Guardian and Freeport News Editorial Wrong On The Facts And Prejudiced against the PLP

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Last week yet another Nassau Guardian Editorial was written continuing to purvey the lie that the PLP was the worst government ever. It is a lie.  It is built on prejudice.  The jumping off point of their lie was that the former Prime Minister Perry Christie showed up at Frank Smith’s court case to view the proceedings. Hmmm.  So when with convicted bullet carrier John Bostwick, the Anglican Bishop Laish Boyd and Bishop Simeon Hall, sitting in the audience for the case, nothing wrong with that. Mr. Christie was at the hearing for one of his former Senators in a serious criminal matter and PLPs should show support. But The Guardian has one rule for the PLP and another for the FNM. The fact is by The Guardian’s own reckoning 17000 jobs were lost during the FNM’s last time in Government. The PLP created 39,000 jobs in their last time. Unemployment is now down to 9 per cent. So who was the worst government by objective measure not by Candia Dames and her biases? Problem is the Guardian refuses to reprint rebuttals of their wrong positions.  Nasty people.