The Transport Minister Did He Lie About The Oil Spill In Long Island?

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Adrian Gibson, the man this side of crazy, who sits as the MP for Long Island, had another complaint.  You add this to the one where he was not chosen as a minister of the government by Hubert Minnis.  Mr. Gibson told the House of Assembly on 6th December that the barge which ran aground off the north shore of Long Island near Grays had spilled oil in the water and the government had done nothing to clean it up.  Hmmm.  He called on the Minister of Transport Frankie Campbell to get the job done because his constituents were concerned in Long Island and so was he.  Hmmm. This is of course a monumental joke, a form of double dealing, a duplicitous, lying Government.  Mr. Campbell has been busy trying to prove his citizenship, so no time for oil spills.  But he is the one who told the House that the spill was under control.   Turns out his buddy and colleague Adrian Gibson doesn’t think so.  But hey it’s the people’s time.