Gladstone Thurston Is Sober For Once But On The Attack

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The statement below appeared on Facebook and caught the eye of the writer Gladstone Thurston who is rusticating without a job and plenty of time on is hands on Long Island.  The sheep stock does need replenishing, maybe he should try his procreation skills there. But he used the Facebook page to launch an ad hominem attack on Fred Mitchell personally and on the PLP generally, calling the PLP racist and Mr. Mitchell, one of the most successful citizens of this country, a wanna be.  It’s a joy to be sober one supposes. Go get a life ya scum:

From The Office Of The Chairman

On FNM’s Charge Of Race Baiting

5 December 2017

For Immediate release

The blaring headline in the morning press with the spurious allegation by Senator Carl Bethel that the PLP is engaging in race baiting by reminding the FNM of the history of the country and the history of some of its members is beneath contempt. We repeat what was pointed out in the Senate on 4 December: the only people who spoke about race in the Senate were Carl Bethel and the FNM. In fact, Senator Bethel had to withdraw one of the references to race when he falsely accused the Leader of Opposition Business of referring to someone’s colour.

The FNM must get over their preoccupation with race but learn to live with the history of the country and their own history and the facts which they cannot change and how they now with the Commercial Enterprises Bill align themselves with the evil and dark forces of the country’s past. In fact no less a person than their now Leader Hubert Minnis when he was threatened as Leader of the FNM last year said in his campaign that he would not allow Bay Street to take over the FNM party from the ordinary man. If history is good for the goose, it must also be good for the gander.