Senator Fred Mitchell: The Prime Minister Is The Incompetent Authority

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Minnis Imperator: but the Emperor has no clothes

Senator Fred Mitchell declares mockingly Minnis Rex or Minnis Imperator which in Latin means Minnis King or Minnis Emperor. But wait said the little boy: the Emperor has no clothes… calls the rental assistance programme a flam and ask if there are no new cases why is the economy shut down with no time line for reopening… Senator Mitchell explains why the PLP does not agree with a 30 day lockdown without Parliamentary review and says of Speaker Halson Moultrie: " Stupid is as stupid does. " 29 April 2020

Posted by Fred Mitchell – Minute By Minute on Thursday, April 30, 2020

We call him mockingly Minnis Rex or Minnis Imperator. However, the law calls him the competent authority buy by his actions he is now known as the Incompetent Authority. Senator Fred Mitchel spoke but it int is voice note and said that the emperor has no clothes.