LPIA Not Up To Scratch

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Four hundred million dollars of the hard earned cash of the Bahamian people were invested in the brand new airport of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas known as the Lynden Pindling International Airport.  It has gone in the record books as the best in the Caribbean.  Is that good enough though?  It is beginning to see signs of wear and tear and the matters though small at the moment are not being addressed.  The bathrooms are not being kept clean and sanitary as they ought; paper to dry your hands runs out; soap runs out.  At one point the escalators in both the arrivals lounge and the departure lounge of domestic were out for days if not weeks. Go into the parking lot, certain of the buttons do not work to get into the parking lot.  Signage is an issue.  The place seems to need painting.  The old airport is an eyesore and needs to be taken down.  These are just small things. But small things lead to big things.  The rot must be stopped now.  Also, please stop playing the political music of KB on the public system.  The music is not appropriate for the airport.  If he wants to be political let him sing his music to himself.