Rogue MP McAlpine Reminded Us Of The Whole Water Board in London

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These days the expression as fat as an FNM Cabinet Minister is growing in resonance.  Since these folks have come to office they have eaten so much it appears that they are fat as butterball turkeys from the Minister of Health on down.  It is quite pronounced when you don’t have the stature to wear the weight and that’s what has happened to Adrian Gibson, the Water and Sewerage Chair.  He has been enjoying himself it appears a bit too much and suits are a tight fit.  Here he is on a jaunt to London with what MP Frederick McAlpine his FNM colleague said was the whole Board of the Water and Sewerage Corporation.  Mr. McAlpine was speaking in the House on Thursday 27th September. Here is what he said:

“Mr. Speaker, the question being asked in the public sphere [is], why did an entire board, if not entirely, a large number, have to travel all the way to London to conduct business as it relates to matters of water and sewerage?

“[Do] you know how much one ticket costs to go to London? Not to talk about the living accommodations, and they all had to eat. Having taken my family there on two occasions, it can be quite costly.

“The people of The Bahamas want to know who’s paying and what warranted a chairman and an entire board going to London on the people’s dime.

“Mr. Speaker, it’s a legitimate question, because we said, as a government, things are fiscally bad, and our financial pattern ought to line up with what we say.”