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04/26/15 1:44 PM

Those PLPs who have not read it should read it.  We are not saying that you should believe it.  But we do say that you should read the Front Porch column in The Nassau Guardian on Thrusday 23rd April.  It is instructive of the FNM’s playbook.  The person who writes it, is believed to be a woman and a close associate of the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. This is the same column that savages the FNM’s Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis but let there be no mistake about it, her hatred of the PLP is even more.

The column lists a host of alleged peccadilloes by the PLP: one right after the next and attaches the word scandals to them all.  The  latest is that Rubis, the French oil company that used to be Texaco in The Bahamas has had a gas spill into the aquifer in the Marathon area.  There was a report done which outlined the scale of the problem  and what should be done to remediate it and to protect the health of the people in the environs.  Rubis and the government began the work immediately and it is on going.  There is no evidence that any harm has come to anyone.  There was a recently a town meeting.  

The FNM and their progenitors in the press are all exercised about the fact that the report was in the possession of the government for a year without being made public.  The public official speaking at the public meeting said that the reason why was because the Attorney General’s office had not given permission to release the report publicly.  So that has joined the list of the “scandals” so says the FNM and the press.

The FNM domnated press and the FNM ought to go get a fucking life. What a bunch of utter foolishness.  The problem is that  the narrative on this is too quickly adopted by the PLP. PLPs should not adpot this narrative but instead tell their own story. 

That PLP story is how the FNM had oil spill after oil spill and did nothing to stop it.  That story is the smarmy former Minister of Environemnt Earl Deveaux taking a  free ride on a helicopter by a rich investor in the Exuma Natonal Park and allowing the park to be dredged.  That story is the fact that the work was done to remediate the present problem and it continues.  Not adopting foolishness from the FNM.

The Front Porch article is precisely an example of the strategy of the FNM to kill the PLP by a thousand cuts.  Any little story becomes  a “scandal”. Then you have their media girls who spin out propaganda on their behalf in The Tribune and The Guardian all in the hope that the FNM and their gang of thieves will be back to rob and pillage The Bahamas like they did up to three years ago.

The only scandal this time is in their own minds and if of course PLPs are foolish to take on the propaganda of the FNM spinmeisters.

 Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 25th April 2015 up to midnight: 450,254;
Number of hits for the month of April up to Saturday 25th April 2015 up to midnight: 1,624,463;
Number of hits for the year 2015 up to Saturday 25th April 2015 up to midnight: 7,771,638.:



Bradley Slams FNM Double Standard On Rubis Oil Spill

04/26/15 7:12 PM
26th April 2015
The FNM failed to protect public interest on Rubis spill
Bradley B Roberts
National Chairman
Progressive Liberal Party
In the wake of the unfortunate environmental release at the Rubis Robinson Road service station, I express my empathy for the families adversely impacted by this spill and all must be done by all stakeholders involved to ensure that the families affected are dealt with in a just and fair manner. 
As the current government continues to work with the affected residents and Rubis to bring a fair and just resolution to this matter, the hapless and opportunistic carpet bagging and self interested FNM has crawled from under a rock and behind the tall grass to see how they can best use the pain and suffering of Bahamians to secure a selfish and narrow political advantage. This is reprehensible, heartless and callous. 
I am advised there is no file in the Ministry of The Environment as proof of the steps taken by the FNM government to protect the interest of the Bahamian people while in government and Minnis must speak to this if he is to appear to have a modicum of credibility as a leader. Having been exposed, Dr. Minnis must apologize to the Bahamian people for the negligence and inaction of the FNM government as far back as 1996 and during its last term in office when they had full knowledge of these environmental incidents at this very same Robinson Road site. The long term expose of residents in the Marathon area to this environmental contamination has adversely impacted their health and quality of life because 19 years is a long time to be exposed to such unhealthy conditions. This is reprehensible on the part of the FNM and a full and frank explanation is needed. I suspect that the shameless arrogance of Dr. Minnis will prevent him from acting responsibly.
I call for a public hearing on this matter with powers to send for people and papers as far back as 1996, at or around 2010 and again in 2012 to put the series of events in proper context so the Bahamian people can fully appreciate the timelines, the extent of the challenges at this site and for all to see exactly what the root causes were that brought us to this point.
I thank the government of The Bahamas, especially the BEST Commission and the Department of Environmental Health for their decisive actions, leadership and general superintendence over the past 24 months in protecting the health and wellbeing of the residents and workers in the general area of the incident and for taking all necessary steps to protect the health of the environment for future generations. The honourable member for Marathon must remain fully engaged with the people of Marathon and a fierce and vocal advocate for those families.
The government must remain focused and vigilant in executing its primary duty in governance which is protecting the public’s interests, keeping the concerns of the people of Marathon and the public front and center at all material times. Further, the government must reject out of hand all attempts by the FNM at mass distraction, political posturing and bluster where they will seek to use the pain and suffering of ordinary Bahamians for its sick, selfish and narrow political means. The Attorney General, Senator Allyson Maynard-Gibson is on record as rejecting any attempt to use this unfortunate incident as a political football; this is wise and the entire government must take this lead.


04/26/15 1:44 PM

Prime Minister Perry Christie is shown at the Cabinet Room with the children and their computers presented by Marcos Pizza in conjunction with the Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald and Environment Minister Ken Dorsett on Wednesday 22nd April.




04/26/15 1:44 PM

The old folk in the old days of the 62 year old National Regatta  used to call it “ the Regretter”, a derivative of the word “ regret ”.  Point being it was such a happy and partying time that hardly anyone saw the races and the next morning they all had hangovers and regrets.  The tradition continues with non-stop partying.  Oh yes there were races too.  The winners are: Tida Wave Class A; New Chase Class B; Witty K Class C
Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling did the honours.


Royal Bahamas Police Force Band perform at the final day of the National Regatta in Georgetown, Exuma on Saturday 26th April.


Platform guests as they bowed their heads in prayer at the end of the 62nd National Regatta at Georgetown. Exuma.  Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling is in the front in white and Prime Minister Perry Christie is blue at the back.   Other Ministers included Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe, Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell, Agriculture Minister Alfred Gray and MP for Exuma Anthony Moss.




04/26/15 1:44 PM

image005Alfred Gray, the Minister for Agriculture and the former Minister or Local Government is not going to get a fair shake out of this process which is now unfolding in the public domain in which he is accused of interfering with the Judiciary.  He is a victim of a kangaroo court, trial by the media and the subject of one tendentious leak after the next which is designed not for justice but simply to sully his reputation politically.  No good can come of this.  What is confounding is the subject of the original allegation by the FNM that a conversation which arises between local government administrators and Ministers of Local Government which is certainly routine and is supposed to be confidential should be transformed by FNM propaganda into something which it isn’t.  If the PLP gets hornswoggled into that argument then there is hope for every devil in the deep blue sea.  We have no idea what actually happened or what was said.  The point is how can this man whatever happens recover from this serious of pointed, selective, irresponsible attacks and biased story telling.  Last week on Thursday 23rd April, within days of the report being sent by the Commissioner of Police to the Attorney General for review, you have the affidavit of Mr. Gray leaked to the press.  It could only have come from a limited set of sources.  Yet no public official has answered and accounted to the public about how a confidential document of that nature leaks to the press.  This sullies the whole process.  It suggests that the whole thing was a put up job from the start.  The press, the public officials all have much to answer for in this process. 




04/26/15 1:44 PM


Prime Minister Perry Christie with his fellows Prime Ministers in Grenada on Monday 20th April discussing the future of West Indies Cricket with the West Indies Cricket Board and cricket greats Sir Viv Richards in the green shirt and Sir Garfield Sobers third from right.  The Prime Minister at the centre in the tie is flanked by Prime Minister Keith Gonsalves of St Vincent and the Grenadines in the short sleeves and in the long sleeves Prime Minister Keith Mitchell of Grenada, Lead Prime Minister on West Indies Cricket for Caricom.  The Secretary General of Caricom is second from right.

St. Anselm’s Immigration Caricom Cricket
( Read the full communication ) 

Video captured by C Allen Johnson

On Immigration Issues.
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Video captured by C Allen Johnson

On The Prime Minister At West Indies Cricket.
( Read the full communication )

Video captured by C Allen Johnson




04/26/15 1:43 PM


NEW YORK – His Excellency Dr. Elliston Rahming (right), Ambassador and Permanent Representative of The Bahamas to the United Nations and the Organisation of American States, paid a courtesy call on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, on the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Paraguay to the United Nations, H.E. Mr. Federico Alberto González Franco (left), as part of the Mission’s efforts to garner support among UN Member States for The Bahamas’ re-election to Category ‘C’ of the Council of the International Maritime Organisation, for which elections will take place in November of this year. Ambassador Rahming also met on Tuesday with the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Uruguay to the United Nations as part of these ongoing efforts.

image008WASHINGTON, D.C. – In his capacity as chairman of the CARICOM Caucus, His Excellency Dr. Eugene Newry, Bahamas Ambassador to the United States, along with His Excellency Paul Altidor, Haiti’s Ambassador to the United States, and ambassadors for other CARICOM-member countries hosted a reception on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, for members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) at the Embassy of Haiti, 2311 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Guests were welcomed by Ambassador Newry, who noted that members of the CBC have been the “best advocates” in Congress over the years for CARICOM countries.

“Over the years we have been able to forge a relationship that produced tangible results that have been beneficial to our region,” Dr. Newry said.

Ambassador Altidor also gave welcoming remarks, followed by brief remarks by legendary Congressman Charles Rangel, a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, who is now serving his 23rd term in Congress as the Representative for New York’s 13th District.

Congressman Rangel described the reception as “something that is so important to all of us.”

“Whatever problems we have, we have a culture that we share with each other,” he said, adding that during his recent meeting with CARICOM leaders in Jamaica, “our great President Barack Obama put forth some good ideas that we can work on.”

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who represents Florida’s 24th District that includes the southern parts of Broward County and the eastern parts of Miami-Dade County, also brought brief remarks.

She noted that she is very proud of the fact that she has Bahamian heritage.

NEW YORK – The Hon. Forrester J. Carroll, Bahamas Consul General to New York, attended an exhibition on Friday, April 24, 2015, at the Kazakhstan Mission to the United Nations. Entitled “ATOM PROJECT: Abolish Testing Our Mission,” the exhibition was hosted by Ambassador Kairat Abdrakhmanov, Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to the United Nations. It was organized by armless Kazakh painter Karipbek Kuyukov, Honorary Ambassador of the ATOM Project and Nuclear Tests survivor, and held in conjunction with “BIKE AWAY THE ATOMIC BOMB” to commemorate the final part of the “Washington DC – New York” bike ride event, devoted to raising awareness of the horrors and dangers of nuclear weapons testing, organized by “THE ATOM Project”, “Mayors for Peace” and “Bike for Peace.” Pictured from left are Mr Svein Arne Jerstad, Mayor of Kvinesdal, Norway; Consul General Carroll; Ms. Raushan Yesbulatova, Consul General of Kazakhstan to New York; Ambassador Abdrakhmanov; and Mr Thore Vestby, Vice President, Mayors for Peace.








04/26/15 1:43 PM

image010DPM Davis holds town meeting in EXUMA – American Ex-Pats Raise Money To Rebuild the Exuma Straw Market

GEORGE TOWN, Exuma – American Ex-Pats residing in the Elizabeth Harbour community garnered support from friends and family back home in the United States to raise thousands of dollars to rebuild the Exuma Straw Market that was burnt down to the ground on April 16.

A Town Meeting was held at the Kettel Centre of the Exuma Foundation, George Town, on Monday, April 20, attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works the Hon. Philip Davis, at which Exuma residents discussed last week’s straw market fire in George Town, and the next steps.

At the meeting Adam Stenftenagel of Boulder, Colorado, an Exuma resident, said so far, Exumian Ex-Pats have already raised about $20,000, which will go to building a facility similar to the Straw Market in New Providence, equipped with appropriate common amenities, particularly indoor public bathrooms.

He said: “I’ve been coming here for 15 years and I absolutely love it here! I was there when we saw the first flames coming out of the Straw Market right at the very beginning. We tried to do what we could to put it out with garden hoses from the two T’s (Two Turtles Hotel and Bar) and I came down with Dan, who is one of the managers at the Two T’s and worked hard to try to put it out, but that didn’t work.

“So anyway, it was a crazy night, and after we kind of watched everything get put out at the end of the night, I went back home and was like what do we do? What do we do? After talking to some friends back home, I was like ‘Oh, well why don’t I set up a donation page? It’s really easy to do and I put it together that night and we got our first donations early that morning. And within a day, we had $10,000 raised in less than 24 hours. It was pretty spectacular.”


Mr. Stenftenagel said they started spreading the word via email to all the local Ex-Pats and all the folks he knew in that way, as well as the Bahamians he knew on Facebook. He said they really started spreading the word, as best as they could, through the social media world.

“So today right now there’s $19, 600 in the account that has already been donated, and that just keeps going up. I’ll continue my efforts to do so,” said Mr. Stenftenagel.

“It’s really all over. We’ve have $20 donations and we’ve had $1,000 donations. It’s been a wide variety and there’s a lot of folks that just love the Straw Market that have donated. I really don’t know how many were actual Bahamians versus the Ex-Pats, visitors, and tourists, but I know there has been over 160 individual donors that have given close to $20,000.”

Mr. Stenftenagel said the donors left amazing comments on the donation page about how their individual visit to Exuma inspired them to want to contribute to rebuilding one of the main economic pillars of the George Town community.

“I’m working on cards to the website is, or just go

There’s a page on Facebook with links to the donation pages. You can see all the comments and we’re close to 500 likes on Facebook and there has been over 1,000 people that have seen the donation page now. It’s pretty cool for just a few days,” said Mr. Stenftenagel.



04/26/15 1:43 PM

20th APRIL 2015


A Signing of Visa Waiver Agreement for Official and Diplomatic Passports between the Governments of the Republic of Chile and The Commonwealth was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Headquarters.

Signing on behalf of The Bahamas Government was the Hon. Philip Davis, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Works and Urban Development and Acting Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs & Immigration, seated second left.

Signing on behalf of the Government of Chile was the Ambassador of Chile to The Bahamas His Excellency Eduardo Bonilla Menchaca, seated third from the left.(BIS Photo/ Raymond A. Bethel Sr.)





04/26/15 1:43 PM


The Christie government was decidedly magnanimous and measured in its response but effusive in its praise and thanks to Bahamians and the event organizers in the wake of the hugely successful Grand Bahama launch of the 2015 and inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival.

Speaking on behalf of the government was Tourism Minister Hon. Obie Wilchcombe who thanked the Bahamian people for their belief in themselves, their show of national unity and national pride. He characterized the whole event as a leap of faith.

“I join the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie and colleague ministers in expressing our profound thanks to the Bahamian people for their leap of faith and unshakable belief in themselves and their ability to execute a world class show and perform on a world stage before a global audience.

Bahamians and residents of Grand Bahama and elsewhere came out in great numbers over the weekend in support of the country’s inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival. The government is especially pleased and thankful that Bahamians enjoyed themselves, proudly displaying their national pride and sense of unity as Bahamians from all walks of life celebrated our unique culture together and this massive event took place without incident.”

“Special thanks” continued Mr. Wilchcombe, “go out to the Bahamas Junkanoo Festival Committee, Carnival’s premier sponsor BTC, all other sponsors, the Grand Bahama-based organizers, especially Ginger Moxey and Jimmy Smith for their leadership; the Royal Bahamas police Force and the many cultural artisans, musicians, songwriters and dancers who contributed to the success of what was arguably the single largest event to take place on the island of Grand Bahama.”

Acknowledging that the Cultural Community had lobbied for this kind of public private sector partnership for quite some time, the Tourism Minister stressed the importance of the inter-industry linkages and sweeping economic impact of this cultural event and pointed out that Bahamians are limited only by their imagination.

“The pervasive and far reaching economic impact of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival cannot be understated as companies in industries as diverse as tourism, communications, transportation and events promotions to costume design, printers, artisans and even food vendors are all being positively impacted. This festival has the capacity to catapult the culture industry into a year-round industry and is only limited by the imagination and entrepreneurial spirit of Bahamians and for those who dare to dream, dream big and think “outside of the box” for the sky is the limit.”

The Baker’s Bay Golf and Ocean Club, located on Great Guana Cay in the Abacos, is the third largest resort development in The Bahamas, behind Cable Beach’s Baha Mar and Paradise Island Atlantis Resort and the largest private employer in Abaco. More than $600 million has been invested in this project since phase one some ten years ago; the resort has created about 800 construction and operational jobs and it is estimated that nearly $1 billion has been pumped into the Bahamian economy as a result of this project. It has proven itself recession proof over the years and is a bona-fide success story.

It is against this backdrop that Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie and his ministerial delegation including DPM Philip Davis and Tourism Minister Hon. Obie Wilchcombe toured the luxury resort on Thursday of this week to see and hear of its impressive success, rapid expansion plans and its significant impact on the local economy. The Prime Minister spoke of Baker’s Bay future expansion plans.

“It will employ over 250 additional Bahamians in construction jobs. It will mount job fairs to attract Bahamian employees from throughout the country. Secondly, it will be permitted a limited number of essential specialized work permit holders who will also be able to sustain multi-disciplinary on-the-job technical skills training and apprenticeship programs designed to equip Bahamian employees and sub-contractors with high levels of proficiency.”

The 34.5 kilowatt power sub-station is being built by the developer to service the energy needs of the resort, the general public resident on Great Guana Cay and will “augment the power supply to at least two other cays in the Abacos” said Mr. Christie.

As for the private residential homes component of this mixed use luxury resort, there are about 40 luxury homes completed with 40 more coming on stream shortly. Speaking to this rapid expansion and its impact on the Abaco economy was President and Chairman of Discovery Land Mike Meldman who said “as you can see by the construction, we literally are growing faster than we can. We feel we can go from almost 800 to almost 1,200 to 1,500 employees and the amount of money that means to the local economy is staggering.”

Mr. Meldman also revealed that Baker’s Bay will spend several hundred million dollars over the next year and predicts that within a short period of time the resort will be a billion dollar operation.

Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie, in his capacity as Chair of CARICOM, was in St Georges, Grenada, on Monday 20th April to attend a special call meeting at the invitation of host Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, CARICOM’s sub-committee chair on Cricket. Mr. Christie was there to address the decline of the region’s national sport of Cricket and to craft the way forward; it is generally believed that West Indies Cricket is in crisis. He was accompanied by Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon. Fred Mitchell who chairs the Community Council.

Joining Prime Minister Christie were Ralph Gonsalves, the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines and Gaston Brown, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

In updating The Bahamas Parliament upon the Prime Minister’s return, Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell underscored the cultural significance of Cricket to the region:

“The issue facing the region is that the cultural life of the region and the history of the game are intimately tied up with the region’s reputation, image and sense of self. The West Indies team in its present incarnation continues to underperform and to lose in the international arena. This was a sport which the region dominated in the latter half of the twentieth century. It provides a sense of identity for young people throughout the region and provides a good living for scores of West Indian youngsters around the globe.”




Kelly Burrows Takes Issue With Algernon Allen

04/26/15 1:43 PM


Dear. Editor

I would strongly recommend that Algernon Allen, who is supposed to be a lettered man, watching his futile attempt yesterday. In trying to make wrong, right, to read, and digest, this morning’s Guardian Editorial, Forget about the perks, take off the blinders, and put the suffering Bahamian populace, that you and your sidekick claimed to care so much for.First, and stop the (Tommy Rot) Who hired the Auditor General???

Kelly D. Burrows.

P.O.Box F. 42977

Telephone. 373 7126







04/26/15 6:49 PM
mitchell_responseFor Immediate release
26 April 2015
The following statement was circulated by e mail to all PLPs by Fred Mitchell MP in response to a statement issued today by the Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minis saying that he has heard that the government does to support the Prime Minster:
For the record: I saw with my own eyes Hubert Ingraham in Exuma, with the Opposition spokesman for Foreign Affairs on the weekend.  Dr. Minnis was not there.  I can surmise therefore in the absence of  anything to the contrary that the FNM is in meltdown.  Dr. Minnis was not invited to the party.  The rumours are rife that the former Prime Minister plans to supplant him and take over the FNM again.  The Deputy Leader Loretta Butler Turner is said to be after his job.  Perhaps this is what has Dr. Minnis speaking the foolishness which he now trots as commentary on public policy.  It is plainly on its face stupid.  The government supports the Prime Minister 2000 per cent. There is not one shred of evidence anywhere to support his assertion.  Dr. Minnis is in cloud cuckoo land as usual. He ought to look after the disquiet in his own ranks. The press ought to be more responsible than parrot idle propaganda and lies as truth.   Fred Mitchell MP

Letters to the editor

Writer Tells Carl Bethel He Is Wrong On The Criminal Justice System

04/26/15 1:43 PM

Dear Editor,

I as a citizen in the midst of this debate on crime I am very concerned as to what actions my government is taking on these issues. On Thursday [April 23rd, 2015] I was shocked to hear the Opposition Leader in the Senate the Hon. Carl Bethel making the point that the Attorney General should be cautious in sharing the data on how the courts are moving and how successfully today time for trials is being managed.

Firstly, I applaud the Attorney General Hon. Allyson Maynard-Gibson and her team on the stellar leadership the AG Office is providing the country. And I am happy to see that under her leadership the courts are up and running and are delivering results for the victims and families named as suspects.

Secondly, I want to add that it is our business as a nation to know what is happening in the courts and how smoothly the system is functioning. What is so incredible with the comments of Mr. Bethel is the fact that he and his side almost daily are counting incidents of crime and have advanced the argument as to whether Bahamians feel that justice is indeed working. In response we get data on the forward movement of justice in the country and the many upgrades that continue to evolve, and yet, here comes the opposition telling the Attorney General she should not be informing the public about what is happening to deliver justice in a timely manner for citizens?

You are wrong, Mr. Carl Bethel. It is our business to know what successes are being achieved in the courts. It is our business to know that we are repairing the damage of years of neglect by successive governments in this area. Just how we want to know who is being murdered and where crimes are being committed; we want to know who is being punished and how well our system is improving!


E Denise Bethel


In passing


04/26/15 3:28 PM


The event was planned to demonstrate the people power of the PLP and the dissatisfaction of the PLP with the rigged electoral boundaries on which the then governing UBP wanted to fight the General Election of 1967.  Leader of the Opposition  Lynden Pindling as he then was threw the Speaker’s Mace out of the window of the House and then led his members out to the streets where people sat down in protest before moving to the Southern Recreation Grounds.  Thousands were there.  The event which was catalytic for political change is to be commemorated on Tuesday 28th April in the Rawson Square at 7:30 p m.  The Speakers will be Glenys Hanna Martin, Minister of Transport;  Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister Perry Christie.   The MC will be Obie Wilchcombe,  the Minister of Tourism. Come out and attend.


Public Accounts Committee

04/26/15 2:44 PM


PAC Chair Hubert Chipman MP


Last week, the law was almost not followed again.  The Public Accounts Committee said that it wanted to subpoena the Co-Chairs of the Urban Renewal Commission Algernon Allen and Cynthia “ Mother” Pratt on the grounds that they had refused to attend the sessions of the Committee to answer questions about a report on Urban Renewal by the Auditor General.  It turns out that they didn’t have the power to do so.  The Speaker Kendal Major went public and suggested that he had the power to summon the Co-Chairs.  As we pointed out in this column last week, the power resides in the House where the majority decides what will and will not be enforced in that department if people refuse to come.  There are no circumstances under which the PLP government should support any subpoenas for these two people. The coercive power of the House should only be exercised where there is a willful refusal to comply.  That is not the situation in this case.  The pre-conditions and the lawful basis of the enquiry of the PAC has to be established first.  Otherwise the acts of summoning people are unlawful.  The Speaker when he received the AG’s  legal opinion on the matter pronounced himself shocked to The Tribune on Friday 24th April.




Romi Romi Romi Go Sit Down

04/26/15 1:43 PM

image024There is simply something wrong, dead wrong and unethical about a man who is supposed to be the host of a chat show at breakfast time engaging in political proselytizing and activist haranguing of public officials.  We simply don’t get it: the ethical standards of the press and of journalists.  Candia Dames  of the Nassau Guardian does not understand what it is to be fair and balanced, to be dispassionate.  Every week there is an unmitigated rant against the PLP.  Then you have another reporter for the press who is so steeped in DNAism that he cannot see the forest for the trees.  He rants against anonymous assholes as he describes them who criticize his editors but forgets that the Guardian itself is filled with columns and letters by anonymous assholes or so you could argue if you like to use that kind of language.  Now we come to the case of the so called Environmental attorney Romi Ferreira, who is the host of a morning chat show.  On the Facebook page of Fred Smith’s four man Grand Bahama Human Rights Association there is a video of Mr. Ferriera attacking a public official and demanding like he is on a TV  legal programme and cross examining a witness about the Rubis oil spill and the report from it and whether it was certified according to law.   How does he reconcile that  activist screed and rant with sitting in his bowtie sipping coffee on a chat show the next morning?  The essence of the chat show is to be largely neutral, almost insipid but pleasant.  Certainly not haranguing.  Something as we say is wrong with that picture.



Dion Hanna Retires From Legal Aid Clinic

04/26/15 1:43 PM


20th April 2015
image020Family members and professional colleagues gathered to pay tribute to retiring Jurist Arthur Dion Hanna Jr. for his life’s work of advocating for equal access to legal counsel and by extension justice for the poor, marginalized and culturally disadvantaged. Mr. Hanna was a member of the Bahamas Bar Association for thirty-seven years and is retiring as the Director of the Legal Aid Clinic at the Eugene Dupuch Law School. The press conference to announce Mr. Hanna’s retirement was held at the Ministry of Legal Affairs on Monday 20th April 2015.


Pictured and seated from left the Hon. Damian Gomez, State Minister for Legal Affairs; His Excellency Arthur Dion Hanna Sr., former Governor General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas; Senator Allyson Maynard-Gibson, Attorney General and Minister for Legal Affairs; the honouree, Arthur Dion Hanna Jr., retiring Director of the Legal Aid Clinic at the Eugene Dupuch Law School and Mrs. Cynthia Gibbs, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Legal Affairs. Standing from left are Kwame Hanna, son of the honouree; Elsworth Johnson, President of the Bahamas Bar Association; Rawiyah Rahming, daughter of the honouree and Gavin Gaston, Acting Director of Public Prosecutions in the office of the Attorney General. (BIS PHOTO/Elcott Coleby)   


The Vendors Of Nassau Donate To Exuma

04/26/15 1:43 PM


NASSAU, The Bahamas — Vendors of the New Providence Straw Market Authority gave a monetary donation as well as straw work to Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, DPM and Minister of Works and Urban Development, centre, on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, to help the straw vendors in Exuma, whose straw market was destroyed by fire last week. (BIS Photo/Letisha Henderson)




Florida Memorial Calls On The Leader Of The Opposition

04/26/15 1:43 PM

Opposition Leader the Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis and members of his Parliamentary Team, Deputy Leader, Peter Turnquest, and Senator Carl Bethel, Shadow Minister of Education, welcomed Dr. Roslyn Clark-Artis, President of Florida Memorial University (FMU), executive administrators and a group of Bahamian student leaders enrolled at FMU during a courtesy call at his No. 20 Parliament Street Office on Thursday, April 23, 2015. In their discussions, Dr. Clark-Artis noted the longstanding relationship between FMU and The Bahamas and praised Bahamian students for their high academic performance and leadership skills. Dr. Clark-Artis explained that the visit will present the opportunity to promote FMU as a viable option for Bahamians to peruse higher education. Organized by The Bahamas Alumni Chapter of FMU, the visit includes a recruitment exercise to be held on April 24. Bahamians currently represent 6 percent of FMU’s international enrollment.



The FNM’s Playbook

04/26/15 1:43 PM

Carl Bethel and Michael Pintard, the former usually a sensible fellow, the latter FNM rabble,  both Senators got up in the Senate and challenged the Attorney General on Thursday 23rd April when the AG indicated that the time from indictment to trial has now been dramatically reduced by the PLP. The claim was that by announcing the stats, the AG was intimidating the Judiciary.  This is what we mean about the FNM.  They are simply incorrigible.  What utter rot is that?  They complain that it is taking too long for cases to come to trial.  They say the PLP has done nothing to speed up justice.  The facts are revealed to prove that what they are saying is a big fat lie.  So they change the argument and suggest the PLP is trying to intimidate the Judiciary.  They are simply perverse.  Why is Carl Bethel keeping company with Michael Pintard anyway?


KB Has His Say About Junkanoo Carnival In Grand Bahama

04/26/15 1:43 PM

image019In a letter to the press Kirk Bodie, aka KB, the musician had this to say about the success of Junkanoo Carnival in Grand Bahama last week.  He said in effect that it was his idea all along and he is glad the people have finally seen it his way  LOL. Sometimes it is better for a fellow to be silent and simply admit that he lost the argument.

So when I saw the live stream of the so-called Carnival event in Grand Bahama, I was happy to see that they emulated the template of the successful “It’s A Bahamian Ting” show that we put on a week prior at Arawak Cay (April 11th, 2015). They had an all Bahamian cast, like we did. They had Rake-N-Scrape, like we did. They had a Junkanoo Rush Out, like we did. They had a super-sized Goombay Summer Festival, like we did.

It was awesome and I said to myself, this is what I was asking for all along, Bahamians and visitors enjoying our Bahamian Culture. What I did not want was a Trinidadian type carnival-styled event and from all indications, the Trini Road Fever thing never happened in Grand Bahama. Again great, that is not Bahamian Culture. So all in all, Grand Bahama held a complete Bahamian Festival and there was no need for the word ‘carnival’ to be added to it. No one came to Grand Bahama looking for a carnival. No one purchased Road Fever Trini costumes.



Michal Pintard FNM Chair Should Stick To Jokes

04/26/15 1:43 PM

In his real life, Michael Pintard is a sometime poet and a humourist.  He should stick to that and leave politics to grown folks.  Mr. Pintard got up in big people’s business the other day by issuing a statement in which he said that Randy Rolle, the Consul General to Atlanta, now on home leave, called the Prime Minister to get him out of the clink.  It was not true.  It was a big fat lie.  The Prime Minister sued. Only to have Michael Pintard run off to another soldier of the FNM with crackpot ideas Fred Smith to protect him.  Crying like a little girl, Mr. Smith said on behalf of his client how  the Prime Minister was trying to intimidate his client by suing his black ass.  To quote another FNM with reprobate ideas Ivan Johnson of the Punch,: “ stop being a big sissy” and take your medicine.  Apologize to the Prime Minister and pay up. 




04/26/15 1:43 PM

Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs, is seen with former High Commissioner to London Richard Demeritte at his home  in Cable Beach as he was presented with a copy of the former diplomat,   former Auditor General’s life story in a book called The Consummate Diplomat.  Mr. Demeritte writes the story of his life from humble beginnings in Balls Alley in east New Providence to the High Commissioner to London and describes his service as Auditor General.  The presentation took place on Sunday 26th April.



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