The FNM’s Playbook

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viagra generic search times;”>Carl Bethel and Michael Pintard, sale the former usually a sensible fellow, the latter FNM rabble,  both Senators got up in the Senate and challenged the Attorney General on Thursday 23rd April when the AG indicated that the time from indictment to trial has now been dramatically reduced by the PLP. The claim was that by announcing the stats, the AG was intimidating the Judiciary.  This is what we mean about the FNM.  They are simply incorrigible.  What utter rot is that?  They complain that it is taking too long for cases to come to trial.  They say the PLP has done nothing to speed up justice.  The facts are revealed to prove that what they are saying is a big fat lie.  So they change the argument and suggest the PLP is trying to intimidate the Judiciary.  They are simply perverse.  Why is Carl Bethel keeping company with Michael Pintard anyway?