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PM, Dr. Minnis, after four years of

your FNM’s government rule Bahamians have become the Tail and not the Head in their own country.

How is it an easement/ pathway in 2021 that leads onto Cabage Beach, Paradise Island can be blocked off and a gate erected preventing public access? What has become of the prescriptive right of the Bahamian public?

Dr. Minnis, how is it possible that Royal Caribbean Cruise Line can access prime Crown Land and supercedes the interest of a Bahamian citizen and company ?? As A Bahamian, I Must Be First In My Country, The Bahamas!! If not in the Bahamas, where else can I be First??

Citizens when a government becomes confused as to whose interest comes first, or the citizen is treated as the Tail and not the Head, and is blatently disrespected by a stranger in our gates with no repercussions; then it’s time for that government to be voted out of office sooner rather than later .

Sadly, this FNM Administration suffers from low self esteemed issues from its leaders; when this happens, the country now, has a problem.

Brian Seymour