great advisor” and I am sure she advised so many while here on earth, especially in her role as a youth minister.”
Mrs. Parks’ student advisor Chris Stevens from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) spoke about how he was impacted by her in just one meeting, while Tesia Moss paid tribute to her friends with a violin selection. Robert Pinder, Bahamas Cultural Affairs and Student Relations Officer sang a song in honor of those aboard the fatal flight. 
“America had its 9/11 and we in the Bahamas now have our 11/9,” said Melissa Bevans who led the moment of silence before calling off the names of those who perished, adding the name Baby Parks to the list, acknowledging the Parks’ unborn child due to arrive in April 2015.
Stefan Moss recalled working with Mr. Parks as an artist and reminded attendees of the impact Manifest had on Bahamian music. In his uplifting tribute, Moss described how he was influenced greatly by Pastor Richard Pinder, Dr. Myles Munroe, and new senior pastor Dr. Dave Burrows, noting that his family joined the church in the 1980s. In fact, he attended the anniversary service for Dr. Dave and Pastor Angie Burrows just a week before the tragedy.
“They all fulfilled their purpose on this earth,” Moss reminded everyone. “I can guarantee you, everyone on that plane was living in their purpose. So my charge to you is to discover your life’s purpose. Discover what gives you meaning and to pursue it.”
“This was just going to be two or three of us gathered who knew the Parks family,” explained Arthia Nixon who worked closely with the Parks family as a publicist and on Manifest’s music label since their late teens. “But this wasn’t just our loss and as soon as the suggestion came up, the Consul General immediately offered his home for an intimate gathering. It’s interesting because instead of planning their promotion for the workshop Radel planned with the Consulate Office and the book and album Lavard was working on, this week was spent planning their memorial.”
Overcome with emotion, Lincoln Parks allowed his wife Janice to speak on his behalf.
“We see how much they meant to all of you and we are so touched,” said Janice Parks. “We wish to thank you for everything, organizing this and coming together with us.” 
Before closing, Janice Parks presented a copy of her brother-in-law’s album to the Consul General as a token of appreciation on behalf of their family. The Consul General in turn presented the Parks family with a photo surrounded by written condolences of the Bahamians in Atlanta as a keepsake. The poster board, the couple said, would be taken with them to The Bahamas and be on display at the Parks’ funeral.
Immediately following the remembrance ceremony, attendees fellowshipped to the soundtrack of Manifest’s HISLife HISMic album. Consul General Rolle stated that he has intentions to attend the Parks family funeral, set for late November. 




Pictured from left to right at a Special Event of the UN’s Economic and Financial Committee at the UN Headquarters in New York on Friday, November 14, 2014 are: Ms. Renae McKay, Chairman, National Insurance Board of The Bahamas; Ms. Rowena Bethel, Director of the National Insurance Board of The Bahamas; H.E. Dr. Elliston Rahming, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of The Bahamas to the United Nations and the Organisation of American States (OAS); Mrs. Tishka Francis, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of The Bahamas to the United Nations.


NEW YORK — The Bahamas participated in a Special Event of the UN’s Economic and Financial Committee on the theme of Information Communications Technologies and E-Government in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) which was held at the UN Headquarters in New York on Friday, November 14, 2014.

The event sought to highlight some of the specific calls for action contained in the recently adopted outcome document of the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States, held in September in Apia, Samoa, which relate to the strengthening of information and communications technology (ICT) platforms for Small Island Developing States in order to advance sustainable development and reduce vulnerabilities and isolation; an issue of particular concern for archipelagic nations such as The Bahamas.

The event reaffirmed ICTs and E-Government as powerful tools and enablers which can contribute significantly to strengthening the building blocks of good governance, including transparency, accountability, participation, as well as effective and efficient use of public sector resources.

Ms. Rowena Bethel, Director and CEO of the National Insurance Board of The Bahamas and member of the United Nations Committee of Experts in Public Administration, was among the expert panelists speaking during the event. Ms. Bethel gave a comprehensive presentation on the specific challenges faced as well as successes achieved by The Bahamas in the context of ICT and E-Government.

Co-Chair of the Special Event was Mrs. Tishka Francis of the Permanent Mission of The Bahamas to the United Nations, who is serving as Vice-Chair of the United Nations’ Economic and Financial (Second) Committee for the 69th Session of the General Assembly.

The event was also attended by H.E. Dr. Elliston Rahming, Ambassador of The Bahamas to the United Nations and the Organisation of American States (OAS); Ms. Renae McKay, Chairman of the National Insurance Board of The Bahamas; and members of the Permanent Mission of The Bahamas to the United Nations.



11/23/14 1:26 PM

Bahamas Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Fred Mitchell is pictured with Ambassador Laura Thompson, Deputy Director of the International Organization on Migration (IOM) on the steps of the Foreign Ministry in Nassau, Bahamas on 17th November 2014.


21 NOVEMBER 2014


Foreign Affairs Minister meets with IOM representatives

Bahamas Information Services


Ambassador Laura Thompson, Deputy Director of the International Organization for Migration paid a Courtesy Call on the Honorable Frederick A. Mitchell. M.P, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, on Monday 17th November, 2014 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Goodman’s Bay Corporate Centre.


The Ambassador was accompanied by Ms. Aqueda Marin, Regional Technical Specialist of Counter-trafficking and the Minister was joined by Mrs. Cleola Hamilton, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration and the Senior Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration and the Dept. of Immigration.


The Courtesy Call provided an opportunity for both the Minister and Ambassador to have a frank conversation on irregular Migration in The Bahamas pursuant to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Bahamas and the International Organization for Migration in September during the 69th United Nations General Assembly on Climate Change.


Addressed during the Meeting by the Ambassador were:


  • The Support of the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas for the initiative titled “Regional Cooperation and Law Enforcement Integration to Combat Irregular migration and Smuggling between Haiti, The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands”. This initiative is aimed to support the Government of Haiti in addressing irregular migration, smuggling and trafficking originating or transiting from Haiti towards The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands.


  • Voluntary Repatriations and reintegration programmes in Haiti for migrants who are returned to Haiti to be integrated into society.


  • The need to establish a Regional Consultancy Process, to discuss best practices and the exchange of information on migration in the region.


The Minister in responding to the matters raised, stated that there were misconceptions in the media regarding the Immigration Policy of The Bahamas and a public education was required concerning this process.


The Minister acknowledged and expressed appreciation regarding the productive relationship with the IOM. He further emphasized the desire of The Bahamas to cause the strengthening of this association through further cooperation in areas of capacity building, prosecutions of persons involved in human trafficking and the promotion of a sub-regional program between The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and Haiti.



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In passing

Bahamians Defend Bill Cosby

11/23/14 1:26 PM

Well how does The Bahamas always happen to get up in these things.  Just as  Bill Cosby, the avuncular African American TV figure was making a comeback, old allegations now said to have from 16 women say that he used drugs to soften their resolve and when they woke up they had been sexed by him.  He refuses to comment.  His lawyers say all the allegations are old and discredited save for one they settled.   The Bahamas is in it because on Thursday 20th November Bill Cosby put on a show for a women’s group Links in The Bahamas at the Atlantis Theatre.  There was a stringer there for Associated Press and Fox News and they spoke to Minister of State Khaalis Rolle who defended the  show going on seven in the midst of controversy, saying that it was for a worthy cause.  Similarly, Alfred Sears, the former Attorney General, speaking to the same reporter said that a man is innocent until proven  guilty.



Peter Turnquest’s Father Geron Is Buried In Freeport

11/23/14 1:26 PM

He was the father of the now Deputy Leader of the Free National Movement Peter Turnquest.  He was he brother of the former Governor General Dame Ivy Dumont.

He was a lifelong educator and a former head of the Bahamas Vocational Technical College.  When he died in Freeport, he was far from Long Island from which he had come. He lived a full life and was lauded by the Prime Minister Perry Christie in the House of Assembly following his death.  Fred Mitchell MP was his MP and Mr. Mitchell attended the funeral at the Ascension Church in Freeport on Saturday 22nd November.


JFK Anniversary

11/23/14 1:26 PM

We suppose that for many of today’s young people Sunday 9th November  2014 was a day that they will always remember for as long as they live.  That was the day that Myles Munroe was killed in a plane crash.  For a earlier generation though 22nd November is day they have never forgotten and they remember where they were the day that John F Kennedy was killed by an assassins bullet in Dallas, Texas, United States of America in 1963.  We remember the day and the late President of the United States, the anniversary of his death passed yesterday.


Support From The Public

11/23/14 1:26 PM

Here is what Public Domain said the public believes after sampling 520 people about the new immigration policies.  The report was published on Monday 17th November. 

Do you approve of the policy?

85.4 per cent said yes

With 69.4 strongly approving and 16 per cent somewhat approving and 11.8 per cent disapproving



Do you think the new policy should be applied to both parents and children or just parents?

71 per cent said to both parents and children.


Do you think the government is doing the right thing despite the criticism in some quarters of it being too harsh?

63.2 per cent said yes, 27.9 per cent agree with the policy but wishes it were executed in another way.

 Does this new policy make you feel that the government is showing leadership?

59.5 per cent said yes

33.9 per cent said no

6.6 per cent didn’t know

 The writer is Candia Dames, not known to support the work of this government and she wrote: “National Review has no doubt that local support for the immigration policy will continue to hold strong.  We hope that it is sustained and intensified.  On the immigration issue the Government seems to be getting it right.”


Mitchell In Garden Hills

11/23/14 1:26 PM

Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell Speaks On Immigration At Garden Hills 18th November.  The Speaker of the House and MP for the area Kendal Major was the host of the meeting.



Children And Their Mothers In The Detention Centre

11/23/14 1:26 PM

The Prime Minister Perry Christie speaking during an interview in Miami has said that The Bahamas will examine whether or not a separate facility needs to be set aside to house illegal migrants and their children while being held pending repatriation.  He was speaking of Jacqueline Charles of the Miami Herald on Friday 21st November.


RBC Wealth Management Pulling Out Of The Bahamas

11/23/14 1:26 PM

Yet another Canadian bank is signaling its abandonment of the Caribbean region.  The Royal Bank of Canada says that it will be withdrawing from the wealth management business in The Bahamas and the Caribbean.  Three hundred jobs are to go Caricom wide with 32 in The Bahamas.  This will mean a significant drop in income for a number of middle class Bahamians.



The Haitian Community Denounces Jetta, Fred and Daphne

11/23/14 1:26 PM

Jetta Baptiste, says she represents the Haitians in The Bahamas but doesn’t live in The Bahamas and there are plenty people looking for he asking her where are their documents.



Daphne Campbell appears to have screw lose somewhere.  She is the Florida State representative who wants a boycott of The Bahamas.



Always over to the top.  Fred Smith claims that there is ethnic cleansing in The Bahamas. A bit of idoicy.






National Development Plan Is Launched

11/23/14 1:26 PM

Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie told students of The College of The Bahamas that they have an integral role to play in the further growth of the country, as he officially announced “The National Development Plan — Vision 2040.” The event took place on Monday, November 17, 2014 at the Harry C. Moore Library at COB, “which is the most appropriate place to launch this process,” the Prime Minster said.  Khaalis Rolle, the Minister of State for Investments, is tasked with bringing the plan into action. The photo is by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services.



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