PLP Talking Points On Peter Turnquest

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The Progressive Liberal Party put out a series of talking points for PLPs since the start of the Budget Debate. Here is a sample:

5 June 7:21 AM]: plp talking point for the day: they have five fnm mps for Grand Bahama. they have three senators from Grand Bahama. They have three ministers from Grand Bahama. Each week go to the dock and you will see at least five families in Freeport loading up their possessions to move to Nassau. Go to Xanadu Beach before sunrise you see families sleeping in their cars. No prospects for the hotel to open in Lucaya. Nothing in the budget for Grand Bahama. Unbelievable. Since the raise in VAT was announced two Freeport small businesses have said they are closing their doors for good. Yet Peter Turnquest said in the House everybody is happy in the country; only the PLP is unhappy. Yes Peter they are laughing out loud in Freeport.  Not because they are happy  though.  They are laughing at you and to stop themselves from crying.

[6 June 7:53 AM] : PLP Talking Point: in the old cowboy movies they used to say how the u s government reps used to talk with forked tongue…well the fnm speaks with forked tongue and their fork is a trident… Peter says they have to tax because he has a Divine right to do so… in other words God said to tax us…then Minnis our helpless Prime Minister said God caused him to change his mind when he said it was lazy to raise taxes…then there is the Financial Secretary he said he had to raise taxes because he had to avoid a downgrade except we are already downgraded  . well which is it.. is  it God that is telling the FNM to do what they are doing… is it the IMF or is it the devil… sounds to us like the devil has been talking to Minnis and Turnquest… stand by to march against the forces of evil.

[7 June, 7:52 AM] : PLP thought for the day: yesterday Peter Turnquest the hapless and hopeless Minister of Finance spoke for three hours in the House of Assembly about nothing. All that talk and the press headlines are a disaster for him this morning. 2000 jobs will be lost because of him says one headline  One of his backbenchers Chipman says he ain’t supporting the tax raises. Poor Peter no one likes him. He complained in his speech in the House that PLPs walked out on his labour day speech in Freeport led by Chairman Fred Mitchell. He said the PM said wear no colours on the parade except someone forgot to tell McAlpine FNM MP and his supporters who were fully clad in red. Poor Peter. He got his feelings hurt. Well PLPs now you know why we walked out on him in Freeport. What an absolute bore. Talking loud and saying nothing.