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The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party following the order of Deputy Speaker Don Saunders to expel Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis and Glenys Hanna Martin MP from the House of Assembly:

For Immediate  Release 

5 May 2021

The Deputy Speaker, 

Donald Saunders, is condemned for losing his cool and contrary to normal Parliamentary practice, excluding the Leader of the Opposition and the MP for Englerston from the House.

This was a breach of their parliamentary privilege.

All the Prime Minister’s men  and women seem to have consumed the Kool Aid filled with hubris, self-importance and arrogance. They have exceeded the actions of their forefathers in the UBP by the use of the coercive  power of the Speaker. They clearly ignore the lessons of history. 

This is particularly  disappointing with the Deputy Speaker who knows better and was trained  to know better. 

What a shame.