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It saddens me today when our so called Leaders continue to show their ignorance to proper decorum. Watching the 6.30 PM, newscast. Friday evening. There’s the Minister for Grand Bahama, getting ready to inspect the Guard of Honor at the Independence Park Rally, with his coat open up. Do these people know any better? God help us!!! 



Kelly. D Burrows 
Freeport Grand Bahama 
P.O. Box F 42977 
Telephone 373 7126 


Dr__Michael_Darville_Pine_Ridge_t180Michael  Darville responds to the above letter:

It amazes me that people who grew up under the crown focus on such petty things as dress and decorum. Yet we are unaware of substance. I intentionally do not wear a white coat or suit as a physician. I’m waiting for a critically ill patient to say you don’t look like a doctor. I’m waiting for someone who cannot breathe to say where is your suit. I will gladly say let me go get it. Judge me on my knowledge and not my dress.