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image034I am so terribly disappointed in Bill Cosby “One time America’s dad” over the years I read all of his books, on educating black folks, that there’s a better life than the hood life, particularly in his book “Come On People” sad to say. Here’s a 77 year old man, what a miserable life he must have suffered. He’s a hypocrite of the first order, and a fraudster, I once shared and agreed in his philosophy.

Who along with two other revered black men in America like. Vernon Jordan whose book. “Vernon Can Read” that I would highly recommend, Also. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who made you proud. Cosby, as a black man speaking out on a consistent basis on the anti-social behavior in the black community.

What a letdown, this same man knocking black young men for not manning up to their responsibilities, all along committing the most heinous crimes that he has now admitted to doing over the many years, I have just come to grips with this tragic event that’s left
me shocked and numb.


Kelly. D Burrows

Freeport Grand Bahama

PO. Box F42977

Telephone 373 7126