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This observation was posted on line 30 June.

What is wrong with this picture?


The Picture: ( A Poetic Commentary In Blank Verse)


Fifteen months ago the present Bain Town MP was unemployed

He contests a seat Wins Appointed PS More money than he is known to have ever earned

Car Personal driver

He is fired

Makes a rather sophomoric address to Parliament

Announces his continued commitment to the FNM

Because his vote is not for sale

Within a matter of days announces the start

Of a consultancy


Press speculation that he had contract with

Government or with non-government entity

But with government support

Same day in the newspaper touting the expenditures $100,000 to help constituents with roof repairs


Do these realities raise questions such as:

Where is the money coming from?

Who would go to a consultancy headed by this



Was he correct to say that his vote was not for

sale because he had already sold it and the

Law does not allow the sale of the same item



Whatever the answers does this picture

And questions such as these do anything to

Build public trust in the system?