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The man is a criminal thug. Jonathan Ash, the star witness for the Crown in the botched up cases of false information against Shane Gibson and Kenred Dorsett. The Attorney General must surely know that he needs to drop the case against Mr. Dorsett. Jonathan Ash is not a credible witness. How long must this charade go on? The latest was he was arrested and convicted for selling 30 days in violation of the curfew in broad daylight surrounded by police body guards.  Then he was inexplicably given bail by the police and allowed to walk with his body guards to court, and shackle free made a sprint for the court with mask on. This is a criminal.  The police error was knowing how the public would react to this, they allowed it to happen. At the same  time last week they charged some men for playing dominoes outside a bar in violation of the curfew and brought them to court in shackles. Bishop Simeon Hall had had enough of the double standard and issued a statement asking for an explanation.