The Government’s Strange Case On Senator Frank Smith

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Recent developments in the case of former Senator Frank Smith reveal that the Government has a less than stellar case against Mr. Smith. The trial resumed with an English Q C Jenkins on the one side and a Jamaican Q C K.D. Knight on the other. It resumed on Monday 14 May The evidence of the crown seems a bit shaky, riddled with inconsistencies from the witness in chief.  She did not remember that she had a discussion with the police before the actual sit down to make the complaint.  When she admitted it and the defence asked for the crown’s evidence it, the crown said they were unaware of it.  They called for the police officer Assistant Commissioner Paul Rolle who could not at first come and sent a written statement instead. The written statement caused more issues because it seemed that a Minister of the government may have been involved in the interaction with the witness. The telephone log evidence also seemed incomplete with the log of the crown not matching that of the defence’s records. And the telephone company’s rep saying that the logs were not infallible and that there were errors in their systems.  Remember the starting point in the evidence was the virtual complainant saying that she did not want to be in the witness stand.  So she is there under pressure.  There is also evidence that she got a larger contract from the Public Hospitals Authority hard on the heels of them making out this case against Mr. Smith.  A no case submission should be made at the end of the evidence and then it will be up to the magistrate whether this travesty continues.