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So Sir Brian Moree is concerned about respect for the judiciary. On 14 June 2021 as new Magistrates were being sworn in, the Chief Justice said: “ The Government ought to be careful to show respect for the courts”. Our response to that is respect is given to whom respect is due and the courts should be showing more respect to its citizens instead of siding with the FNM government and imposing fines in this pandemic period.  The Courts have shown themselves except in a few instances not to stand for justice, but mired down in technical and expensive mumbo jumbo which leads often to injustice.  Unfortunately they are all we have. So we have to work with them.  But we remind the learned Chief Jucstcie that the great Lord Denning once said: “Justice is not a cloistered virtue”.  The courts and their decisions are open to the full glare and scrutiny of the public.  A Member of Parliament like the Minister of Works Desmond Bannister has a free right to say whatever he wants to say without let or hindrance.  We agree with his right to say the judgment was not worth the paper it was written on and that it was silly.  We have said before the Indra Charles Judgment on the Parliament was the most stupid, and ill written judgment we have come across and the Speaker of the House should have ignored the bullshit in it.